Thursday, May 28, 2015

3 rd 4, 3 rd1, 3 rd6, 4th1, 6th4, 6th5, end of the year challenge

End of the year challenge

Choose one or more of the following challenge and present your topic as son as possible :

1. Show What You Know :

Teach the rest of the class something, like origami, a new app, or a martial arts self-defense move (design, construct, apply).

2. Own a _______

Take ownership of a planet, song, decade, career, author, country, scientist, medical breakthrough. . . You become an expert on whatever you choose and then present it to the class.
The product can be, for example, a mini-book, PowerPoint, or iMovie (select, prepare, research, design).

3. Craft a New Ending :

 take your favorite book, speech, short story, poem, or historical event and write a new ending. You can also illustrate it (infer, devise, conclude, reflect).

4. Create a Commercial :

We will have to decide first as a class on the product to be pitched (plan, design, critique).
Then we will hold a class competition where students cast a vote, and give an award to the team that produces the most clever, creative 30-second advertisement. 

5. Portfolio Showcase :

compile a collection of your best work from the school year or last semester (any subject not only in English !) and include explanations for your choices. This could be done in hard copy or digitally, and can include illustrations and photos (you must select, assess, categorize, prepare).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Wednesday, may 26th 

WB P 63, 2 and 3 

une personne who fct sujet dans la proposition relative ex: the girl who is next to you is my
friend et whom fct compl. dans la proposition relative ex : the girl whom you know is my
when date
which une chose
that proposition restrictive ex : The children that are twelve years old will come with me.
lorsque l'antécédent contient only ou un superlatif on utilise that à la place de who which.
she's the only person that understands me. She's the best student that I have met.
2 P 63)
1)who rescued ...
2)When World War II began
3) who
4) where
5) that

we can see only two boys that don't understand the game
Leonardo Dicaprio is the only person that caught a fish
The girl who speaks with that man is the only that we can see.
There is a man who is obsessed by the smell fish.
we can see a man who says thanks to God.
there was a man who was laughing at leonardo.
there was a girl who was flirting with a boy.

W. p. 62 nb3

Homework : 
Lesson pronoms relatifs
EX. Décrire, définir Simon Wentworth au moyen de propositions relatives (1 au moins en


Wednesday, 27th May 
News : 
field trip cinéma des cinéastes 3/06  9:10 retour : 11:15

Book p. 76 nb 1
1. look for verbs that can fit the pictures
2. do the exercise.
Book p.74 W. p. 63.
-They were told to give the masks.
-They couldn't build the shelter alone.
-They had to cross the road to go to the shelter.
-They had to go to the shelter.
He was released

W. p. 62 nb 4


Wednesday, 27th May

Book p. 76 nb 1
1. look for verbs that can fit the pictures
2. do the exercise.
Book p.74 W. p. 63.

News :
Friday is the end of the assessements/marks.
Today , 4 people are going to be burried in the Pantheon because they were in the resistance
movement during WWII ,they were very brave.

Wednesday, May 27th
Correction :
A)1.The house has been destroyed by the fire
2.I am surprised by this.
4.The cake was eaten by someone
5. The question was answered by Julie

B)1.Computers are used by children
2.She was written a letter
3.This bridge was built last year
4.The murderer was not caught
5.Your books must not be forgotten

BOOK P76 :
1)They were told to give gas masks.
2)They could build a bunker/shelter.
3)He could help the old lady.
4)The had to go down the shelter.

Who = Relative decriptive
That = relative restrictive
The students that are 12 years old will come with me.
Les relatives restrictives se reconnaissent a ce qu'il y ait un superlatif ou only dans
Exemple :  
The biggest tower that was built will be destroyed.
Only the students that speak english will go to Condorcet.

The only woman ....... at the Pantheon
The best singer ..........

