Friday, December 4, 2015


Friday, December 4th 

NEWS :   
    - Today the history teacher is still missing
    - Today we were suppose to have two English hours however we only have one !  
Sentences about the first part of the "big fat Greek wedding":
     - She is not very pretty although she looks happy !
whereas = opposés!      ex : I am young whereas you are old
      - She was depressed whereas now she looks more confident.
confident / self-assured= sure d'elle
      - The father doesn't like Ian however he is polite/nice.  
      - They are engaged and that is why all the family wants to see them
      - At the beginning she was very shy whereas at the end of the story she looked more
      -The girl finally went to university however she still goes to the Greek restaurant
however = cependant, malgré cela
Sentences about Ian's family :  
well-off = aisés
Ian's family is well-off. Her family is religious that is why / therefor / consequently they
want them married in a church. Whereas Ian's parents want them married in a club.
However they agree them married in a church. Ian's parents were demotivated by the girl's
idea. Ian's family is more quiet than Toula's family. Toula is stressed however she is polite.  
Ian's parents seem to agree with that wedding although they had rather have another
they had rather= ils préfèreraient.
Although Toula's father loves his daughter he doesn't approve of Ian.

get ready for the test for Wednesday



Today is Friday December 4th 
Today there is an English test.
Today is Lazare's birthday.
Tomorrow will be the weekend.
Book p. 47 nb 1 
 Molly's friends
Mrs Perry's bag.
Jake's DVD's
Ben's bedroom.
Molly and Jake's parents.

the skateboard is Bart's
the dummy is Maggie's
the beer is Homer's
the doughnut is Homer's
the hair is Marge's
the necklace is Lisa's
the bow is Maggie's

Homework : 
W. p. 35 Think for yourself.


Friday, December 4th  
The teacher was absent yesterday. In two weeks' time, it's the holidays.
I love chocolate whereas my sister hates.
I love chocolate therefore/ consequently / that is why  I love chocolate cake.
I love chocolate although I do not eat a lot of it.

She has her hand up whereas nobody else put their hands up.
When she was a little girl she did not have any friends whereas now she made friends.

The scene takes place in Toulas' parent's restaurant
We can see a lot of people and Ian her fiancé
The family is a cliché

utiliser les mots de liaison et l'expression de l'opinion pour commenter l'extrait.


Friday the 4th of December 
At the beginning she was sad and shy whereas at the end she was happy and fell in love.
The story takes place in a restaurant.
The family is very warm -hearted. They are ecstatic and out-going.Toula's father was mean
with her fiancé. Her family thought she would never marry because she was shy and not very
pretty.Toula is introducing her fiancé to her family and it looks very traditional.

HW: write five sentences about the segment you saw.


Friday, December 4th

We saw many differences between both families. Ian's family is small but Toula's family is
very big. Toula's family is very noisy whereas Ian's family is quiet.
Ian's family is probably wealthy/rich/well-off.
Toula's family is happy to see Ian because they thought Toula would never have got married.
Toula's family is expressive/out-going whereas Ian's family is shy/introvert.
Toula's family is very religious.
Toula's family do not think about Toula's sensitivity/feelings.
Toula's father is despicable with Ian without any reason. Maybe he is a bit jealous.
She should be important but she is not. In the segment we saw she gets pushed aside.
Toula's family is welcoming Ian in the family as a new relative.
Toula's family is very enthusiastic to see Ian however Toula's father is not so positive.
Toula's family is very religeous consequently Toula will get married in a church.
Toula's father is despicable with Ian however it shows his love for Toula.
In Ian's opinion/according/as to Ian they should marry in church.
In Ian's parents opinion/according/as to Ian's parents they should marry in a club.
Toula's family love her however they are rude with her.
word reference

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Thursday, December 3rd

 I love chocolate consequently / that is why / therefore I love
chocolate cake
I love chocolate whereas my sister hates it
I love chocolate however I do not eat it very often

Homework : 
EX. Comment the film use that is why


Today is Thursday December 3rd 

News:  Cherrihane is absent today, she has sorethroat with a temperature.
She feels pooly.
Today is the second English lesson in December.
The Christmas holidays will be soon/are coming soon.

