Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Tuesday, October 6th 

News :
This morning it rained.
On Sunday there was a flood on the French riviera.
Auxiliaire :
Have ( n'est auxiliaire qu'au temps composé lorsqu'il est suivi d'un verbe au participe passé )

1. She never cleans the car.
    She cleans the car.
    How often does she clean the car ?
    What does she never clean ?
    Who never cleans the car ?
2. He can't meet Sharon because she is very ill.
    Who/Why can't meet Sharon ?
    Who can't he meet ?
3. On Thursday Jack has German, history and maths    
    Does Jack have German ?
    When does Jack have German ?
    Which lesson does Jack have on Thursday ?

1. They go to work by bus.
    How do they go to work ?
    Where do they go by bus ?
2. He musn't smoke because it is very dangerous.
    What musn't he do ?
    Why musn't he smoke ?
3. Anne likes her nex job very much.
    How much does Anne like her new job ?
Book Page 21 n°1 

John Nash was born on
June 13th 1928 in West
Virginia, USA.
He studied mathematics
and economics.
He went to Princeton.
He discovered...
He received...
 He was born in 1643
                        on jour
He went to Cambridge university.
He invented the telescope in 1668.
One year after he became professor of maths.

     Homework : 
Lesson revise the questions + find out whenn Isac Newton went to to Cambridge university
EX Book page 21 n°2


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