Homework : 
WB p62 N4


Wednesday,May 27th 
Today we finish at 1:05PM
Today we have a music test
Today pigeons nestled in Aurelien's window
Tristan and Adrien went to the Harry Potter exhibition
Il ne peut avoir qu'un seul auxiliaire au maximum
Listening task
She was born in India
They had a cup of tea
She came to England when she was six

Homework : 
EX. Book p. 127 nb 1 and 2

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Tuesday, May 26th 
 WB:page78 myself yourself himself herself itself ourselves yourselves themselves

Watch the video and think about the following questions:  
1.   How do the animals hide?
 They change their color and their pattern which makes them disappear/so that they disappear/to disappear.
2.   How do some of them fight?
 They bump their bottoms.
3.   How do male squid attract a mate (a female)?
What do the following words mean:                              
Hypnotise (V)
Glow (V/N)
Crevice (N)
Aggressive (Adj)
Concept (N)
Phenomenon (N)
Predator (N)
Camouflage (N)
Bluff (V)

Homework :
  +exercice question 3 et retrouver le sens des mots + p.79 n°5 et 6 book


Tuesday, May 26th 

Book p.125 
Do you want to listen to my life story again ?
She lived in India and she was born in India. She arrived in England with the ship the
Empress of India it was a very elegant ship. She took the train and she met a gentleman, he
said she was a princess so she married him !!!!
To live -->lived
To arrive --> arrived
To marry --> married
To want  --> wanted
to be --> was / were
To take --> took
To meet  --> met
To say  --> said
They want to ask questions about the history of India in the nineteenth century it is very old
(not young)
Come in, come in would you like some tea ?
at + heure = at twelve to twelve
on+  jour, semaine = on Tuesday on this week
in + année ou siècle ou mois  = in 2015 in May

Homework :

Lesson + par coeur les verbes au passé 

EX W. p. 112-113 nb 1


Tuesday,May 26th 
Next Sunday is mother day.
Yersterday was Rolland-Garros first match.
Next tuesday we have a math sommative test.

 EX 2,3p123 
a)The Atlantic Ocean is not as big/ wide as the Pacific ocean.
b)Ben is as nice as Jake.
c)Ben's great-grandmother is not as old as Jake's great-grandmother.
d)The train is not as fast as the plane.
e) Tigers are not as big as lions.
ex 3
a) Votre professeur de maths n'est pas aussi gentil/bien que le mien
b)Ce n'est pas votre trousse c'est la mienne
c)Ces crayons ne sont pas les vôtres mais ce sont les siens.
d)Vos notes sont bonnes mais les miennes sont encore meilleures.
e) A qui  est ce sac ? est-il à Molly ? Oui C'est le sien.
Explorers fly to the jungle to look for a treasure, ruins; to upgrade maps  
To fly --> flew
To look for --> looked for
to upgrade ---> upgraded
To do --> did
To take ---> took
To walk--> walked
to come --> came

Book p. 124  
Where did you go this time ?
He went ot the jungle (India).
He found an old temple with a treasure old manuscripts.
He took the train and then he walked
He came back yesterday

Homework : lesson verbes irréguliers.
 Petite recherhe sur la présence des anglais en Inde ---> The history of India.
EX Think for Yourself W. p.110, 111.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Friday, May 22nd 

News:Monday is a holiday so we have a big and long weekend.Today is the last day of the
week.Today we had a math test and it was a little bit difficult. This afternoon we have two
hours of geography.It is sunny today maybe it will be sunny tomorrow.

W.Book p.109 nb b and a 
He went to the jungle.
He  discovered a old temple and a lot of manuscripts.
He took a train.
He came back only yesterday.
When did Christopher Colombus discover America?
He discovered America in 1492.

How did Christopher Colombus discover America?
            S                      V      CO D
Who was the first American President ?
S       V            CO D
When did he die?

Where did Al Capone live?

Homework : 
Lesson Revisez les trajets.
EX. W. p. 110 and 111 Think for Yourself.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


 Thursday, May 21st

Book p. 74 W. p. 61 

a foreign  correspondant is a person who goes to a foreign country/abroad and who report what
she thinks ,  who goes abroad when is a war/revolution the aftermas , when there is a special
what= all that
 in some countries journalists are not free , she didn't have weapons/she couldn't defend herself
, she might have seen things that she wasn't supposed to see.
It is rare for a woman to have  a place in the army, she have been send to the German polish in
1939, she is a woman who made a difference .

Homework :
Bring your workbook and your book.
Lesson Book p.63 pronoms relatifs
 ex Book  p.77.2/3