Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine Day

It will be Valentine day soon you must get ready with
- all the vocabulary you need Click here first 

a picture quiz to make sure you know the words Click here.

Alphabetical order word search (easy). Click here.

Easy word search on the same topic. Click here.

More difficult word search Click here.

Jumbled words. Click here 

Easy crossword. Click here.

More interesting and difficult :
You can watch the history of Valentine day,scroll down to do the listening quiz after.
Click here

Read a text and do the reading comprehension exercises, click here.

Easy gap fill exercise. Click here.

Last but not least Amy Winehouse song Cupid, do not forget the listening quiz !

Click here.

Chinese New Year and horoscope

All about Chinese New Year;

First vocabulary :

Check if you know it here :

Learn about Chinese zodiac signs :

Check if you know them here :

and here :

Then you can find out what is your Chinese zodiac sign and read about your character and good or bad qualities. It is a little difficult but I am sure you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is something really different, you can compose music and send it :

Here for classical music with the New York Philarmonic you can learn and compose in the workshop
it is both a game and a composition you can record and send to a friend or...enemy !

learn about instruments

You can invent you own instrument

and then try to play like this :

Classical music still a beautiful website very cleverly done :

This is to create your own personal sound badge, hurry to answer the questions it determines
the music :

You can just create hand symphonies with clapping hands here and help the American Heart Association as well.
Just click on the hands to turn them on and off :

You will create music by creating a town here :

This one is a little surprising at first but turns out to be very easy :

Just explore and enjoy.
Easy grammar exercises for the 6th and 5th graders
Click here and do them all. let me know if you like them comment please !