Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday, January 30th 

The biscuits are delicious !
Aurore will go to two birthdays this weekend.

I imagine Jake ......reads .....
Maybe Molly often reads the book : A horse for the summer.
I think Jake plays video games   I suppose Jake plays the electric guitar
 I imagine Ben plays video games 
I suppose Jake reads a how to be a brillant writer 
He likes writing , He likes computers.
It is a repetition of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. It is a love / romantic story.
Jake is a romantic boy he is Romeo and Alison is Juliet 
Ben is nothing because he plays video games, he is a geek, he cannot play Romeo.

Homework lesson 
Ex. Book p. 73 nb 2

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thusday ,January 29th 

News: This afternoon we are going to dance .The French dictation was very difficult.Alix is flying to
London tomorrow .
Book p 70 Nb 1
She always gets up at eight a.m.
She often makes her bed at eight fifteen a.m.


Homework : 
Ex. mettre à toutes les personnes :
I do my homework

I eat my dinner
Thursday January 29th 

Sunday is Salome's birthday!
Today a lot of students are sick it is probably flu.
Yesterday we had our first swimming class.
Julien said it is the peak of flu.
We have a lot of work for tomorrow, we have forty pages in "les Miserables".

Exercise page 40 nb 1 a) b) 
She went winter camping with her grand-parents.To deal with the cold they made a campfire.
Awesome ,her little sister freaked out because she thought that the moose was a bear.
It seems a good experience although it is too cold.It is different from the normal camping.We
can play with the snow.
Book p.39

Homework : 
Ex. Book p.41 nb 3 &4
Great tool to revise or focus on words to use for a dailogue in a final task for example.

Tous est possible sur Interwrite : voici les tutoriaux. Clickez ici.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday,January 27th 

Exercise : 
Antoine went to London in 2014
Whom did you go with ?
Whom est le complément sujet
Who went with you ?
Ari went to the USA in 2010
to fly - flew ---> I flew
Which city did you prefer ?

Book p.38-39 W. p.38-39&40 nb 1 a) b)

Homework :
Ex. W. p.38-39&40 nb 1 a) b)

EX . Book p.70
Nb 1 8:00 and 8:15
Tuesday,January 27th 

Today Mathilde and Mr.Gizard are absent.
I like my grand-father's kindness.

Homework :

Book.p.64 nb 4
add the answer to the question :What does he like ?

choose one thing/ place/ king you like describe it and imagine your poster on a piece of paper.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday,January 26th 
Divin played football today.
On Thursday it is Hermeline's and Cheick's birthday.
Tomorrow will be Aurore's two friends' birthday.

Homework :

Give your family tree Book p.65 describe the diffenret memebers in your family and tell us 
what they can and can't do.

Monday,January 26 th 

News : Today is cold and cloudy.
Tomorrow is Romane's birthday.

Book p.62 Nb.3 
My robot can do what I can and can't do
It can jump very high it can run very fast
It can compute but it can't love
My robot is very tall it is fierce
My mother likes it
It can eat
It cook  delicious cookies
It's a great robot

Homework : 
Ex/ Book p. 65
Draw a family tree describe your family and say what they can and can't do.