Monday, October 12, 2015


Today is Monday,October the 12th 
twelve --> twelfth 
five---> fifth 
On Friday afternoon we will be on holiday.
I saw a beautiful sculpture of Artemis the goddess of hunting she is the twin sister of Apollo, the
Apollo galery was closed that is why we could not go there, it is too bad !
We looked at the cour carrée the fashion week pavillon was under construction.
The Louvre was very pretty but very big I saw a pyramid made of glass.
The day was good but the bus was crowded.
Kevin has a twin brother and Charlotte has a twin sister.
crowd = foule
Book p.28 nb 1 introduce those people :
Her name is Elizabeth the second,
Where does she live ? She lives in London in Buckingham Palace.
She comes from the United Kingdom.
She likes her dogs. She is eighty nine years old.
His name is Prince William, He lives in London his nationality is British, he is thirty three years
nb 3
Homework : 
EX. describe the picture book p.28 nb 3 Imagine :  try to guess what the subject of the class is and
justify your answer. En fonction de ce que vous voyez sur l'image imaginez de quel curs il s'agit histoire, géographie, angalis et faites des phrases comme dans l'exemple.
Example : I can see a map of the UK so I think it is an English class

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