Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Today is Wednesday January 13th 
Today Raphael and Lucas are going to their swimming lesson.
page 44 nb 1 
a. live
b. does not ,works
d.does,like not

 Thank you for everything you did and wrote students and Mrs Sanderson.  
Thank you  for your very nice notes    
Thank you for your banner  
Thank you for your very good work    
Thank you for your support that makes us feel less lonely.  
Thank you for your poster it is beautiful.  
Thank you for your compassion and it is important for us.  
Thank you everybody for your cooperation with France.  
Thank you for your solidarity.  
Thank you it is very kind of you.
Thank you very much for the banner it is very nice and it makes our class prettier.
Book p. 52 nb 1

Homework : 
Lesson negative sentences
train to say the thank you notes Ex. Book p. 55 nb 2

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