WB: P.49 n°4 
 The most interesting.
Canadian singers are as pretty as French ones.
American landscapes are more beautiful than European ones.
Candian films are as clever as American ones.
Sea animals are the biggest in Canada.

The Eiffel Tower is taller than the Montparnasse Tower.
My pencil case is smaller than yours.
Holidays in the South of France are cooler than holidays in Cleaveland.
December is colder than July.
You are older than your sister.
My father is the best pastry chef in the town.

Homework :
Revise comparatives and superlatives
EX The two first exercises of the photocopy.


 Thursday, December 3rd

I love chocolate consequently / that is why / therefore I love
chocolate cake
I love chocolate whereas my sister hates it
I love chocolate however I do not eat it very often :(

she is good whereas the other are not.
She is good , that is why she raises her hand
she is focused therefore she understands however she still seems sad

Homework :
EX. Comment the film use that is why

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Wednesday, December 2nd 

News: We won't go at "college au cinema ".

The Story:
This is a story about a girl who works in her parents restaurant.
She sees a men in the restaurant and fell in love.
She asks her father to go in university.
She is happy and makes friends.
And meets the men that she loves and he fell in love too .

The end.
although I like chocolate I never eat it
I like chocolate whereas my sister hates it
I love chocolate therefore / that is why / consequently I love chocolate cake
I love chocolate however I never eat it

All the family was happy, because Toula found a husband.
It's very laud. (familier)
The family is very tactile and expressive.
Toula's dad is angry, because his little girl is going away.
And Toula lies to Ian: she says her dad likes him.

His family is quiet, and small.
His parents looks very boring and bored.
They talk very little.
We can imagin that Toula is at a job interview, not with her inlaws.
They don't like her.

comparethe two familes using the connectives given.


Today is Wednesday December 2 nd  

Today is Gabriel sister's birthday
Tomorrow Lutèce and I have our  conseil de classe
Today we have test correction
Today Lucas is eating a chocolate cake
Saturday is Maude's birthday

test correction
I believe there is a big spider in a scary room
In a classroom there is a big desk
I suppose there is a werewolf
In classroom there is a teacher.
In the scary room there is a scary clown.
There is silence in the test class.
There is a poster in the classroom.

In the scary room there are bats under my bed.
There is a desk in front of the door.
There is a black cat under my bed.
There is  Frankenstein in the house.
There is a pen between my fingers.
There is a psychopath behind the door.
In the classroom there is a clock next to
the curtains, and there are some pencils.


Today is Wednesday, December, 2nd 

News : We prefer classical music.

Book p.43 n°4
Les mots longs sont difficiles à prononcer, donc on ne crée pas de mots longs.
Comparatifs de supériorité, on ajoute er à la fin d'un adj court c'est à dire un adj d'une
syllabe ou de deux syllabes s'il est terminé par y ou ow er. ex : Canada is bigger than
Pour les adjectifs de plus d'une syllabe on met more devant l'adj.
Than introduit toujours le deuxième terme de la comparaison. Le superlatif fonctionne de
la même façon soit the+adj court -est et puis the+most+adj long.
Comparatif superlatif irrégulier,
 good--->better, the best
bad--->worse, the worst

The Eiffel Tower is more spectacular than the CN Tower.
Polar bears are more dangerous than seals.
Water is tastier than coke.
Canada is not as spectacular as France.
Skiing in Chamonix is more memorable than skiing in British Columbia
Sightseeing in Paris is not as impressive as sightseeing in Montreal
Winter camping is not as exiting as summer camping
Maple syrup is more sugary than peanut butter

My bag is the heaviest
My sister is the prettiest
My ruler is the longest
My car is the fastest
My diary is the most beautiful

wb p. 49 n°4 Faire 1 superlatif et 3 comparatifs


Wednesday 2nd, December 

Our history teacher is absent for the week.

