Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I love chocolate, do you?
Yes, you do... then you must read this:
from the Chocoholic club!
Still not on holiday...
Here is for the Toy Story fans.
Look at the video and do the exercises.
Have a nice time!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello again I think some of you will look at this, then here are some more exercises for you during the summer holidays:

You can invent stories as you go and improve your English at the same time if you
click here.

Hot air ballons and roller coasters
Do you know everything about hot air ballons? You will if you do this puzzle exercise.
Click here
Do you like roller coasters? Yessssss, of course so design
one right here. You will use physics notions and English of course.

Marine life
If you wish to know "How stuff works" then go to this neat website and begin with the whales I particularly love the video about the Humpback whale.
Click here.

Want to know everything about fish how they swim and
Underwater Dynamics? Here is the place. Click.
Some cool games still on marine life from the American Museum of Natural History, here.
If you are fed up with marine life try this.
Now mosquitoes can be a nuisance, do you like insects? Do you want to learn more about them?
Click here for the link to the Franklin institute. There are more fascinating readings and activities here.

This paragraph cannot be closed without the beautiful photographs from this website.

To infinity ... and beyond!
Space is your dream. Do you look at stars in the summer so here are some websites for you.
If you wish to go to bed early or want to see the stars and planets movement until infinity then here is the website fr you.
Click here.
Not very romantic but simple and clear
this website shows you all the planets from our solar system.
If you wish to become an astronomy expert then this is
the website for you.
Everybody knows Google Earth but do you know Google sky it is fascinating.
In this game you can smash galaxies turn the solar system upside down
try it here.
Here you can calculate your weight on another planet.
Last but not least NASA shows you everything about the solar system exploration.
Click here.
and their very last
GAME Moonbase Alpha. Try it here.

If you wish to explore the world and find fun games,
interesting facts and fascinating photos and videos.

Try the National geographic website here
You will find a wide area of games for science here.
A fantastic game to learn what you should and should not do on the net here.
Now cooking that is a very nice way of spending a wet afternoon here are a few recipes and videos if you feel like experimenting click here and here.
You prefer the pyramids then try escaping from the mummy's tumb: click here.
You love the Incollables well here are some English ones here you go!!

Well I think you may like to see for yourself so here are more things to watch, learn, and ENJOY.
That is what holidays are about aren't they?
See here and here.

Have great holidays and see you next year!!