Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Today is  Wednesday, October 14th 
Today is really cold.
Homework p 25:
American high  school.
Spirit week is a week long celebration.
Each day of the week has a theme.
The purpose is to get students excited , enthusiastic and supportive of the school.

W. p. 30 le but  
w; EX. P.30nb 3 
What AUX SVCOD CC for?
Tom get up early
What does Tom get up early for?
He gets up early to go to school.
You say "mum you are the best"
What are you saying "mum you are the best" for?
I'm saying mum you are the best to get a present
You need a laptop
What do you need a laptop for?
I need a laptop to work
you make all these cakes
What do you make all these cakes for?
To raise money for charity

Lesson  W. p. 31-32 Les noms composés
Ex. W. p. 33 nb 5a. 6.

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