Saturday, February 14, 2015

Contrôles communs + histoire des arts + our work (3rd4)

Contrôles communs troisième

I waited for the bus for fifteen minutes. I will wait for you for one hour and then I will leave. I have worked for three hours.
I will work for two days
I will work during the holidays.
I came to Condorcet four years ago. I have been at Condorcet since 2011.

Homework  :
Lesson for since ago tenses vocabulary
EX . W. p. 35 the whole page.+ finish the sentence Since I was born...

On histoire des arts : you can find a lot of information if you click here.
I particularly apreciated this page that shows examples of what can be studied for each items :
Click here  for the whole page.
Here is an image from the document

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Comparatives, superlatives exercises

More exercises on comparatives here :
Level 1
Level 2

Exercise and vocabulary here  Click.