Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Today is Wednesday, January 13 th  
News : - Two days ago , in Marseilles there was a terrorist attack. A teenager tried to kill a jewish
teacher in a jewish school the teenager is fifteen years old.

Thank you note :
- We want to thank you for this banner it means a lot to us .
- Thank you for your message , your support , your banner.
- I'm very touched by your banner.
- Thank you for this banner it's very nice of you we must unite against the horrible events which

Taking your car - is war
Public transport - is better for sport
Running is joking
Taking the subway is a good way
Walking is not boring
Taking a taxi is not free
Driving to school is very not good
Driving is not amazing
Bicycle is unforgettable
With a car it's easy to get far *
Taking a taxi is not easy
Walking is better than driving    

Homework : 
Create a poster book p. 49
How do you go to school ?

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