Sunday, October 11, 2015


Friday, October 9th
News Anne-Hélène is late today, strange she never is.
Some of us are tired although they slept all yesterday

Rules at school:
We must not be late.
We must not make loud noise.
In our school, we must not play on our phones. We can but we mustn't
We must not run in the corridor.
We can jump out of the window but we mustn't.
We have to be quiet in class or we have a detention.
I have to go the dentist before flying, because my teeth are hurting me.
"have to" n'est pas auxiliaire alors que "must" l'est.

1) she              2)Her         3)He         4)Him         5)Them
Important sentences :
In the morning I go to school. Then I am at school. In the afternoon I go back home.

What rules must you observe at home?
Vocabulary tool box
To tidy up
To lay the table <---> to clear the table
To watch TV
I don't have to / I don't need to + BV

Lesson must must not have to
don't have to don't need to
preposition of place
EX . p. 13 nb 3

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