Friday, September 18, 2015


Friday, September 18th 

The rugby world cup begins tonight at 9:00 pm.
Today is Friday and Raphaelle loves Friday because the next day is Saturday.
This morning we had a test in physics and spanish test.
Lucie and Omar are our representatives.
Anna thinks our representatives will be good.
Yesterday was great because we started school at 1:30 pm and we finished at 2:25.

Book p. 15 : 
We can see the British people love Kate Middleton because they are using their phones to take
Kate and William are famous.
During the summer Kate gave birth to her second child Charlotte.
Louise thinks it is fake picture because on their phones they are not taking what we can see on the
Lucas thinks the picture was probably taken in Asia or China.
Astrid believes the picture was taken during the summer.
Clara imagines it is not a tourist trip but an official one to see a head of State.
Maybe it is the other way round.
They are rich and famous and therefore they are happy but maybe they do too much to be perfect
because they represent the English crown.

Look they are talking.

Homework :  WB P.11 grammar memo ex. 2



Homework :
Lesson his her
Présente ton camarade, utilise la troisième personne du singulier


Friday, September 18th.

We have Music today. Last time we worked on "Apocalypse Now" the Wagner chopper scene.
Yesterday we finished at 2 o'clock/ 2pm.

At+ heure    on+jour     in+mois/année
Zack's locker was untidy and messy because Zack is disorganized and absent-minded.
Maybe she keeps make-up to look her best. Maybe she's more organized than Zack because
she's a girl.
I would keep my locker.
She/ he would keep coke, food, sport shoes / sneakers, make-up, an umbrella, a drink, snacks,
books / novels, copybooks, pictures of his cat / pet / friends in his /her locker

Homework : 
You would keep coke, food, sport shoes / sneakers, make-up, an umbrella, a drink, snacks,
books / novels, copybooks, pictures of his cat / pet / friends in  your locker say what for. 


Friday,September 18th 

News: The french basketball team lost against Spain.
How often does she check her mail ?
You needn't come to school on Sundays.
Like, think, see et love ne se mettent jamais au présent be + ing.
Worbook page 11: 
number 1: runs et wants
number 2: Look Rihanna is talking on the phone.
number 3: buy et wants
number 4: Do you follow
number 5: Does she check
Taylor Swift travels a lot, she keeps in touch with her fans Taylor must be careful about
what she is sharing.
She can't wear the same dress twice so/that is why she goes shopping all the time.

Homework: P19 wb P18 tous les exercices


Friday, September 18th  
News :
We had a fire alert exercise.
Today is the beginning of the rugby worldcup.
The worldcup is in England.
Taylor Swift says that using social network is very useful to keep in touch with her fans yet she
doesn't post about her private life.
 She loves travelling and meeting new people.
She likes reading and writing new songs. She can never wear a dress twice so/that is why she
shops all the time.  

 Homework :
Workbook p.18 : all the exercises on the page

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Revision 3ème et 4ème

Here are some revisions you must do to get a good start :

First the grammar is explained with examples then you have one exercise :

 explanations :

 exercises  on what you do not know :

Or some specific exercises

a, an, some :
explanation :


adjectives and adverbs : 

explanation :

exercise :

Comparisons :

explanation :

exercise :

Short answers :

exercise :

Some or any :

explanation :

exercise :

more explanations :

And more exercises  on what you do not know :

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Wednesday, September 16th 
We had a history test. There is a teacher's strike tomorrow.  It's raining.
What's your/his name?
How old are you?
Where are you from?/ Where do you live?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
What's/Who's your favorite actress?

    Do you have a pet?
Have you got a pet?
What are your hobbies?
Homework :
2 Photocopies learn the vocabulary and do the exercises.


Today is Wednesday,September the 16th 
On Wednesdays half the class is going to the swimming pool
Today we finish school at 11:15 fifteen past eleven.

Homework : 
Get ready to introduce
yourself : Dites le plus de
choses possible


Wednesday, September 16th  

NEWS: today it's rainning
this weekend a crane fell on Meca
Louise said all the teachers stayed in the staff room to support a colleague

1) Title: "the saturday evening post"
the boy is doing fitness and he is watching a picture focused on a stronger man
I think he wants to show that the young men are not focused all the time on school but
more on appearances and that's a little bit ridiculous.
On the poster is written "be a man" and the man is strong so it means that if you're
weak, you're not a man.
I believe the boy looks like Tim.
Homework : 
Describe the picture p.15 use WH questions


Today is Wednesday,  September 16th 
News :
Tomorrow some of the teachers will be on strike
Today is raining

a) 1. happy
2. sad, bad, unhappy
3. glad, very happy, excited
4. sad, miserable
5. exhausted, tired
6. angry, furious

b) 1.sad
2.unhappy, disappointed
5. angry

Last time we talked about the lockers.
What's inside the lockers ?

Zack's bag must be so / extremely heavy

Homework: W. vocabulary p.10 and 11
 W. p. 10 ex 2 and p. 11 ex 3,4,5


Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Tuesday, September 15th 
News : Although today the teachers abandonned us, we were very happy

Super stars have a lot of money, they can't (cannot) go to the stores They use social networks t
promoet thei song and themselves.
Homework : 
Revise vocabulary
EX : W. p.11 Grammar Memo + p. 11nb 2


Tuesday,September 15th 
Today we have a spanish test and a French essay.  
Book :
 Kate and William must look happy yet (=but)/ whereas they are not always happy.
Although Kate and William must look happy they are not always happy.

Superstars are famous they are awesome.
They can do what they want because they have a lot of money.
They must be on social networks because they have a lot of fans so that they can speak with
their fans and they can promote their songs.

Homework : wb grammar memo p11 and exercise 2 p11.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Today is Monday September the 14th  

Today we finish school at 16h30
How are you ?
What is the first school day in the week ?
What is your favorite/ favourite object at
school ?
What does she do ?
What is the little girl doing ?
Can you turn the light on/ off please ?
Her favourite film is Harry Potter
My favourite colour is blue ---> His favourite colour is blue --> Her favourite colour is blue

Homework :
EX:W. p. 9 Think for yourself
W. p. 11 nb 1


Monday, September 14th 
Today is the first day of the week.
Yesterday, Camille swam in the Mediterranean.

Why are you happy to be back at school ?
Because I haven't seen my friends for 2 months.
Why do you like school ?
Why are you unhappy to be back at school ?
Because summer is finished ,I have a bad schedule and my back pack is
There are two  pupils, Zack and Jenny.
Zack's locker is messy and there are a lot of things.
They keep jackets, shoes for sports

Homework :
EX : W. p.10 nb 1 a and b