Friday, September 25, 2015


Friday,September 25th. 
You should write / you shouldn't write
News :  
Several fans tried to kill Valbuena because now he plays with Lyon.
Today there is a concert of the group 30 Second To Mars.
A French basketball player was recruited by Orlando.

He is stocky : Il est musclé.
Interrogation écrite :
Questions en WH.
Adjectifs de la page 19 du WB.

Vocabulary to cheer, ed, ed :
.Asian countries
.crowd : la foule
. As to me / in my opinion

Description de l'image :

I can see / there is / there are.
Verbes au present continu Be + ING.
I can see Kate and William, they are in an Asian country
because they are a lot of Asian people in the crowd. So they could be in
Japan. Maybe it is a diplomatic visit.
They are happy, that is why they are smiling. Maybe they are doing an
advert for England.
It might be because it is sunny. Or they are expecting a baby.
They are smiling because people are taking pictures of them.

Homework  : Lesson. Ex Book page 20 nb 2 and 3

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