Thursday, October 8, 2015


Today is Thursday October 8th 

In one week time it will be the holidays.

Homework n°2 p.29:
1) raise funds
2) donate
3) go to
4) help with
5) collect

What we imagined for the end of the year party

-Raising money for a charity,
-A show in English,
-Wear costume,
-Pancakes or cakes competition,
-Sport with costume,
-Music and dance competition,
-Make a movie,
-Make-up workshop,
-Dressed up in the street,
-We can wear Moyen-Age costume's for girls and boys and make a parade,
-We can do Little jobs,

lesson (test) on the vocabulary, the two present tenses
WB p 27 nb2 and 3


Thursday, October 8th 
News : 
Today we have a physic test.
Today we have a homework in mathematics.
The French teacher is on a field trip today.
a. I went
b.I have cleaned
c.I visited
d.I have spent
e.I have bought
f.I lived
g.I have cooked / I cooked
h.I have brought
i. You have had
j. I saw
k. Have you ever been to Scotland
l.he has never told
m.he started / was
n. we have never drank
o. they celebrated

-phrase n°2
-phrase n°1
-phrase n°4

book page 19  
Isaac Newton was born in 1643.
He went to Cambridge University in 1661 and he  invented the telescope in 1668.Then , he
became professor of maths in 1669 , he worked with Edmund Halley and discovered gravity
in 1687. He published "the opticks" in light and colour in 1704. He died / his death was in
An exceptional person
"General de gaulle" was french ,he was a great general. He was the leader of the French
resistance during wwII. He lived in London

Homework : preparer des questions pour l'interview d'un personnage célèbre + exercise
book 140 n°2.


Thursday,October 8th 

Test on questions.
book page 21 number 2: 
a. What did he find?
b.Who did she work with?
c.Who were NT and E ?
d.Did he discover radioactivity?
e.Was he english?

Book page 21 number 3: 
to research + ed = verbal base +ed = Past simple

 he researched in Australia
he went on a trip to Australia
he attended conference in New York
he met Mr J an American professor
he worked on new equation
a. went
b.have cleaned
d.have spent
e.have bought
g. cooked
h.have brought

Homlework :
Lesson on past simple and present perfect
Ex Finish the exercises on the photopy remember to justify the use of the tense.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Wednesday,  October the 7 th  

News: We had a physic test and a history test this morning.
Vitalina is going to see/visit Victoire this afternoon.
Exercise 1

Where does she live ?
How many sisters and brothers has she got ?
How is your dog called ?/ What 's your dog's name ?
Where are they from ?
How old are you ?

Book P10-11

book page 10-11

There are three different classrooms in three different countries.
the English and the Australian students are wearing uniforms .
Some students raise their hands when they want to talk
There are tissues / handkerchieves in my bag
There is a flash drive
there is a lipstick

Encadrés p10 et 11
Ex . p. 132 nb 5
What are your school rules ?
give 2 or 3


Wednesday, october 7th 

The Louvre :  
a castle / a palace / a museum
works of art / art piece :
1 gallery 2 galleries
a map 2 maps
large rooms
a pyramid
three buildings
stairs = un escalier

 a staircase = une montée d'escalier
a floor, 2 floors
engraving, 2 engravings = gravure, s
the Renaissance department, the Greek department,

I will look at many many sculptures.
I will go to the Louvre museum
I will look at paintings
I will look at the models
I will go to the galleries I will walk in the galleries
We will take a bus to the Louvre

faire deux phrases au moins sur la visite au musée.


Wednesday, October 7th  
There was a flooding in the South of France 20 people died and two are still missing.
England was eliminated from the Rugby World Cup
I will come tomorrow
 Who will come tomorrow ?
When will you come ?  
We must listen to the teacher ?
Who must we listen to ?
She's listening to music
What is she doing?
What is she listening to ?
My brother plays tennis in my family
What does your brother play ?
Who plays tennis in your family ?
Have you got any sisters or brothers ?
We have a nice garden
Do we/you have a nice garden ?
What is your garden like ?

 P 21 number 3
Two months ago, he did a research trip in Australia !

Homework :
EX. p.21 ,nb3 use ago


Today is Wednesday,October 7th 
-Matheo was the teacher today!

Exercise 1 p 29:
1. Elena is helping her dad on Saturday.
2. Elena is being a good daughter.
3. Elena is a good daughter.
4. My son loves chocolate.
5. He loves it.

