Friday, February 12, 2016


Friday, February 12th

Homework :
1. Go to Pronotes do the exercises and record your speech

2. Write a review about Romeo and Juliet you saw

3. Revise for the test on for since ago and past and present tenses.


Friday, February 12th


For Friday 19 th go to pronotes and record your speech

For Monday March 7th

Write a review on a paper about Hamlet you saw at the theatre de la tempête.


Today is Friday February the 12th 
Next week some of the  teachers will be absent
On Saturday Charlotte and I will go to our friend' s birthday

nb 2 p 70 
I think Jake plays the guitar
I think Jake plays on  the DS
I think Jake reads comic strips
I think Jake rides a horse for the summer

There are children they are reading Romeo and Juliet story
Alison wants to be Juliet
Before Juliet was a boy
Jake wants to be Romeo
Jake' s friend plays video games everyday
Jake  reads  sentimental books and always watches sentimental films
Jake and Alison have a sentimental story they are in love and the children
are laughing at them

lesson ex : 1. what did you do during the holidays (10 sentences)
2. get 5 questions and their answers ready for an interview of the Louvre


Friday, homework  

Work for Friday 19 th on Pronotes

For after the holidays :
Learn the three sentences  
If it rains I will take my umbrella  
If it rained I would take my umbrella  
If it had rained I would have taken my umbrella

imagine what could have be different  about Daisy accident use "if" sentences


Homework : 
everything is on Pronotes and we have a test on past and present next time.

Click here for exercises on past and present.


Thursday, February 11th 
Lazare could not come he was sick in bed. Poor Lazare !
We did 5 exposés.
Our French teacher told us to be quiet because we were too loud.
We were too stressed

Ex. book p. 70 nb 2

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

9rd5, 3rd3, 3rd7

 Wednesday, February 10th
Workbook p39: 
We are going to go to Normandy for the weekend/ soon/ now---> to be going to + base verbale
They are building a new school here next year---> be + ing = futur mis en projet
I will buy the bread, no problem ! ---> will + base verbale
will power = la volonté
When I am old er I will be President---> après when locution temporelle
A group of American singers is going to give a concert for the victims of hurricane Sandy
After yesterday's earthquake the population will need international help

 If I was/were invisible
would break into a bank
What would you do if you
were invisible ?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Thursday February 9th 

exercice p39: 

Phrase intention= Phrase 2
Phrase prédiction= Phrase 1

A group of American singers are going to give a concert for the victims of hurricane Sandy.

The UN are going to send more troops to Haiti next week.

After yesterday's earthquake the population is going to need international help.

A lot of celebrities are involved in charities or charity concert to raise funds.

page 56: 

NB1 a) b)
Jacob and another teenager think that people will eat capsules  
Helen thinks new technologies will be used for everything 
Josh says that every day life will be so easy 
Karen says that we will be like robots and we will destroy the environment 

Homework : 

book p 56 n 1)b) + traduire dernier paragraphe 


Tuesday,february, 9th 
News: Today is "mardi-gras"
Exercices: page 56: 1) This is a news-paper, "the New-York time", Katherine Schulten, May 3rd
2012. It's about the future, a better future.
2)The teenagers think that in the future we will use our phones for everythings.
    The fourth paragraph is about the smart home in 100 years.
The fifth paragraph say that we will be like robots.
    Vocabulary box :
I agree with ...
I do not agree with...adj possessifs bving
 I am for
I am against
I think .....
I agree with Karen because I think if we go on developing technology, industries, factories  /like
that we will destroy the planet. It lived/ was there/ was created/ long before.
 Many species lived  that have disappeared now.
I think this future is too idyllic because in the not so far future some countries will desappear
from the face of the Earth.
The three of them think only about their life, home etc they do not think about other parts of the

Homework : 
EX. p. 57 nb4 nb 1), 2), 3)


Tuesday February 9th 

ex p48:
1°)Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated 1 million to Doctors Without.
2°)The RSPCA has taken...
3°) We have never organised...
4°) OXFAM emergency and development work has reached...
Ex n°3
a)we raised ... by Organising
b)My parent's help people by giving money.
c) I make my friend's by showing
d)I protect the environment by joining...

