Friday, June 7, 2013

Prepositions are very important in English and you should know the most important.
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Videos to see what words mean!

Really a great website: a video gives you the meaning of the word you want. Just click

Build your own solar system

A friend of mine sent me this address from the National Geographic. You can build your own solar system.
You must first hit the HELP button on the left hand side of the creen to understand how to customize and adjust the atmosphere, mass, gravity,velocity and trajectory to make your system just right and to see the planets rotate and orbit about one another. It is hard work.

The Nobel prize website has great games to help you learn more about physics, chemistry, biology, medecine, literature, Peace and economics.
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100 Best Movie Lines in 200 Seconds; you can turn on caption if you like
Great revisison exercises, grammar, new words and listening practice here just click.

You can improve your English by playing and learning new vocabulary.
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And then your topic, summertime is not a bad idea !

 You can have good traditionnal vocabulary lists and exercises if you click here.

Enjoy your sumemr !

Tip of the tongue

If you wish to find that word you have tried to find during class go to this website it will help you