Friday, October 16, 2015


Friday, October 16th 

News : 
It is the last day before holidays.

What's more I would like to take the London buses.
We can go to parks.
In London there are a lot of parks.

What's going on in this picture ?

It is by the sea side but there is no sand
there are sea weeds instead.
It's in China.
Vivid / Flashy or Yellowish.
They are going to play with their
They struggle to walk in the sea weeds.
Six persons swam ten minutes ago and
they probabily have found that
This people are wearing swim suits.
We can see buildings and mountains.
premier plan : in the foreground
in the middleground
in the background
I went with my friends to the beach and
we played with our ringos

Homework: Interrogation à la rentrée le mardi sur les mots des pages 1/2   2/2.
Test redaction sur description d'image.

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