HOMEWORK: Faire toute la page 35 (Workbook).

Monday, February 8, 2016


Today is Monday the 8th of February  
On Sunday Aramis Antoine and I went to see a Film.
Today Ines is angry because her file is torn.
On Sunday Yseult and Fleur  went to see Star Wars.
Ex 1 page 73 
a) She doesn't...
b) Do you get ...
c) Does he play football ...
d) That' s not true ! I do not...
e) He does not run...
nb 2 
I often go to the cinema
They sometimes watch science fiction films
she always gets up early
Do you play tennis every week?
Jake sometimes writes songs.
Clement never plays tennis

 He wakes up
she brushes her teeth
he gets dressed
he goes out
he goes to school
he works  
he comes back home , he does his homework, he has dinner , he goes to bed

Homework :  
EX. book p. 73 nb 3


Today is Monday February 8 th  
Today our history teacher is not here. On Saturday Jade Aglae Emilie went to party.
Friday is the Nina brother 's birthday. Yesterday Nina played golf.
Simple past and present perfect : 

Homework : 

EX W. p. 74-75 Grammar puis ex. p.75-76 nb1-2

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Excellent day Friday ! Thank you everybody !

A video of the Globe Shakespeare company who played in the "jungle" the camp for migrants waiting to go to the UK in Calais. Shakespeare said "All the world is satge" it is true . An excellent celebration of his death !


Friday, February 5th 

Homework : Grammar memmo EX. Book p. 48 nb 2, 3

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Friday, February 5th the fifth 
News : 
We have a history test and a biologie test today

It will rain tomorrow.
I will not come with you
i will help you if you want. But  it will not

n°41 p135
Lucky you! Where are you going?
I may go to New-York but i will not stay for a long time.
Exemple d'emploi du futur:
I will go to Disneyland
I will be in highschool.
We will be in "Forum des métiers" tomorow.
I'm going to dance this afternoon.
I'm swimming this afternoon
I'm not going to play football.

The mother must be angry because they are all on their
And no one is listening to her.
At home we are not allowed to use our devices at dinner

get one sentence in the future ready
A better future : Text p. 56 nb 1 a. and b.


Today is Friday,February 5th 
Today the weather is not bad it's a quite cold. 

how sorry we are! what a sad story!
will+base verbale
to be going to+ base verbale
be+verbe en ING+locution temporaire
futur be+ing
when + présent simple
it is the morning all of the family are on their devices but for the mother .
Family life cannot exist if they do not listen and do not talk.


Today is Friday February 5th 
Today we have a History TP .
Today some of us are going to have  Concours Castor .
Tomorrow Catarina is going to Maude's house.
Tomorrow Betoul will go to her friend's birthday.
Tomorrow Yseult is going to do horse riding .
Tomorrow Clement will go  to a  rugby match.
Tomorrow Lutèce will go to the a "Lazer Game".
On Wednesday all the class will go to the Louvre.
p.73 nb3:
a)I sometimes go to the museum.
b)I usually go to the cinema on Tuesdays.
c)I never read sentimal stories.
d)I often watch horror film.
e)I never sing love song.  
I always make my bed in the morning
I often get up at eight o'clock
I never have a shower in the morning
I sometimes go to work/ school at eight o'clock
I usually come back home at four thirty
I always watch TV at ten past eight
I always read a book at eight o'clock / at dinner time / at night / in bed !

Homework : 
Ex Book p. 73 nb 1, 2

Sistine chapel 3rd2

Outline of the project :

Introduction carte d'identité de l'oeuvre 

  • le contexte historique, Les autres artistes de l'époque. 
  • les rapports entre les artistes, notamment Michelange, et les papes, notamment Jules II,  le vatican, 
  • la contrainte imposée par la chapelle elle-même sa forme et sa particularité, 
  • l'execution de la fresque, le chantier,
  • l'inventivité de Michelange, 
  • le sujet de la fresque, 
  • la peinture de Michelange à la fois novatrice et parfaitement aboutie.

