Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday, April 12th

Tomorrow it is Ulysse's Birthday.
          Tomorrow  the book "l'Elite" is going to be released (by an editor).
          We will have a party tomorrow./ We are going  to have a party.
          Yesterday  we went to La Villette with our penfriends.
Polite: poli
Shy: Timide
They never have an opinion : Ils n'ont jamais d'avis.
in a good mood/in a bad mood
Most of the time.
They  have one hour showers
They are so shy/ to shy/ really shy/ definitely shy

In Ireland Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint.
The  Shamrock is the emblem of Ireland: to teach the mystery of the Trinity, one God in three persons, Saint Patrick chose a shamrock and explained  that the shamrock is on.
but with three identical leaves.
The typical Irish beer is Guiness.
The typical Irish  sport is rugby the team is called the shamrock fifteen.
The typical Irish fabric is tweed.
The typical Irish colour is green.
The Leprechauns are little green creatures. They are jesters and malignant!
A typical Irish name begins with O'Brian/ O' Sullivan/ O' Gara...
President Kennedy is Irish.
 Homework :
Ex: Tell us about your german penfriends