What we correct and that you should never write again :  
1. I will say your secrets to everybody.
2. How can you know ?
3. When she was angry she killed everybody who were next to her.
4. I decided to go and see what the noise was.
5. That is why I have been here only for ten seconds.
6. He was small with kind eyes.
7. All the humans had disappeared, there was water everywhere.
8. He took his sword.
9. He could neither find a friend nor an animal.
10. maybe he was not tall.
11. everybody said to me not to go in this castle.
12. I never told this story.
13. A long time ago one little boy and his sister.
14. although his mother had given him warnings...
15. it suited the boy so extremely well that everybody called him the little man...

What you will write next time :  
It was a dark night in December. There was a violent storm over the island. If you are
really strong read this story if you are not then you can leave it because you are going to
be my main character. For the people who are still reading this story good luck !
Firstly you are a little wizard, you have to think like a small wizard. Now keep your eyes
open and listen.
I saw you, you were running but you could not remember why. You came into a room and
you suddenly heard a growl. You tried to leave this horrible place, you ran through the
room you saw some shadows on the wall you were too scared to try to understand where
they were coming from. You tried to go out but all the doors were closed. You used your
magic power and you strated a fire. The shadows on the wall were still running only faster
now. The more you watched them the more you could see scared people in these strange
shadows. You turned round to see what was scaring them. The smoke was getting thicker
and its shadow projected on the wall looked like a huge monster.
At the beginning you did not realize the fire was coming from your hands. When you did
you tried to stop but it was too late.
You saw a window so you tried to break it.  You tried three times, the third time the glass
was broken, and your hands were covered with blood. The blood put off the fireof your
hands but the room was still burning ...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Tuesday, December 1st

What we corrected in class remmeber you muts never do those mistakes again :

Make it correct make it better :
1. My friend and I
2. they were destroyed
3. they came in the forest with their/his dog
4. and a frog which walks
5. two policeman went to the dragon to look for
6. we were going to the castle, during the visit
7. Fred and his father were terrified
8. The dragon spat fire at me I was scared.  
9. I decided to walk
10. I began again/I ran back to run to hospital
11. I heard strange noises
12. the wizard (...) he wanted to be like her
13. as to the dragon Fred took too much time to kill the dragon.  

14. Paula had a torch, she gripped it.

The best sentences you wrote :
My name is George, I was sixteen years old at the time of my story.
I was on holiday in my family castle.  
My name is Jake Simons and this is my story. It happened when I was fifteen years old. It
was a stormy day; there were thunder claps and lightnings lit up the sky
It was in December, Hugo was going to visit his parents.
It was midnight in Australia. My best friend Tony and I were in a dark forest. We had just
become vampires. Vampires need to drink the blood of animals, that is why we were here
tracking a tiger. Suddenly I smelt horse blood. I turned round and was ready to jump and
that horse when another faster vampire from a rival gang jumped on it before me...  
I was living with my mother, my father and my sister at the time. One day, my sister went
missing. Everyone panicked and was very frightened for her. I decided to go looking for
her with my dad. My mum stayed at home because she was more afraid than us / in case
my sister called or cme back home .
Out of nowhere I felt the breath of a beast on my neck and I was violently thrown against
a tree. My head was spinning and I felt weak. The beast grabbed me in its hairy dirty
hand. I knew at this precise moment that if I did not act right away the awful beast would
tear me apart.
Homework :
Finish writing the best sentences.