Conclusion : 
Cette oeuvre a-t-elle inspiré d'autres artistes ? 
Pourquoi avez-vous choisi ce sujet ?
What did you find interesting, fascinating, puzzling, unusual.
What did you like about Michelangelo work ?

Quelle forme donner à la présentation de votre projet : 
Skit (comic sketch) ?
brochure ?
talk show ?
exposé classique ?

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Thursday, February 4th 

She has got blond hair. ----> Has she got blond hair ? ---> She hasn't got blond hair
She has blue eyes. ---> Does she have blue eyes ?---> She does not have blue eyes
She is twenty years old.

Book p. 63 nb 2
a. Can you see the lake ?
b. Can you dance very well ?
Can I have a glass of water please?
Can I have this knife?
Can you hear me ?
Can you sing?
I cannot see you,where are you?
Can I open the window sir?
We can watch lords of the rings on my computer?
My brother can be stupid sometimes.
 Book p. 70 nb1  
I never get up at 3 o'clock
I always make my bed in the morning
I sometimes have breakfast at 10 o'clock during the week
I usually have lunch at one o'clock
I always have dinner at 8 o'clock
 I never go to bed at nine o'clock

Homework : 
EX. Book p.73 nb 3


Today is Wednesday Ferbuary  the 3rd 
 Today and  last Monday our math teacher was absent
Today Fleur invited Yseult to eat
On Saturday Inès and her  family went to the grand Rex to see Messmer show amazing

page 54 nb  1 and 2
I can play tennis... I cannot...
Cannot run
I cannot
Can you
She cannot
nb 2
Gabriel can swim but he cannot fly
Maude can play the flute  but she cannot ride a horse
Antoine can swim and play the flute
Axel can ride a horse and swim
Fleur cannot play the  flute and she cannot fly
She can be English
Can n' est pas conjugué et le verbe qui suit  est toujours à la base verbale

Workbook p.53

Homework : 
Ex. Bookp. 63 nb 2,3



Wednesday February 3rd 2016

NEWS : At Condorcet high school, Henri 4, Louis Le Grand and Charlemagne
were evacuated five days ago for 3 days.
Hamlet : He does not  commit suicide because he does not know what is death.
If we die we will sleep, if we sleep we will dream and do not know what our dreams will be.

Picture : It is a family, they should always listen their mother.
The father sould not take part with the children.

Homework :
WORKBOOK p39 Grammar memo and exercice 1

Friday, January 29, 2016

3rd2, 3rd7

Homework :

You are going to make a speech :
Choose your topic
a person, an organisation, an action who / which made a difference in your life, your
family's life, your country's life.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


File lost sorry !


Workbook p 59:
n°1: drive, ride or cycle, fly, take the train or travel by train
n°2: I ride to school every morning, it is nice because it is faster than driving and there is not
too much trafic.
I take the school bus every day.
Book p. 59 Why mustn't we open it ?IN MY OPINION SHE IS VERY ANGRY
Homework for Wednesday
Book p.58
Answer the first three questions
Book p. 60 EX. 61 nb 1

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


France questions:
Video 1

What are some important products from France?
What are at least three interesting facts about France?
Why was the Eiffel Tower built for?
Video 2 (Li)
What is the history of the Eiffel Tower?
What is the most important holiday in France?
What's your favorite traditional France dish?
Video 3 (Salma)
Who is the most famous person that fought in WW1?
What is the most popular food in France?
When was the Eiffel Tower built?
Video 6 
What is a famous beach in France?
Who is a famous person in France today?
What is a famous place in France?
Who is the president of France? Do you think he is nice or not?

Give at least two answers to the questions on vid 2, 3 and 6 


Tuesday, January 26th
France questions:
Video 1

What are some important products from France?
What are at least three interesting facts about France?
Why was the Eiffel Tower built for?
Video 2 (Li)
What is the history of the Eiffel Tower?
What is the most important holiday in France?
What's your favorite traditional France dish?
Video 3 (Salma)
Who is the most famous person that fought in WW1?
What is the most popular food in France?
When was the Eiffel Tower built?
Video 6 
What is a famous beach in France?
Who is a famous person in France today?
What is a famous place in France?
Who is the president of France? Do you think he is nice or not?

et at least two answers to the questions on vid 3 
and 6+ 

Review on R&J ot one of the Italian films you saw.


