Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Tuesday, December 15th 
Corrected mistakes

1. Toula's family is very religious it wants Ian ans Toula to marry in church
2. she studied however her family did not want her to go to university.
3.Toula's family is happy to see Ian but Ian's family is not
4. Ian's family is very different.
5. She was not very pretty and she did not have any friends.
6. Toula's family is quite big
7. They want the wedding to be in church.
8. She thinks that she will  never be happy.

The best you wrote
1. Her parents were nice with her however they did not let her go to university.
2. Although she was very good at school her parents did not let her go to university.
3. Toula's family is enthusiastic about Ian however Toula's father is not positive although Ian likes Toula's father.
4. Toula looks old and she is always alone therefore /  that is  why / that may be why she looks so sad.
5. ...however Toula's father is despicable with ian that is why Toula lies to him when she says "he likes you"
6. They are not comfortable with her when she just tries to be herself.
7. Toula's family is very religious consequently they will marry in church.

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