Tuesday, December 1st

What we corrected together you must never do those mistakes again !
1. This boy is very ugly and taller too.
2. All boys was tired, and fall asleep to fast for speak with Joan.
3. they walked quietly because peoples sayed that they was a dragon
4. There was abything around he.
5. Billy was a very strong boy who had small size and his brown hair
6. He thank he was saved since the monster grap boy's leg
7. In this forest he can heard
8. it was a dark cave with stranger words written on the wall
9. He fell asleep because he was so tired, last day he red some incredibles stories
10. this creature does not exist in the real life.
11. he looked back but he saw anything.
12. he taked in his bag a knife
13. once upon a time a king of a country was a little boy... because her parents were dead.

What you did best
I woke up in the middle of the dunes, It was a huge desert. Firstly I got up and removed the sand that was on me. I was hot, I could feel beads of sweat running down my neck. I began to feel anxious since I saw nobody around not even vegetation or animals. So I decided to go and find some help....
He was tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He was gentle and polite but not shy. and he was very fun loving but sometimes he was in a very bad mood and got very angry nobody knew why.
He walked for a very long time through the very dark scary forest when suddenly he heard a very strange noise like someons crying or laughin. He was petrified for a few seconds but as he was brave he turned round and looked in the direction of the noise there he saw a....

The brave girl looked back and saw a blade in a rock shining brightly in the darkness. It was Excalibur. She went across the path and ran to the sword. The child drew Excalibur off the rock and gave apowerful blow to the monster which howled with pain and fell down thrashing and at last died.
Homework : 
Finish copying the best sentences in your copybooks.

Monday, November 30, 2015


Today is Monday,November 30th  

News : 
Today is Maude's birthday.
Tomorrow is December.
Today we are having a maths test.
Tomorrow we are going to have a biology test.

My favourite English food is poridge.
My favourite English food is fish and chips.
My favourite English food is potatoes/crisps.
My favourite English food is crumpets.
My favourite English food is crumble.
My favourite American food is cupcakes.
My favourite English food is scones.
My favourite American food is hot-dogs.
My favourite English food is pudding.
My favourite English meal is breakfast.
My favourite English food is custard.
Are there any biscuits ?
Yes, there are some.
 No, there are not any .
Do you want some biscuits ?
Yes, I do.
No, I do not.

 Quand on met some ça veut dire qu'il y a.Quand on met any ça veut dire qu'il n'y a pas ou qu'on ne sait pas.
Homework :
EX. Book p. 44 nb 1 Utiliser aussi some
et any+ finir la traduction


Monday, November 30th

Correct and never do it again !    
1.Canada is a beautiful country    
2. and it is so big    
3. it is better/warmer to wear...  
4. there are a lot of shops  
5. there are a lot of things we can do  
6. we can see polar bears  
7. like MontRoyal which is    
8. the lucky ones can see polar bears  
9. It was snowing when we arrived/it snowed          
during my trip...  
10. Canada has a lot of monuments  
11. I think that Canada is the best destination. I
think that Canada is better than the US.    
12. life in Canada  
13. the houses are cute  
14. Canada is not very big  
15. I never went to Canada /I have never been to
16. You should go

Help :
Il n'y a jamais "the" devant    
les noms de pays sauf:    
-the United States    
-the United Kingdom    
-the Netherlands    
-the Saar and the Ruhr    
-the Ukraine    
-the Crimea    

Pour les dénombrables, l'idée de généralité se donne
par le nom au pluriel sans article.    
ex: dogs are nice

Pour éviter les répétitions on utilise one ou ones  
ex: a lot of people go to canada the lucky ones will see
polar bears

The best :  
1. I think Canada is  a wonderful place in fact my best friend wants to go and live there...
2. Canada is wonderfully beautiful, of course it is very cold especially in January but the
cold temperature is worth the try because there are so many cool activities. You will be
able to ski, do ice-hockey, dog sleigh ....  
3. Vancouveur is a great destination for holidays. If you go there be sure to visit Stanley
4. Canada is freezing but it is also a lovely and beautiful place. All you can do is amazing;
go camping in the snow, ....
5. True in Toronto it is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer but it is
awesome ...

homework p 43 book ex 4