Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Wednesday,  October the 7 th  

News: We had a physic test and a history test this morning.
Vitalina is going to see/visit Victoire this afternoon.
Exercise 1

Where does she live ?
How many sisters and brothers has she got ?
How is your dog called ?/ What 's your dog's name ?
Where are they from ?
How old are you ?

Book P10-11

book page 10-11

There are three different classrooms in three different countries.
the English and the Australian students are wearing uniforms .
Some students raise their hands when they want to talk
There are tissues / handkerchieves in my bag
There is a flash drive
there is a lipstick

Encadrés p10 et 11
Ex . p. 132 nb 5
What are your school rules ?
give 2 or 3

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