Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vocabulary crosswords

To improve your vocabulary here are hundreds of crosswords
Click here and remember !
Here if you wish to select a theme.

Vocabulary and vocabulary lists

For those of you who wish to improve their vocabulary here is a website with vocabulary lists.

You can find some examples ;
Here for basics 

Here for pairs which means you can learn two words at the same time, very efficient and what's more it saves time. Click here.

Here for a more complete list  Just click and start learning.

My favorite are these two :
words ending in -ful
Words ending in -less

Family members here.
Family responsabilities here.
Music instruments here.
Hair types here.
School subjects here.

Last but not least the games to check you have learnt and can remember your lists. Click here.

Even better because there is also the pronunciation of the words this website called have Let's fun with English. well...