Today is Monday, January 25th  

They must not drive without their seat belt.
They must not drive.
They must not drive and listen to music.
They must not think they are alone on the road.
They have to be focused on the road.
They think they are good driver.
They have fewer crashes when they drive with their parents.
They follow too close other cars.                                            
Test sur toutes les leçons                                                                                                                        
  Ex. P.59, Workbook.
They are too fast at corners.
Workbook p.58  
Take the safe teen driving test:  
1) d
2) b
3) b
4) a
5) b
6) a


Today is Monday January 25th 
Yesterday Lutèce and Inès were at my friend's birthday .
On Saturday Clement is  going to a rugby match.
ex 2 p.58 
Jake's mum has medium  blond hair and blue eyes .
Jake's mum has got a purple polo shirt.
Alison's mum has short brown  hair and blue eyes .
Alison's mum has got a green pullover .

The website for physical descriptions is here 

The words to learn are on this picture:

Ordre des adjectifs :It is a big beautiful black British car = it is a Rolls Royce !

Homework : 
EX Describe one of the characters / person 
in your book p. 50 and 51 
There is a test next time

Monday, January 25, 2016

Deer running in a snowy street in Washngton DC. Nature is never very far in the US

Deer running in a snowy street in Washngton DC. Nature is never very far in the US

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Thursday, January 21st

Clara doesn't have any braces anymore and neither does Raphaelle.

Since I tasted Nutella my life has changed !
      Nutella has existed since 2000
      Your life has changed for 16 years.
      You tasted Nutella 16 years ago.

Reviews :  
A review is meant to share your opinion and what you feel about something.
Skill = compétences

Homework :
Write a review on something you enjoyed in Russia or recently.


Today is Thursday January the 21st    

News : 
Tomorrow our English teacher is absent.
On Saturday Inès and Betoul are going to the laser games.
nb 3 page fifty six
Alison and her friend are looking at  Alison's photo album.
Alison and her friend are in Alison's living room.
Alison has got  brown hair and her friend has got  long black hair.
They have got black eyes.
She has got pink tee-shirt and her friend has got a white tee-shirt.
Alison and her friend have got blue trousers.
Alison and her friend have got a green and white socks.
Her friend has got a dark skin and Alison has got a white skin.
Alison and her friend are holding a photo album.

page fifty nine nb 3 
She has got a long hair.
She has got a funny brother.
Jake has got a very strict father.
My aunt has got big brown eyes.
She has got a very nice photo album.
Charlotte's father has got curly black hair.
Raphaël has got short black hair.
Betoul's mother has got long black brown hair.
Inès has got brown hair.
Anais has got blue bands on her brown hair.
Fleur has got blue eyes.
Charlotte's brother  has got  blue eyes and short blond hair.
Eva's little sister has got short straight brown hair.
Gabriel's uncle has got blue short and white hair.
Clément's little sister has got brown hair and brown eyes.
Axel's little brother has got brown hair.
Charlotte's twin sister has got brown eyes.

Homework : 
Ex. Book p.58 nb 1 and 3


Today it is very cold. 
Today we have a geography test. 
Yesterday the oldest man in the world died. He was 120 years old. 
The actor Alan Rickman died. 
Yesterday we had a history test and an empty hour. 
Romeo and juliet: 
Tuesday we saw Romeo and juliet in french. We saw the text we had to learn. The film was with 
Leornado dicaprio who was playing Romeo . Mercutio is more present than Paris in the play . Paris 
want to marry Juliet but Juliet disagree. There is a feud between the two families.Mercutio is very 
funny and he is not a Montague, he is the inbetween, between the Montague and the Capulet.  
Juliet's cousin killed Mercutio and Romeo killed Thybalt with his gun. 
Juliet is very young, she is 14 years old! 
Juliet's father is a vilain! 
Juliet's mother is pretty funny. She is jealous of her daughter. 
HW for next time :write a review on the film : say your opinion but you have to be fair 


