Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Tuesday,May 5th (fifth)

Book p113 nb 3

I went...I saw...was...played...made...took.

Yesterday I visited the Royal pavilion and I took photos. I walked in the city and I bought some/a few/ few souvenirs in the lanes.
I met friends, we made sand castles  on the beach.We swam in the sea it was very cold.I came back to the beach and we ate a big ice cream.We came back to the hotel and I took a nap. / and I slept till the end of the day.

Book p120 nb 1
My trainers  are white and black.

book p123 grammar pronoms possessifs par coeur and exercise nb 1

Monday, May 4, 2015


Monday, May 4th  
News  :
We are sad because we are back to school. We are sleepy .

Book p. 112
Hello dad,
Yesterday I visited Stratford .I took a lot of photos.I
bought a few/some souvenirs.I drank ice tea and I ate
fish and chips.I ran along the river. I saw
Shakespeare's house.I went to the swimming pool.I
met my friends Jake and Ben/my English teacher.I
came back to London/ home.
I love you
Wish you were here !

Book p.113

candy store
narrow (winding) streets
to bathe in the sea / the channel --> bathed
sand castles
after all this
I went to Brighton for one day. I saw the Royal Pavilion and I bought some pastries,
then I drank some coffee and I swam in the sea the water was very cold. I ran on
the beach.

Homework :
Ex. Book p.  nb3


Monday, May 4th 
Today we have a French test about the book(s).
During the holiday Francesco went to England and he spoke english all the time, Guilllaume went to
Danemark and he spoke english all the time too.

Page 90-91: 
No snow but there is plenty of sun and the Christmas tree is in the sand.
Everybody stops working
Melbourne cup has existed since 1861, it's a horse race very FAMOUS
There are seven hundred and fifty reptiles/ plenty of reptiles/ a great deal of reptiles and most of them
are dangerous. There are 55 different species of kangaroos

Injuries - earth animals/ grand animals - Melbourne cup - Dangerous - Sea animals -

Homework : 
Lesson + test on future
EX. W. p. 93 finir la page
Continuer la phrase
Since I was born ..........

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Thursday,April 16th 

News:This afternoon we have ultimate/we are going to do ultimate .Tomorrow is the last day of
school/tomorrow will be...

W.book P.97 
a)How many
b)How much
c)How many
d)How much
e)How many
f)How much

How much is this skeleton?
Maybe This skeleton is 3£/I think it is
very expensive.
How much are these books?
I believe these books are 2£ each.
How much are these witch hats?
I imagine they are 5£.
How many books are there?
There are 3 books.
Where is the shop?
I think the shop is on Mars.
How much is this ring?
How much are these cobwebs? They are for free.

Book p.110 nb2 listening comprehension

There is a monster.
He took two photos of the Loch Ness monster
Did you see monster ?

Homework Lesson and verbes irréguliers book
p.113 and book p.113 nb1


Thursday April the 16th 
Barca won against Paris last night
Tomorrow Salome will leave us /she is leaving us before she comes back next year
Tomorrow is the holiday
Today we have a presentation on Drugs and desease
Today we have a Maths test
Ari is going to Barcelona

Exercice book p 79 n°2 
This competition has existed since I was born
I have watched football at television since i was 6

Book p. 72  
Look at the pictures : match the pictures taken in Australia with the pictures taken in France.
In France the weather is cold but in  australia the weather is hot
In France they put a Christmas tree in the snow whereas in Australia they put a Christmas tree
on the beach/ in the sand
In France there are grey birds whereas in Australia there are color birds
In Australia they have their party on the beach and in france it is in a club
In Australia it is warmer than in France
 The animals in Australia are more beautiful than in  France
They are more monuments in france than in Australia
In Australia  

Homework :
Lesson + interrogation sur les trois "futurs"
liens vers des execrices d'entrainement :







EX. W. p.90 and 91 nb 1 and 2

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Friday, April 17th

I can see..., there is..., there are....

Homework :
learn the vocabulary to describe the image.
Apprendre deux lignes du poème comme données en classe.
Pour vous entrainer :
Watch the video listen and repeat https://youtu.be/BCVnuEWXQcg

Le texte du poéme est ici : http://allpoetry.com/The-Journey-Of-The-Magi

Le texte en anglais :

The Journey Of The Magi

'A cold coming we had of it,
Just the worst time of the year
For a journey, and such a long journey:
The ways deep and the weather sharp,
The very dead of winter.'
And the camels galled, sorefooted, refractory,
Lying down in the melting snow.
There were times we regretted
The summer palaces on slopes, the terraces,
And the silken girls bringing sherbet.
Then the camel men cursing and grumbling
and running away, and wanting their liquor and women,
And the night-fires going out, and the lack of shelters,
And the cities hostile and the towns unfriendly
And the villages dirty and charging high prices:
A hard time we had of it.
At the end we preferred to travel all night,
Sleeping in snatches,
With the voices singing in our ears, saying
That this was all folly.

Then at dawn we came down to a temperate valley,
Wet, below the snow line, smelling of vegetation;
With a running stream and a water-mill beating the darkness,
And three trees on the low sky,
And an old white horse galloped away in the meadow.
Then we came to a tavern with vine-leaves over the lintel,
Six hands at an open door dicing for pieces of silver,
And feet kiking the empty wine-skins.
But there was no information, and so we continued
And arriving at evening, not a moment too soon
Finding the place; it was (you might say) satisfactory.

