Thursday, January 7, 2016


Today is Thursday January 7 th 
A harp, a game,  jewelery, vase, necklace, a mirror The harp is in front of a table
There is a harp next to the chest
The harp is on the floor and next to the bag The mirror is inside the chest
The harp is between the bed and the table The vase is under the shelf
The mirror is behind the harp The necklace is on the neck of Pharaoh

page 52 n 1 b  
I think Molly likes fish
I can see Molly likes baked beans
I think Molly does not like orange juice
I think Molly likes banana  
I think Jake and Molly do not like water

Homework :
Today and January 6th sentences on the bedroom are to be learnt
klearn like and do
EX Book p.55nb 1

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