Thursday January 21st  

News : 
Scientists found a new planet.

ex 1 p 48
b.has taken
c.We have never organized

How old is this hamburger ? The hamburger is 14 years old
How long have they kept it ? They have kept it for 14 years
When did they buy it ?  They bought it in 1999
Since when have they had it ? They have had it since 1999
Represent the events on a time line

book p48 n°3 
WB p39 n°3

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Wednesday, January 20th 

Today, we had a French test, the end/following of the one we had yesterday. The test was
about a book that we had read.
Yesterday,  they had "conseil d'administration".
Today is very cold but  it's sunny!
The school self service/cafeteria is going to be closed for 5 month.Because there is asbestos
in the ground.

Since I tasted Nocciolata my life has changed !  
Since I ate Nocciolata my life has changed !  
I tasted Nocciolate sixteen years ago and since my
life has changed/ and that has change my life!
I have known Nocciolata for sixteen years (...)!
Here is the time line for the 14 years old hamburger.


File lost sorry !


Wednesday January 20th 

There is a terrorist attack in a university.

Exercice : 

1) Donated
2) Has taken
3) have never organized
4) Have reached

Exercice :  

1) I  raised money for my cause, by organizing a charity sale.
2) My parents help by giving money to Doctors without borders.
3) I made my friends aware of poverty issues by showing them...
4) I protect the environment by joining an eco friendly summer camp.

How old is this hamburger ? it is fourteen years old.
How long have they kept it ? They  have kept it for fourteen years.
When did they buy it ?  They bought it fourteen years ago
Since when have they had it ? They have had it since 1999.

Represent the events on a time line

 Homework :
Ex. Book p. 42 nb 1


Today is Wednesday, January 20th  

News: Today is freezing
Tomorrow is the equinox
The sea will be beautiful and the waves will be amazingly huge, the tide will be spectacular
and dangerous will look/sound incredible
Today we should have had our last lesson at the swimming pool but it is closed

Ex 1c p 50 
We can see some difference between the states maybe because some states have low density,so
the roads are not dangerous even for the teenagers. I can explain the differences between the
states because each state is not gouverned by the same mayor.
Ex 2p 50
a.The map shows the density of the United States
b.Pensylvannia is small but a high density and the distance between home and school is small

Homework Lesson  Ex. Book nb 1 a p 51

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Tuesday January 19th 

News: David Bowie is dead / he died one week ago

How long has he been dead ?
He has been dead for one week.
He has been dead since Tuesday.

Maelly took the plane when she was one year old/thirteen years ago
Martin ate his first cake for his first birthday.
When was the first time you learnt English ?
The first time I learnt English was at my first birthday.
The first time  I learnt English was when I was eight years old.

Book page 48 number 1 and 2


Tuesday, 19th January  
Ex 2:
a. donated  
b. has taken
c. We have never organized  
d. have reached
Ex 3:
a. I organized
b. They give money...
c. I showed
d. I joined
c. I visited
d. I have spent
e. I have bought
f. I lived
g. I cooked/ I have cooked
h. have brought
i. you have had
j. I saw
k. Have ever been to Scotland ?
l. He has never told
m. He started.... he was ...
n. We have never drunk
o. They celebrated

How old is this hamburger ?     This hamburger is 14 years old.
How long have they kept it ?    They have kept it for 14 years.
When did they buy it ?              They bought it 14 years ago.
Since when have they had it ?  Since 1999 they have it.
Homework :

  photocopy p.48 nb 1

Monday, January 18, 2016


Today is Monday January the 18th 
Today we exceptionally finish school at 15:20 because our maths teacher is absent.
On Friday our English teacher is absent.
ex p.44 nb2
He is/ lives in Paris
He goes to London or to Paris by train.
He is eating in a French restaurant in London.
He goes to a music shop everyday.
Book p.54
What do you like ? I like bacon and eggs
What do you hate ? I hate everything in the English breakfast.
Do you like English ?
Yes, I do
No, I do not

What do your parents usually have for breakfast ?

