Monday, January 11, 2016


Today is Monday, January 11th 

Who made this banner?
I think the students we saw made it.
What is this banner for?
I think is for the commemoration, to support France and in particular Paris.

Nb 1,2 & 3 Page 55 
Nb 1:  
1) How many
2) There aren't many
3) so much time
4) There isn't much
1) little
2) Few people
3) Few
4) little
2) less
3) fewer
4) less
WB P.55
Walking to school: It is better for the environement, it is cheaper, it is fun
because we talk with friends, it is easier, for the teenagers it is good for your
health, it is longer, it is cleaner, it is safer,it takes much time, we can listen to
Book P.49
Roller skating is exciting.
Ride a bike, we like it.
Public transports is better for the sport.
Public transports is really short.
Take the subway is the good way.

Get one thank you sentence for wednesday about the banner.
Ex Book. P.49 Training task

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