Thursday, January 7, 2016


Thursday, January, the 7th 


Today, during the lunch time, someone is thought to have attacked the police station at "La
Goutte D'Or." The man had a knife with him and he tried going into the police station but a
policeman stopped him by killing him with a gun. It is not sure but the medias said he
carried some sort of explosif (we don't know what)
Raphaelle says we should wait until we know the truth about the attack.
Someone was doing fixing things at home when he saw a cloud of smoke.
Today, it is one year since the events of the 7th of January in 2015.
Yesterday was the Russian Christmas.
At lunch time, many tube stations were closed so the poor little Vadim arrived late!

This is the logo of UNICEF. We can see a
globe with a person carrying a baby.
There is a laurel's crown around the globe to
promote the sharing of the two people.
UNICEF is a property of UNO. It is a GNO.
This is an organisation against  hunger and child abuse

Bookp. 43 describe the picture

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