Today is Monday January 18th      
-Today is extremely cold      
-Today we have a history test      
-The actor who plays Rogue in Harry Potter is dead / died a few days ago      
Book p50      
1)b) You have to be 16 years old to get a driving licence in Texas      
You have to be 16 years old and 3 months to get a driving licence in Virginia      
You have to be 16 years old  to get a driving licence in California    
You have to be 16 years old and 6 months to get a driving licence in New York    
You have to be 17 years old to get a driving licence in New Jersey  
You have to be 14 years old to get a driving licence in South Dakota  
You have to be 15 years old to get a driving licence in Montana

Homework :
Lesson, poster +interview
P50 exercise 1c 2a-b et 3

Friday, January 15, 2016


Friday January 15th  
Today is Yseult's mother's birthday  
On Sunday Lucas and Raphaël are going to a judo competition.
Tonight my family and I are going to our country house.
Book EX. p. 55 nb 2,
a. Do Jake and Ben ..? No, they do not.
b. Does ...? Yes, she does
c. What does Ben want ? he wants chips
d. Does..? Alison's father lives in the States.
e. Do you...? Yes, we do, most of us like chocolate brownies.

Book p. 54 
Fruit : peach, es

scrambled eggs
fried eggs sunny side up
soft boiled eggs
a piece of bread
a piece of toast

Pair work :
She likes apple crumble
he likes coffee
he likes marmelade
he likes eggs
he likes apple juice
he likes cakes
he likes eggs milk, brownies and butter.
she like cereals
she likes bacon
she likes milk
she likes orange juice but she does not like coffee

Homework : 
EX . W. p. 44 nb 2


Friday, January 15th 
We have a history test.
Some of them have not done their exercises.

Homework exercises on photocopy.


Homework :
Exercises on photocopy

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Wednesday 13th January 

There was an attack in Istanbul yesterday.
David Bowie died on Monday, he died two days after his 69th birthday.
He released his 26th album.
The name of the album is Black Star it probably prepared his death.
He had cancer and he fought for 18 months.
Saturday was the burial of Lemmy Kilmister.

vocabulary page 43 WB
+ page 45 ex 2 Book "write a few lines"


Today is Wednesday, January 13 th  
News : - Two days ago , in Marseilles there was a terrorist attack. A teenager tried to kill a jewish
teacher in a jewish school the teenager is fifteen years old.

Thank you note :
- We want to thank you for this banner it means a lot to us .
- Thank you for your message , your support , your banner.
- I'm very touched by your banner.
- Thank you for this banner it's very nice of you we must unite against the horrible events which

Taking your car - is war
Public transport - is better for sport
Running is joking
Taking the subway is a good way
Walking is not boring
Taking a taxi is not free
Driving to school is very not good
Driving is not amazing
Bicycle is unforgettable
With a car it's easy to get far *
Taking a taxi is not easy
Walking is better than driving    

Homework : 
Create a poster book p. 49
How do you go to school ?


Today is Wednesday January 13th 
Today Raphael and Lucas are going to their swimming lesson.
page 44 nb 1 
a. live
b. does not ,works
d.does,like not

 Thank you for everything you did and wrote students and Mrs Sanderson.  
Thank you  for your very nice notes    
Thank you for your banner  
Thank you for your very good work    
Thank you for your support that makes us feel less lonely.  
Thank you for your poster it is beautiful.  
Thank you for your compassion and it is important for us.  
Thank you everybody for your cooperation with France.  
Thank you for your solidarity.  
Thank you it is very kind of you.
Thank you very much for the banner it is very nice and it makes our class prettier.
Book p. 52 nb 1

Homework : 
Lesson negative sentences
train to say the thank you notes Ex. Book p. 55 nb 2

Monday, January 11, 2016


Conic strip creator

you tube to mp3

How to create Myth and Legend animation



Today is Monday, January 11th 

Who made this banner?
I think the students we saw made it.
What is this banner for?
I think is for the commemoration, to support France and in particular Paris.

