Friday, December 11, 2015


Today is Friday December 11th 

Lucas and Raphael will go to the judo class
Yesterday was Raphael 's grand-parent's birthday
Tonight Lucas will go to his grand-parents' home
 Every Tuesday Betoul is going to an English lesson
Tomorrow Raphael and his family will go to the his countryside house
There is a mumy on the table
He thinks the boat will go to the Pharaoh's temple
Lazare thinks the boat (crossing) is rowing up the Nile
They have got paddles
Pharaoh can be sleeping but he is dead.
The man is pointing to the temple.
He is pointing to the crocodiles maybe it is Sobek
Maybe he is pointing to the hyppopotamus
maybe it is Thoueris, to the frog and the fish.
Homework :
décrire le scribe accroupi:
 utiliser can, have got, there is, be + Ving.

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