Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Tuesday, December 1st

What we corrected in class remmeber you muts never do those mistakes again :

Make it correct make it better :
1. My friend and I
2. they were destroyed
3. they came in the forest with their/his dog
4. and a frog which walks
5. two policeman went to the dragon to look for
6. we were going to the castle, during the visit
7. Fred and his father were terrified
8. The dragon spat fire at me I was scared.  
9. I decided to walk
10. I began again/I ran back to run to hospital
11. I heard strange noises
12. the wizard (...) he wanted to be like her
13. as to the dragon Fred took too much time to kill the dragon.  

14. Paula had a torch, she gripped it.

The best sentences you wrote :
My name is George, I was sixteen years old at the time of my story.
I was on holiday in my family castle.  
My name is Jake Simons and this is my story. It happened when I was fifteen years old. It
was a stormy day; there were thunder claps and lightnings lit up the sky
It was in December, Hugo was going to visit his parents.
It was midnight in Australia. My best friend Tony and I were in a dark forest. We had just
become vampires. Vampires need to drink the blood of animals, that is why we were here
tracking a tiger. Suddenly I smelt horse blood. I turned round and was ready to jump and
that horse when another faster vampire from a rival gang jumped on it before me...  
I was living with my mother, my father and my sister at the time. One day, my sister went
missing. Everyone panicked and was very frightened for her. I decided to go looking for
her with my dad. My mum stayed at home because she was more afraid than us / in case
my sister called or cme back home .
Out of nowhere I felt the breath of a beast on my neck and I was violently thrown against
a tree. My head was spinning and I felt weak. The beast grabbed me in its hairy dirty
hand. I knew at this precise moment that if I did not act right away the awful beast would
tear me apart.
Homework :
Finish writing the best sentences.

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