Friday, January 8, 2016


Friday, January the 8th 

Today, we have a biology test on AIDS.

   On the picture we can see four teenagers : two boys and two girls. They are wearing t-shirts
on which share is written.
They are probably working for an NGO. Maybe they are on a humanitarian trip.
 Astrid supposes they are raising money for a charity.
They are helping the girl with the problem on her knee.
Clara supposes the boxes in the background are donations for an association.
Raphaelle said in the background there were food in the boxes.
They are volunteers.
Sharing is caring.

Page 44 
it's a website. It's biography.

exercise page 33 et vocabulaire 43 du workbook


Today is Friday January the 8th twenty sixteen 
On Sunday Charlotte is going to Eva's .
Today is Axel's birthday.
Today our music teacher was absent.
Tomorrow Raphaël will go to a wedding.

Exercise page 55 nb 1 

Book page 52 nb2 
Maybe Alison's father likes chocolate brownie.
I suppose Alison's father is American
Maybe he lives in New York maybe in the Empire state building.
I think Alison's father is a reporter because he has got a camera.
I believe he is a photographer too.
I imagine Alison's father has a passport to travel.

Ben and Jake went to Alison's home and they asked if they could go to
London with Alison.
Alison's father lives in the States and he is photographer.
Ben likes chocolate brownies and Alison's father too.
Ben and Jake are Alison's new friends they are nice, polite.
Ex . W. p. 42 Think for Yourself


Friday, 8th January 2016 

NEWS: Today we have a music test
      Yesterday a person went to a police station with fake explosives on him, he was shot by
the police because they were scared.

On the picture there is a boy, i think he is sad but he's got a smile on his face. It is an
advertisement for UNICEF that is why there is the UNICEF logo on the box.

Homework: describe the picture on the blog as best you can.


Friday 8th January 2016
there are  4 persons.
they probably want to promote a message
of charity for an ONG or a humanitarian
The picture raises the question of
inequality in the world.
They are happy to share. Sharing is caring.

tout les exos p.33 WB
plus la description d'image ( en choisir une sur le blog )  


Homework :
Write the iambic pentameter
in the poem

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Thursday, January, the 7th 


Today, during the lunch time, someone is thought to have attacked the police station at "La
Goutte D'Or." The man had a knife with him and he tried going into the police station but a
policeman stopped him by killing him with a gun. It is not sure but the medias said he
carried some sort of explosif (we don't know what)
Raphaelle says we should wait until we know the truth about the attack.
Someone was doing fixing things at home when he saw a cloud of smoke.
Today, it is one year since the events of the 7th of January in 2015.
Yesterday was the Russian Christmas.
At lunch time, many tube stations were closed so the poor little Vadim arrived late!

This is the logo of UNICEF. We can see a
globe with a person carrying a baby.
There is a laurel's crown around the globe to
promote the sharing of the two people.
UNICEF is a property of UNO. It is a GNO.
This is an organisation against  hunger and child abuse

Bookp. 43 describe the picture


Today is Thursday January 7 th 
A harp, a game,  jewelery, vase, necklace, a mirror The harp is in front of a table
There is a harp next to the chest
The harp is on the floor and next to the bag The mirror is inside the chest
The harp is between the bed and the table The vase is under the shelf
The mirror is behind the harp The necklace is on the neck of Pharaoh

page 52 n 1 b  
I think Molly likes fish
I can see Molly likes baked beans
I think Molly does not like orange juice
I think Molly likes banana  
I think Jake and Molly do not like water

Homework :
Today and January 6th sentences on the bedroom are to be learnt
klearn like and do
EX Book p.55nb 1


Today is Thursday, January 7th 

-Today is very cold and rainy.
-Today we have been choked by the smell of animal blood.
-It smelt horrible it was one week old Y?

Ex 4 p 55 
Most  Americans like sausages on their pizza.

Ex 5 p 55 
a) sit sitting, drive driving, ride riding, stand standing, text texting
b)driving, sitting, standing, riding, texting

Some of the parents in the class go to work by car because they work too far, they can drive,
it is faster, it is cheaper, it is also comfortable and calm.

Little/Much pour les indénombrables
Few/Many pour les dénombrables ( il y a un "s")  
Homework: Book p 55 n° 1, 2 and 3


Today is Thursday 7th of January two thousand and sixteen = twenty sixteen 

Today it is raining.
Yesterday was a mistake on the name of Wolinsky.
After the rain comes the sun.

Unicef is an organisation to help children

Describe the picture p43 Book

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Today is Wednesday January the 6th 
Today is Gabriel's birthday.
Today Raphael and Lucas are going to the swimming pool because they have training.
Today is the first day of the sales.
Today is the second day of English after the Christmas holiday.
The games are on the table.
The jewels are in the safe.
The games are in the small boxes.
The harp lost the strings it is a very old string instrument.
Apprendre les phrases nouvelles par coeur.


Wednesday, January 6th twenty sixteen 
This picture is an advert for this organisation.
This organisation is called UNICEF and it's a sharing
This is a logo.
The circle represents the earth.
It tells people to help poor people around the world.
It helps children. They share with children in need.
It's a charity NGO (Non Governemental
They mostly help African and Asian children.

Homework: describe one of the pictures with the teenagers on the blog.


Wednesday, January 6th twenty sixteen


Today is Wednesday January 6th 
-Yesterday, François Hollande inaugurated the commemorative signs in front of Charlie
Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher.

Less students go to school by car in France than in America.
More French students walk to school than American students.
Most of French students go to school by car.
Few students go to school by motorcycle.
A lot of French students walk to school.
25% of French students go to school by public transports.
3% of students go to school by bicycle.
I think in Paris most students go to school by public transports/ walk to school.
I think few students in Paris go to school by car.
I think in Paris students walk to school because our houses are next to the school.
18/60% of students in 405 walk to school.
11/36% of students in 405 go to school by public transports.

book p.55 nb 4 and 5 a and b

Monday, January 4, 2016


Today is Monday January 4th twenty sixteen  

Today is the first day of school after the Christmas holiday.
During the holiday Yseult went to Prague.
There is a brush on the carpet .
There is a basket of food.
There is a broom in the bucket.
There is a papyrus cup.
There is a big basket.
There is a vase.
There is a gold necklace.
There is a statue of a cat.
There is a blanket.
There is a gold ring in the safe.
There is a bowl on the table.
There are small statues.
The blanket could be on the bed.  
The blanket could be in the big basket.

Homework :
1. apprendre les phrases signalées au tableau.
2. chercher le nom anglais des objets de la chambre (leçon précédente)
3. situer les objets comme dans les exemples donnés aujourd'hui.


Today is Monday, January 4th twenty sixteen   

News :  
-Today is the first day at school in twenty sixteen  
-Today is the first day after the Christmas holidays  
-Next weekend, it will be the Russian Christmas day  
They go to school by bus  
He is talking about going to school by bus, talking with friends, hanging out with his friends,  
watching movies, listening to music, writing his homework, having fun,  
fun, movies, talk, hang out, homework,
In France, 37% students go to school by car, 32% walk to school, 25% go by public transports, 3%
of the students go to school by bicycle and 1% of the students go by motorcycle.
More French students walk to school than American students
More American students walk to school than American students

Homework : 
Finir les phrases
EX. Book p. 48 nb 2