Friday, January 15, 2016


Friday January 15th  
Today is Yseult's mother's birthday  
On Sunday Lucas and Raphaël are going to a judo competition.
Tonight my family and I are going to our country house.
Book EX. p. 55 nb 2,
a. Do Jake and Ben ..? No, they do not.
b. Does ...? Yes, she does
c. What does Ben want ? he wants chips
d. Does..? Alison's father lives in the States.
e. Do you...? Yes, we do, most of us like chocolate brownies.

Book p. 54 
Fruit : peach, es

scrambled eggs
fried eggs sunny side up
soft boiled eggs
a piece of bread
a piece of toast

Pair work :
She likes apple crumble
he likes coffee
he likes marmelade
he likes eggs
he likes apple juice
he likes cakes
he likes eggs milk, brownies and butter.
she like cereals
she likes bacon
she likes milk
she likes orange juice but she does not like coffee

Homework : 
EX . W. p. 44 nb 2


Friday, January 15th 
We have a history test.
Some of them have not done their exercises.

Homework exercises on photocopy.


Homework :
Exercises on photocopy

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Wednesday 13th January 

There was an attack in Istanbul yesterday.
David Bowie died on Monday, he died two days after his 69th birthday.
He released his 26th album.
The name of the album is Black Star it probably prepared his death.
He had cancer and he fought for 18 months.
Saturday was the burial of Lemmy Kilmister.

vocabulary page 43 WB
+ page 45 ex 2 Book "write a few lines"


Today is Wednesday, January 13 th  
News : - Two days ago , in Marseilles there was a terrorist attack. A teenager tried to kill a jewish
teacher in a jewish school the teenager is fifteen years old.

Thank you note :
- We want to thank you for this banner it means a lot to us .
- Thank you for your message , your support , your banner.
- I'm very touched by your banner.
- Thank you for this banner it's very nice of you we must unite against the horrible events which

Taking your car - is war
Public transport - is better for sport
Running is joking
Taking the subway is a good way
Walking is not boring
Taking a taxi is not free
Driving to school is very not good
Driving is not amazing
Bicycle is unforgettable
With a car it's easy to get far *
Taking a taxi is not easy
Walking is better than driving    

Homework : 
Create a poster book p. 49
How do you go to school ?


Today is Wednesday January 13th 
Today Raphael and Lucas are going to their swimming lesson.
page 44 nb 1 
a. live
b. does not ,works
d.does,like not

 Thank you for everything you did and wrote students and Mrs Sanderson.  
Thank you  for your very nice notes    
Thank you for your banner  
Thank you for your very good work    
Thank you for your support that makes us feel less lonely.  
Thank you for your poster it is beautiful.  
Thank you for your compassion and it is important for us.  
Thank you everybody for your cooperation with France.  
Thank you for your solidarity.  
Thank you it is very kind of you.
Thank you very much for the banner it is very nice and it makes our class prettier.
Book p. 52 nb 1

Homework : 
Lesson negative sentences
train to say the thank you notes Ex. Book p. 55 nb 2

Monday, January 11, 2016


Conic strip creator

you tube to mp3

How to create Myth and Legend animation



Today is Monday, January 11th 

Who made this banner?
I think the students we saw made it.
What is this banner for?
I think is for the commemoration, to support France and in particular Paris.

Nb 1,2 & 3 Page 55 
Nb 1:  
1) How many
2) There aren't many
3) so much time
4) There isn't much
1) little
2) Few people
3) Few
4) little
2) less
3) fewer
4) less
WB P.55
Walking to school: It is better for the environement, it is cheaper, it is fun
because we talk with friends, it is easier, for the teenagers it is good for your
health, it is longer, it is cleaner, it is safer,it takes much time, we can listen to
Book P.49
Roller skating is exciting.
Ride a bike, we like it.
Public transports is better for the sport.
Public transports is really short.
Take the subway is the good way.

Get one thank you sentence for wednesday about the banner.
Ex Book. P.49 Training task