Friday, September 25, 2015


Friday, September 25th 

five ---  fifth
fifty --- fifteen
twelve --- twelfth
seventy --- seventeen

- The history teacher is absent today.
- today is cloudy.
- Today we have a biology test.
- Today some students of the Russian class had a at lunch time.
- Yesterday we saw "the Misanthrope" of Moliere we did not like it because it was too
boring. The actors spoke too fast and we could not understand.

ex 2 p 20
1. Do you have/use social networks ?
2. Do you buy magazines ?
3. Do you read gossips ?
4. How many times does your brother check his twitter account ?
5. does your daughter have a computer?

can ---to be able
I can write Russian quite well but I can't really speak it.

Homework :
Revise questions vocabulary qnd everything we said about celebrities.
Ex Book p. 20 nb 3


today is Friday September 25 th 
twenty fifth  
five --> fifty fifteen 
 twelve ---> twelfth 
Book p. 27 nb 1
I am not I am American
Is she from
No she isn't not      She is (comes) from
Where are you from ?
Book page twenty four nb 1
Hello my name is Tom
My telephone is 017684642312
I am twelve years old
Her name is Susan
Her address is 405 Park Avenue
Her telephone is 457 204 6320
Her mobile is 15698350237
Her name is Yseult
She is eleven years old
Her name is Betoul
His name is Ethan
Her name is Anais

 Homework : 
Ex W. p. 17 nb 2


Friday,September 25th. 
You should write / you shouldn't write
News :  
Several fans tried to kill Valbuena because now he plays with Lyon.
Today there is a concert of the group 30 Second To Mars.
A French basketball player was recruited by Orlando.

He is stocky : Il est musclé.
Interrogation écrite :
Questions en WH.
Adjectifs de la page 19 du WB.

Vocabulary to cheer, ed, ed :
.Asian countries
.crowd : la foule
. As to me / in my opinion

Description de l'image :

I can see / there is / there are.
Verbes au present continu Be + ING.
I can see Kate and William, they are in an Asian country
because they are a lot of Asian people in the crowd. So they could be in
Japan. Maybe it is a diplomatic visit.
They are happy, that is why they are smiling. Maybe they are doing an
advert for England.
It might be because it is sunny. Or they are expecting a baby.
They are smiling because people are taking pictures of them.

Homework  : Lesson. Ex Book page 20 nb 2 and 3


Friday,September 25th

ex:five--> fifth
 Thursday, September 25th 
Today we have a history test and a French test.
book p 17 n°2
I can play the piano very well.
There was a shooting and he was killed by a stray ball

REGLE: be+ing est associé avec look, listen and now.
Le present simple est associé avec des adverbes de fréquences comme :

book page 20 exercise n°3
a.we are waiting for One Direction.
b.Jimmy Superstar always provokes journalists.
c.Taylor Swift doesn't often write on her blog.
d.Can you tell me what she is doing at the moment ?
e. Paparazzi always followed celebrities everywhere.

1 party--> 2 parties

EX Book p.17 nb 5
Book p.20 nb 4 &2
+ Tell if your friend could be a star and why
use what wedid in class in wb page 10  nb 4
In my opinion
As to me
that is why


Friday, September 25th 
five ---> fifth
Fifteen  Fifty
twelve    twelfth
There was a stampede at the Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
Wolkswagen's president had to hand his resignation.
Yesterday Andrea and Sauvanne went to the "Comedie Française".
They went to see "Le Misantrope".
How well did the actors play? The actors played very well.
How good was the play? Very good.
When did the play end?  The play ended at half past eleven.
What was it about? It was the story of a man who didn't like other people because they have to
many bad qualities. But he has a girl friend and he's very jealous. So they veer/fight over the
girl. He goes to the desert to go far away from humans.

Exercice 8 page 132: 
How well do you play football? How good are you at sports? How sporty are you?
How well does he play the piano. How good are you at Music? How Musical is he?
How well do you dance? How graceful are they?
How artistic is she?How well does she draw?
How well do you speak Italian?
I need it to/ I use it for

For Tuesday
Interro écrite
Exercices p 132 n°11 book.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Thursday, September 24th 

Pair work and report to the class :

Book p.17 nb 4W. p. 10 nb 4 a.
I told you already !

Thanks that was great fun !

Homework :
Book p.20 nb 2 &3&


Today is Thursday September 24th 

Classroom English

You should delete f  you should write th for Thursday
News: Today they put up new curtains in the English class
library ---> bibliothéque
Book shop ---> librairie

 Homework : Lesson +
Vocabulary W. p. 23 Ex Book p.27 nb1


Today is Thursday September 24th 

News: Today is Elvire's and Louise's birthday.
The French rugby team won against Romania.
Yesterday was the first day of Autumn/Fall.

Book p. 19 nb 8 
Our riddles : 
you use it to write your lesson / you use it when you want to write a lesson.
you need it to open a door / you use it when you need to open a door.
To + base verbale exprime un but.

