Thursday, October 8, 2015


Thursday, October 8th 
News : 
Today we have a physic test.
Today we have a homework in mathematics.
The French teacher is on a field trip today.
a. I went
b.I have cleaned
c.I visited
d.I have spent
e.I have bought
f.I lived
g.I have cooked / I cooked
h.I have brought
i. You have had
j. I saw
k. Have you ever been to Scotland
l.he has never told
m.he started / was
n. we have never drank
o. they celebrated

-phrase n°2
-phrase n°1
-phrase n°4

book page 19  
Isaac Newton was born in 1643.
He went to Cambridge University in 1661 and he  invented the telescope in 1668.Then , he
became professor of maths in 1669 , he worked with Edmund Halley and discovered gravity
in 1687. He published "the opticks" in light and colour in 1704. He died / his death was in
An exceptional person
"General de gaulle" was french ,he was a great general. He was the leader of the French
resistance during wwII. He lived in London

Homework : preparer des questions pour l'interview d'un personnage célèbre + exercise
book 140 n°2.

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