Nb 1,2 & 3 Page 55 
Nb 1:  
1) How many
2) There aren't many
3) so much time
4) There isn't much
1) little
2) Few people
3) Few
4) little
2) less
3) fewer
4) less
WB P.55
Walking to school: It is better for the environement, it is cheaper, it is fun
because we talk with friends, it is easier, for the teenagers it is good for your
health, it is longer, it is cleaner, it is safer,it takes much time, we can listen to
Book P.49
Roller skating is exciting.
Ride a bike, we like it.
Public transports is better for the sport.
Public transports is really short.
Take the subway is the good way.

Get one thank you sentence for wednesday about the banner.
Ex Book. P.49 Training task

Friday, January 8, 2016


Friday, January the 8th 

Today, we have a biology test on AIDS.

   On the picture we can see four teenagers : two boys and two girls. They are wearing t-shirts
on which share is written.
They are probably working for an NGO. Maybe they are on a humanitarian trip.
 Astrid supposes they are raising money for a charity.
They are helping the girl with the problem on her knee.
Clara supposes the boxes in the background are donations for an association.
Raphaelle said in the background there were food in the boxes.
They are volunteers.
Sharing is caring.

Page 44 
it's a website. It's biography.

exercise page 33 et vocabulaire 43 du workbook


Today is Friday January the 8th twenty sixteen 
On Sunday Charlotte is going to Eva's .
Today is Axel's birthday.
Today our music teacher was absent.
Tomorrow Raphaël will go to a wedding.

Exercise page 55 nb 1 

Book page 52 nb2 
Maybe Alison's father likes chocolate brownie.
I suppose Alison's father is American
Maybe he lives in New York maybe in the Empire state building.
I think Alison's father is a reporter because he has got a camera.
I believe he is a photographer too.
I imagine Alison's father has a passport to travel.

Ben and Jake went to Alison's home and they asked if they could go to
London with Alison.
Alison's father lives in the States and he is photographer.
Ben likes chocolate brownies and Alison's father too.
Ben and Jake are Alison's new friends they are nice, polite.
Ex . W. p. 42 Think for Yourself


Friday, 8th January 2016 

NEWS: Today we have a music test
      Yesterday a person went to a police station with fake explosives on him, he was shot by
the police because they were scared.

On the picture there is a boy, i think he is sad but he's got a smile on his face. It is an
advertisement for UNICEF that is why there is the UNICEF logo on the box.

Homework: describe the picture on the blog as best you can.


Friday 8th January 2016
there are  4 persons.
they probably want to promote a message
of charity for an ONG or a humanitarian
The picture raises the question of
inequality in the world.
They are happy to share. Sharing is caring.

tout les exos p.33 WB
plus la description d'image ( en choisir une sur le blog )  


Homework :
Write the iambic pentameter
in the poem

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Thursday, January, the 7th 


Today, during the lunch time, someone is thought to have attacked the police station at "La
Goutte D'Or." The man had a knife with him and he tried going into the police station but a
policeman stopped him by killing him with a gun. It is not sure but the medias said he
carried some sort of explosif (we don't know what)
Raphaelle says we should wait until we know the truth about the attack.
Someone was doing fixing things at home when he saw a cloud of smoke.
Today, it is one year since the events of the 7th of January in 2015.
Yesterday was the Russian Christmas.
At lunch time, many tube stations were closed so the poor little Vadim arrived late!

This is the logo of UNICEF. We can see a
globe with a person carrying a baby.
There is a laurel's crown around the globe to
promote the sharing of the two people.
UNICEF is a property of UNO. It is a GNO.
This is an organisation against  hunger and child abuse

Bookp. 43 describe the picture


Today is Thursday January 7 th 
A harp, a game,  jewelery, vase, necklace, a mirror The harp is in front of a table
There is a harp next to the chest
The harp is on the floor and next to the bag The mirror is inside the chest
The harp is between the bed and the table The vase is under the shelf
The mirror is behind the harp The necklace is on the neck of Pharaoh

page 52 n 1 b  
I think Molly likes fish
I can see Molly likes baked beans
I think Molly does not like orange juice
I think Molly likes banana  
I think Jake and Molly do not like water

Homework :
Today and January 6th sentences on the bedroom are to be learnt
klearn like and do
EX Book p.55nb 1


Today is Thursday, January 7th 

-Today is very cold and rainy.
-Today we have been choked by the smell of animal blood.
-It smelt horrible it was one week old Y?

