Thursday, October 8, 2015


Thursday,October 8th 

Test on questions.
book page 21 number 2: 
a. What did he find?
b.Who did she work with?
c.Who were NT and E ?
d.Did he discover radioactivity?
e.Was he english?

Book page 21 number 3: 
to research + ed = verbal base +ed = Past simple

 he researched in Australia
he went on a trip to Australia
he attended conference in New York
he met Mr J an American professor
he worked on new equation
a. went
b.have cleaned
d.have spent
e.have bought
g. cooked
h.have brought

Homlework :
Lesson on past simple and present perfect
Ex Finish the exercises on the photopy remember to justify the use of the tense.

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