Exercise 2 p29
1. They are cleaning the street/woods. they are picking the rubbish/trash/waste up.
2. They are playing/teaching others guitar.
3. They are cooking/baking.
4.They are collecting/harvering/raising/asking money for a charity.
cooking: autres plats   baking:  patisserie

page 24-25:
I can see pictures. I can see people singing.
I can see teenagers in a school.
They are celebrating the end of the year and they are raising money for charity.
I can see teachers who are singing and dancing.
They dress up in the street.
They dress up like heroes and the series.
They are having fun.
They are wearing funny shirt.
They are wearing paper clothes for a fashion show.
Pour les description d'image on utilise toujours be + -ing.

Book ex 2 p29
Revoir book p29

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Tuesday, October 6th 

News :
This morning it rained.
On Sunday there was a flood on the French riviera.
Auxiliaire :
Have ( n'est auxiliaire qu'au temps composé lorsqu'il est suivi d'un verbe au participe passé )

1. She never cleans the car.
    She cleans the car.
    How often does she clean the car ?
    What does she never clean ?
    Who never cleans the car ?
2. He can't meet Sharon because she is very ill.
    Who/Why can't meet Sharon ?
    Who can't he meet ?
3. On Thursday Jack has German, history and maths    
    Does Jack have German ?
    When does Jack have German ?
    Which lesson does Jack have on Thursday ?

1. They go to work by bus.
    How do they go to work ?
    Where do they go by bus ?
2. He musn't smoke because it is very dangerous.
    What musn't he do ?
    Why musn't he smoke ?
3. Anne likes her nex job very much.
    How much does Anne like her new job ?
Book Page 21 n°1 

John Nash was born on
June 13th 1928 in West
Virginia, USA.
He studied mathematics
and economics.
He went to Princeton.
He discovered...
He received...
 He was born in 1643
                        on jour
He went to Cambridge university.
He invented the telescope in 1668.
One year after he became professor of maths.

     Homework : 
Lesson revise the questions + find out whenn Isac Newton went to to Cambridge university
EX Book page 21 n°2



Tuesday, 6th October 

Today it's raining.
Some of us have a latin test.

Aux: -do, does, did
          - be
          - can, could
          - must
          - have got ( aux temps composés, suivi d'un verbe au participe passé)
          - shall, should
          - will, would
          - may, might
1. She never cleans the car.
-  What does she clean ?
-  How often does she clean the car ?
-  What does she never do ?

2. He can't meet Sharon because she is very ill.
- Why can't he meet Sharon ?
- What can't he do ?
- Who can't he meet ?

3. On Thursday Jack has German.
- What does Jack have on Thursday ?
- When does Jack have German ?
- Which day does Jack have German?

1. They go to work by bus.
- How do they go to work ?
- Where do they go by bus

2. He mustn't smoke because it is very dangerous.
- What mustn't he do ?
- Why mustn't he smoke ?

3. Anne likes her new job very much.
- How well does she like her new job ?

   Ex 4:
1. Does she have 3 children ? /  Has she got 3 children ?
2. I have a new computer but I am not pleased with it.
3. My neighbour is 85 and has 3 cats.
4. Has the President got any children ?
5. He's (got) 2 sons who are twins.

   Ex 6:
1. Mark is English but his mother is french.
2. She is an actress. Do you know her ?
3. The children are playing with their dog. Look at them !
4. Bob can come. His parents will bring him.
5. We are from N Y and we love our city.
6. Laura's name is Bell, and her father is Welsh.
 Homework :  
EX Book p. 132 nb 7


Tuesday,October the 6th 

1) She never cleans the car
She never cleans the car
How often does she clean the car ?
Who never cleans the car?

2) He can't meet Sharon because she is very ill.
Why can't he meet Sharon?/Who can't he meet?/What can't he do?

3)On Thursday Jack has Geman.
Which lesson has Jack got on Thurday ?
What has Jack got on Thursday ?
When/Which day  has Jack got German ?

What do they go to work with?
Why musn't he smoke?

Book p.21 
 Homework : 
Faire signer le mot pour
les parents
Lesson compléter la photocopie

Monday, October 5, 2015


Monday, October 5th 

News : On Thusday we are going to the Louvre. Today it is a museum, before it was a castle.
There was a turret for guards, a solar for the King and Queen, a treasure roor, a large kitchen and a dungeon

  Ex. Book p.26 nb 1 Choisir une des images de l'exercice et présentez-vous comme si vous étiez la personne choisie.


Today is Monday October the 5th
Saturday night was Nuit Blanche.
This week there will be the fashion week
On Saturday there was flooding in the South-East of France.
Today is Yasmine name day.

Book p.23
What are they doing/celebrating ?
What are the nationalities of these people ?
Where does the scene take place ?
How many children are there ?
Why are they so happy ?
What song are they singing ?
Why are they waving their arms ?
What are they talking about ?
Why are they wearing the same t-shirt in different colours ?
Is it an end of the year show ?

Homework : 
book :vocabulary p. 29
Ex . W. p.29 nb 1 &2