Homework : 
Vocabulary Book p. 18 and 19


Thursday, the 24th of September  
News :
Tomorrow we are going to have a lot of tests.
Yesterday was the first day of autumn/ fall .
Book p.17 n°4
Liste des auxiliaires :
be, must, have (temps composés, ex: have got), can, could, may, might, should, will, would
do, does,did
On ajoute un auxiliaire pour les questions parce que l'on ne déplace pas la suite "sujet,
verbe et cod, cc"
Who speaks English?
Why do you speak English?

Homework :  
Book p.17  n°2 a) (help with voki)
Finir les questions de l'exercice p.17 n°4 a)


Thursday September 24th 

News : 
Yesterday France won against Romania.
Tonight England is playing against Wales.
No articles for name of countries except the USA and the UK.

30 Seconds Too Mars : Rock band
Paul Pogba : Soccer Player
Novak Djokovic : Tennis player
Pierre Niney : actor

book p 17 nb4a
WB p10 nb4b

Homework : 
EX Refaire l'exercice Book p.17 nb 2 a be
inventive use text to speech and Voki

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Wednesday September 23rd 
Volkswagen cheated on diesel pollution potential. Last sunday a man died at the
technoparade. He fell off from the statue at place de la Republique.

My father does.
No she doesn't.
Yes she does.
No she doesn't.
Yes I do.

The United States
The united Kingdom

Angel can fly very well.
can --> to be able to

Can you speak English ?    Yes we can.
I can't fly, but I can run.

lesson copybook
EX Book p.132 nb 8
Report what your friend can do very well/
quite well/ a little/ not at all


Wednesday, September 23rd 

_Today is the first day of autumn / fall.
_The history teacher is absent today.
_The weather is sunny and it is Wednesday.

Woorkbook p.11 exercice 2
runs wants
is talking
buys wants
are you following
does she check

Revision questions :

Liste des auxiliaires :
can / could
will / would
be is are am
have (Vpp =got)

Homework :
Test on questions


Today is Wednesday, September 23rd 

What time does     he usually leave home ?
                             Who usually leaves home at 7?

What does she look like ?
What is in your locker ?
Whose bag is it ?
What's the weather like ?
Why are you late ? Why are you running?
When is Christmas ? When is your birthday ?
Where does he live ? How far does he live ?
What can she speak ?
She can't speak English.
Does she have a book ?
She has a book.
What do they do everyday ?
They do their homework everyday.

Homework Test on questions. + for next week: get ready at least 2 questions on each of the three topics:
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Columbus day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Tuesday, September 22nd 
Someone died during the technoparade.
He fell from the statue Place de la Republique.
Workbook p.18
1. cute / handsome
2. shy
3. smart/ gifted
4. talkative / outgoing
5. skillful

1. a prodigy / savant
2. amazing
3. a mate
4.  a gift
5. disabled
6. wedding

twice a year
nearly, almost
even / the same

 Homework book p17 nb2.a Be ready to speak for one minute.


Tuesday, September 22nd 

News :  
a verse --> verses
How many verses are there in the poem ?
What is the link between the two poems ?

I would keep some food / snack in my locker for when I am hungry.
I would keep an umbrella in my locker for when it is raining
I would keep some books in my locker for when I have class.
I would keep a track suit in my locker for when I have sport.
I would keep some books in my locker too because my bag is too heavy

Book p.6 &7
How well can he swim?
Tom can race and swim very well.
How well can he play chess ?
He can play chess quite well.
How well can he sing ?
he can sing a little.
How well can he play football ?
he cannot (can't) play football at all.
Prononciation de can here 

We watched a video

And then we did an exercise :

Homework :   
 Book p.132 nb 1 and 2  
What can/ can't they do in the segment of the film ?  
Three sentences 


Tuesday 22nd September  

news: we are going to the technology room because
we are going to use a spreadsheet.

W. p. 18 
cute/ handsome/
smart/ skillful
gifted / person
a mate (boy)
five month ago
twice a year
nearly almost
quite often
even/ the same

book p. 18 nb4 
Do you speak  in public ?

EX. book p. 18 nb 2 and get the questions ready for
ex p. 18 nb 4 in your books

Monday, September 21, 2015


Today is Monday September 21st (twenty-first)   
Today we finish school at half past five
Last Saturday Lucas went to the theatre
he likes hamburgers

Homework :  
lesson copybook + vocabulary Workbook p. 23
TEST on questions next time
Ex .
W. p. 12 nb 2


Today is Monday, September the 21st  
Tomorrow is the 2nd
-On Saturday, someone died because he fell from the statue at Place de la Republique
during the Techno parade
-Yesterday, Camille went to her cousin's chrissening
-Yesterday,was Patrimoine Day
-Yesterday,Yannick did History work because we have an in-class assessment

Exercise n°=2 p.10
1.I'm happy and excited
2.Nice, we will be able to find mushrooms
3.I'm ecstatic but a little anxious
4.I will be a little tired
5.I will feel very proud

Exercise n°=5
Tidy/Untidy Messy
Fun/ Sad
Irritating/Nice sweet Pleasant
Organized/disorganized messy

In Nina's opinion Zack is boring
 Prosper does not agree he beleives he is just messy
Camille thinks Jenny is messy like Zack

Lesson copybook + Book p. 19 vocabulary
Book P.21 n° 5 and 6