Thursday, October 8, 2015


Today is Thursday October 8th 

In one week time it will be the holidays.

Homework n°2 p.29:
1) raise funds
2) donate
3) go to
4) help with
5) collect

What we imagined for the end of the year party

-Raising money for a charity,
-A show in English,
-Wear costume,
-Pancakes or cakes competition,
-Sport with costume,
-Music and dance competition,
-Make a movie,
-Make-up workshop,
-Dressed up in the street,
-We can wear Moyen-Age costume's for girls and boys and make a parade,
-We can do Little jobs,

lesson (test) on the vocabulary, the two present tenses
WB p 27 nb2 and 3

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