Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Thursday February 9th 

exercice p39: 

Phrase intention= Phrase 2
Phrase prédiction= Phrase 1

A group of American singers are going to give a concert for the victims of hurricane Sandy.

The UN are going to send more troops to Haiti next week.

After yesterday's earthquake the population is going to need international help.

A lot of celebrities are involved in charities or charity concert to raise funds.

page 56: 

NB1 a) b)
Jacob and another teenager think that people will eat capsules  
Helen thinks new technologies will be used for everything 
Josh says that every day life will be so easy 
Karen says that we will be like robots and we will destroy the environment 

Homework : 

book p 56 n 1)b) + traduire dernier paragraphe 

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