Friday, December 11, 2015


Today is Friday December 11th 

Lucas and Raphael will go to the judo class
Yesterday was Raphael 's grand-parent's birthday
Tonight Lucas will go to his grand-parents' home
 Every Tuesday Betoul is going to an English lesson
Tomorrow Raphael and his family will go to the his countryside house
There is a mumy on the table
He thinks the boat will go to the Pharaoh's temple
Lazare thinks the boat (crossing) is rowing up the Nile
They have got paddles
Pharaoh can be sleeping but he is dead.
The man is pointing to the temple.
He is pointing to the crocodiles maybe it is Sobek
Maybe he is pointing to the hyppopotamus
maybe it is Thoueris, to the frog and the fish.
Homework :
décrire le scribe accroupi:
 utiliser can, have got, there is, be + Ving.


Friday December the 11th  
They love each other although they don't have the same native country and the same 
Toula's family was very happy to meet Ian, whereas Ian's family was not.  

Homework : gert ready for the test.


Friday December 11th 

It's very cold today.
Yesterday that was the "conseil de classe".

Vitalina likes "Romeo and Juliet".
Elise likes "West side story".
Pauline likes "Pride and Prejudice".
Victoire likes "Jane Eyre". She likes happy ending.
Iris likes "Cyrano de Bergerac".
Oscar dislikes loves story.

- Summer's day / Compare
                     Est-ce que je pourrais te comparer à un jour d'été ?
                     Tu es plus jolie et plus tempérée:
- buds of May
                     Le vent rude secoue les adorables bourgeons de mai,
                     Et le temps de l'été est beaucoup trop court:
                     Parfois trop chaud, l'oeil des cieux luit,
- complexion / dimm'd
                     Souvent son teint doré palit;
- fair
                     Et tous ceux qui sont beaux, parfois palissent,
                     Par chance, ou la nature qui change de chemin sans contrôle;
                     Mais ton éternel été ne palira pas
                     Tu ne perdras pas la beauté que tu possédes;
                     Et la mort ne pourra pas se vanter de ta promenade dans son ombre
                     Alors que dans les éternels lignes du temps, tu grandis;
                     Aussi longtemps que des hommes respirent ou que des yeux peuvent voir
                     Aussi longtemps que tout cela vivra, et que ceci te donne la vie.

Homework :
Work on your translation



Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? 
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date: 
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd; 
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st; 
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. 

Translation by François-Victor Hugo

Te comparerai-je à un jour d’été ? Tu es plus aimable et plus tempéré. Les vents violents font tomber les tendres bourgeons de mai, et le bail de l’été est de trop courte durée.
Tantôt l’œil du ciel brille trop ardemment, et tantôt son teint d’or se ternit. Tout ce qui est beau finit par déchoir du beau, dégradé, soit par accident, soit par le cours changeant de la nature.
Mais ton éternel été ne se flétrira pas et ne sera pas dépossédé de tes grâces. La mort ne se vantera pas de ce que tu erres sous son ombre, quand tu grandiras dans l’avenir en vers éternels.
Tant que les hommes respireront et que les yeux pourront voir, ceci vivra et te donnera la vie.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Today is Thursday December 10th 
Today Betoul's fish is  dead because her cat has eaten it !
Today the English test was not difficult
Ex 2 p 38
a.Molly/Jake:Molly is Jake's little sister
It is Richard 's box.
The teddy bear in Molly's bedroom
It is Richard's bike red.

Describe the picture :
Jake's sister is funny because she thinks that rats are nasty.
there are sculptures there is an Egyptian river boat . There are men and women on the
boat there are birds on the canopy I imagine the birds are made of stone ,some of
sitting down maybe they  are talking about Pharao I imagine they are praying.

Homeework :
Write four more sentences to describe this boat. Use there is / are, can, cannot, have got...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

3rd5, 3rd3

Homework : 
What is the most beautiful love
story you know ? justify
Do you prefer happy-ending
love stories or sad-ending love
stories ? Explain


Today is Wednesday, December 9th   
News: - Yesterday Camille saw 9  police vans in rue Moncey and C.R.S !
          - Yesterday Aglaé, Jade and Emilie thought three previous students of Condorcet arrested in  
            Rue d'Amsterdam.  
Exercice B :  
a) Yes because a lot of Americans eat McDonald's everyday  
b) There are more people in America who go to McDonald's than in France
c) No I think having McDonald's in hospitals is not a good idea because the patient have to eat healthy food
d) I go to McDonald's on holidays/ when I eat with my friends / when you have to do a long trips by car /
only one day in a month / once a month
e) The pros are that it is not expensive, it is cheaper, it is fast, it is good, it is convenient, the food is served faster than
other restaurants,
it is easy when you have to hurry, there are big portions , the drawbacks / cons are that there are antivomitives in
the meat and the bread, the service is bad it is smelly and dirty , there is a very long queue / line.

Homework : 
Faire les exercices photocopy 3 + write a review on MacDonald's



Today is Wednesday December 9th 

Yesterday Antoine,Aramis and Lazare went to school together.
Today I am eating with Yseult.
Some students are hanging out in the corridor
Today I will go to the swimming pool
Today Ines and I will go to the dance class (school)
Today Betoul is going to the doctor's
Whose pen is this ?
It's pink I thinks it's a girl's pen
And whose schoolbag is this ?
I know!It's Molly's schoolbag.And,Mr Hutton, whose pencil case is this ?
I'm not sure Maybe it is Alison's.
Who is Alison ?
You know!The new pupil!She's American.
Oh, I see,Jake and Ben's friend ?
The teddy bear should be in Molly's bedroom.
The ball should be in Ben's bedroom.
Molly's schoolbag should be in her bedroom.
Jake's ball should be in his bedroom
Molly's book should be in her bedroom
The Sports bag should be in the wardrobe.
The books should be in the bookcase.
The teddy bear should be on Molly's bed.
Book page forty-four number 3 whose bag is this ?
It is Mrs Perry's / Jake's mother's bag.
Whose scarf is it ?
It is Charlotte's scarf.
Where are you ?
Is anybody in ?
Have you seen Molly ?
Have you seen my sports bag ?
Whose schoolbag is this ?
Whose map is this ?

Homework :
Get ready for the test whose & 's
W. Page thirty-eight Nb 2

Monday, December 7, 2015


Today is Monday December 7th 
On Friday Charlotte is going to the Chatelet theater
Whose pencil case is it ?
it is Lucas's pencil case.
It isn't Barack Obama's  pencil case it is Ines's
Marqueur de possession :
2  's   /  '
Marque un lien de possession,  de famille , d'amitié
Mary's mother
Lazare's friend
Si le premier terme est un pluriel régulier marqué par un s
la possession se marque par l'apostrophe
dans tous les autres cas on marque la possession par 's

- There are some pencils
- There are some books on the shelf
- Are there any maps in the class?
- There is not any cheese.
-There is a pencil in my pencilcase.
- Do you want some cheese ? -there is a computer
- there are some computers
EX. W. p. 37_38 nb 1 Book p. 44 nb 2 b.


Today is Monday, December 7th 

-Today, we have a test in Geography,
-Today, we do "vie de classe",
-Two weeks' time, we will be on holiday

To sum up--> summed up

ex Super size me

Homework : 
EX. Photocopy nb 1
Ex. B nb a.