Ex 4 p 55 
Most  Americans like sausages on their pizza.

Ex 5 p 55 
a) sit sitting, drive driving, ride riding, stand standing, text texting
b)driving, sitting, standing, riding, texting

Some of the parents in the class go to work by car because they work too far, they can drive,
it is faster, it is cheaper, it is also comfortable and calm.

Little/Much pour les indénombrables
Few/Many pour les dénombrables ( il y a un "s")  
Homework: Book p 55 n° 1, 2 and 3


Today is Thursday 7th of January two thousand and sixteen = twenty sixteen 

Today it is raining.
Yesterday was a mistake on the name of Wolinsky.
After the rain comes the sun.

Unicef is an organisation to help children

Describe the picture p43 Book

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Today is Wednesday January the 6th 
Today is Gabriel's birthday.
Today Raphael and Lucas are going to the swimming pool because they have training.
Today is the first day of the sales.
Today is the second day of English after the Christmas holiday.
The games are on the table.
The jewels are in the safe.
The games are in the small boxes.
The harp lost the strings it is a very old string instrument.
Apprendre les phrases nouvelles par coeur.


Wednesday, January 6th twenty sixteen 
This picture is an advert for this organisation.
This organisation is called UNICEF and it's a sharing
This is a logo.
The circle represents the earth.
It tells people to help poor people around the world.
It helps children. They share with children in need.
It's a charity NGO (Non Governemental
They mostly help African and Asian children.

Homework: describe one of the pictures with the teenagers on the blog.


Wednesday, January 6th twenty sixteen


Today is Wednesday January 6th 
-Yesterday, François Hollande inaugurated the commemorative signs in front of Charlie
Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher.

Less students go to school by car in France than in America.
More French students walk to school than American students.
Most of French students go to school by car.
Few students go to school by motorcycle.
A lot of French students walk to school.
25% of French students go to school by public transports.
3% of students go to school by bicycle.
I think in Paris most students go to school by public transports/ walk to school.
I think few students in Paris go to school by car.
I think in Paris students walk to school because our houses are next to the school.
18/60% of students in 405 walk to school.
11/36% of students in 405 go to school by public transports.

book p.55 nb 4 and 5 a and b

Monday, January 4, 2016


Today is Monday January 4th twenty sixteen  

Today is the first day of school after the Christmas holiday.
During the holiday Yseult went to Prague.
There is a brush on the carpet .
There is a basket of food.
There is a broom in the bucket.
There is a papyrus cup.
There is a big basket.
There is a vase.
There is a gold necklace.
There is a statue of a cat.
There is a blanket.
There is a gold ring in the safe.
There is a bowl on the table.
There are small statues.
The blanket could be on the bed.  
The blanket could be in the big basket.

Homework :
1. apprendre les phrases signalées au tableau.
2. chercher le nom anglais des objets de la chambre (leçon précédente)
3. situer les objets comme dans les exemples donnés aujourd'hui.


Today is Monday, January 4th twenty sixteen   

News :  
-Today is the first day at school in twenty sixteen  
-Today is the first day after the Christmas holidays  
-Next weekend, it will be the Russian Christmas day  
They go to school by bus  
He is talking about going to school by bus, talking with friends, hanging out with his friends,  
watching movies, listening to music, writing his homework, having fun,  
fun, movies, talk, hang out, homework,
In France, 37% students go to school by car, 32% walk to school, 25% go by public transports, 3%
of the students go to school by bicycle and 1% of the students go by motorcycle.
More French students walk to school than American students
More American students walk to school than American students

Homework : 
Finir les phrases
EX. Book p. 48 nb 2