All this was a long time ago, I remember,
And I would do it again, but set down
This set down
This: were we led all that way for
Birth or Death? There was a Birth, certainly
We had evidence and no doubt. I had seen birth and death,
But had thought they were different; this Birth was
Hard and bitter agony for us, like Death, our death.
We returned to our places, these Kingdoms,
But no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation,
With an alien people clutching their gods.
I should be glad of another death.
Traduction du poéme :

(T.S. Eliot - traduit de l’anglais par Pierre Leyris 1947 Editions du Seuil)

Ce fut une froide équipée,
La pire saison de l'année
Pour un voyage, surtout pour un si long voyage :
Les chemins ravinés, la rafale cinglante,
Le plus morfondu de l'hiver.
Et les chameaux sanglants, éclopés, réfractaires
Qui se couchaient dans la neige fondue.
Combien de fois avons-nous regretté
Les palais d'été sur les pentes, les terrasses,
Les filles satinées porteuses de sorbets.
Sans compter les chameliers qui juraient, qui maugréaient,
Qui s'enfuyaient, voulant leur liqueur et leurs femmes,
Et les feux de bivouac qui s’éteignaient, et le gite qui faisait défaut, .
Et les villes hostiles, les bourgades haineuses,
Les villages crasseux qui demandaient les yeux de la tête :
Ce fut une rude équipée.
Vers la fin nous allions toute la nuit durant,
En sommeillant par bribes,
Et des voix bourdonnaient à nos oreilles, chantant
Que tout cela était folie.
Une aube nous descendîmes dans un val tempéré,
Humide, bien au-dessous de la ligne des neiges,
Imprégné d'odeurs végétales,
Avec une eau courante, un moulin battant l'ombre,
Trois arbres contre le ciel bas,
Et ce vieux cheval blanc qui galopait dans la prairie.
Nous gagnâmes une taverne au linteau orné de corymbes :
Six mains devant la porte ouverte jouaient aux dés des pièces
d'argent .
Et des pieds envoyaient baller les outres vides.
De renseignements, point; aussi nous continuâmes
Pour arriver le soir; ayant, mais juste à temps,
Trouvé l'endroit : c'était (pourrait-on dire)
Un résultat satisfaisant
Tout ceci est fort ancien, j'en ai mémoire
Et serais prêt à repartir, mais notez bien
Ceci, notez
Ceci : tout ce chemin, nous l'avait-on fait faire
Vers la Naissance ou vers la Mort? Qu’il y ait eu Naissance, la
chose est sûre, car nous en eûmes
La preuve, indubitable. J’avais vu la naissance et j’avais vu la
Mais je les avais crues toutes deux différentes. Cette Naissance-là
Fut pour nous agonie amère et douloureuse,
Fut comme la Mort, fut notre mort.
Nous voici revenus chez nous, en ces royaumes,
Mais nous ne sommes plus à l'aise, dans l’ancienne dispensation,
Au milieu d’un peuple étranger qui reste agrippé à leurs dieux.
Une autre mort serait la bienvenue.


Wednesday,April 15 th 

Today some of us have table tennis competition
Yesterday the computer in the video room was down
Today is hot and is sunny
On Friday, everybody will go to the Louvre and will have got a pic-nic
On Friday it is a Spring break
On Monday group one played waterpolo
Pauline is very angry because she had a stomachache and she could not play waterpolo
Monday was a sad day for Tristan and Pauline because they could not play waterpolo
Today is the hottest day in the week
Yesterday we played water bomb

Book page 108 Nb 1 

Cours d'anglais rattrapage le 22 mai en 
salle informatique de 9:00 à 10:00 

Homework : 
for FRIDAY / W. p.97 nb 1 Lesson 

EX. pendant les vacances :  
revoir les leçons de l'unité 6 
Book p. 109 nb 3 W. p.97 nb 2 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Tuesday,April 14th 
News:Some of us went to waterpolo.The technology teacher is absent.Few of us went to school at

Book p109 nb 2 

a)How much is each pencil / how much are they each ?
b)How much is this T-shirt ?
c)How many friends have you got? / How many friends do you have ?
d)How many pets has she got ? Keep cool.
e)How much is this ticket for Stratford?

How much is this mug ?It is very
cheap, it is 2pounds 20.
How much is this book?It is 4pounds
50 it is reasonable price, it's not
expensive for a book
How many pages are there in this
book?There are two thousand four
hundred pages.
It's a big book.
How much is this Shakespeare T-shirt?
It is 8.80 pounds.
How many musics are there in this
CD?There are a lot of musics.

Workbook p 97 nb 1


Monday,April 13th Tuesday 14th

On Friday everybody goes back to the Louvre.
Today group 2 had 3 test.
Next week it will be Divin's birthday.
Today is very sunny and very hot.

Book p.109 NB 1: 
a)How many b)How much c)How much d)How many e)How many

Book p.106 NB 3: 
To look for=chercher
To look at =regarder
Jester's hat=bouffon
I can see tea towels about Stratford
I can see a lot of objects about Shakespeare and England.
There is a Shakespeare's bust.
We can see a statue of Elizabeth the first
How many points do we have?

Homework : 
Book p.108 NB 1


Tuesday, April 14th 

Tomorrow our technology teacher is absent.

exercise 1 page 79: 
present perfect ou preterit
 preterit : base verbale + ed ou: verbe irrégulier (marque qu'un evenement est fini)
present perfect : have conjugué au présent + participe passé

Emile has gone to college condorcet for 3 years
Emile went to college condorcet for 3 years

Book p.79 nb 1
1- has attacked
2- has stung - was born
3- There has been seven deaths since they allowed swimming in that area

4- I have not seen a shark since I stopped surfing
5- That dog has not bitten anyone since I bit it!

What have I done since I was born ?

I had my 1st birthday

Homework :
Ex : Book nb 2 & 3 p 79