Tuesday, October 6, 2009

09-10-04 about our classrooms

We really have to do something about our classes. They look so drab and sad.
I told you you could do beautiful posters and I would print them in as many A4 papers as needed to make a big glorious poster. It could be really nice.
Come on try these websites they are easy and funny to use. Your creations would be hung up in class and it would be so much nicer.
For a Picasso like poster.
A creative image made with coloured sand it is great fun to make.
Very clever, you just find a nice image and reproduce it, it can look lovely.
Bomomo is certainly the funniest but it does look good. It is difficult to use, at least I found it difficult to use. Well I am sure you can do better!
This is just like painting with real brushes only you don't get dirty.
And then there is piclits of course
Let us see what you can do now!
Send it to me as attached file or even files.
Remember my e-mail address: dominique.paci@ac-paris.fr