Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday, September 16th 

The sky is blue
Yesterday we learned our lessons
Faustine's sister moved to Canada in Montreal
Why did Faustine's sister move to Canada?
She moved to go to Mc Gill U
William and Kate are having a new baby.

Books page 14/15 
There are one boy and one girl
they    =
they are in front of the/ their lockers
they are in the corridor
in their lockers they keep their pencil cases their tie their basket ball their candies their
drinks their make up their glasses.

Homework :
EX. W. p.11 Nb 3 OR Book p. 14 give a name to every picture.

Tuesday, September 16th 

News: it's sunny and very hot the sky is blue.
Some of us went to the swimming pool this morning. It was nice :)
Books page.20 Nb 2 
WH questions :
Who / what / why / where / when...
What can you see on the picture ?
I can see a classroom, I can see a board, I can see a teacher, I can see desks, I can see
copybooks, pencil cases.
What is there on the picture ?
There is a map,
There are boys, there are girls, there are students /pupils.

Books p.21 say what you hear
Your English teacher in classroom 12
Write it down
Stop chatting
What's your name young man ? My name is Ben, Ben Davis
How old are you ?
I'm so happy because you are in my class again.

Homework :
EX Book p. 23 Nb 2

Tuesday, September 16th  

News : the sky is blue, today is sunny, today we finish at 5 p.m. (afternoon) we start
at 9:00 a.m. , tomorrow is cloudy.

Yes, and...
And you ?
What about you ?
What's your name ?
My name is....and what about you ? / And you ?
What's your favorite colour / sport / pets / food  ?
My favorite colour is orange.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday,September 15th 

It's sunny and hot but there is a cloud
Today our biology teacher is not here /is absent
Today the boys played football

Book p.14 
Nb 7 
What is  your name ? 
I'm/ I am Nicolas _ My name is Nicolas.
How old are you ? 
I'm/ I am ten years old
When is your birthday ? 
My birthday is in June.
Where are you from ? 
I'm/ I am from France

Homework : 
questions + conjugaison de To be

Monday September the 15th 2014 

News : This week-end there were Techno Parade and the Fete de l'huma
Last Friday was Beyonce and Jay-Z show
Yesterday was the basket-ball world cup final the US won against Serbia
The boys' car
James's car
the children's car

Book p. 10   W.B p. 4-5 

I like playing the guitar both in the winter and in the summer
I'm lazy because it's difficult because I feel like it.

 Homework :
Revoir les leçons
contrôle : modaux, tout
exercice : tell me what you have in your bag
Monday, September 15th (the fifteenth) 

Test 1 was on page Thursday September 11th 
pencil - circle- highlight- paper- liquid paper-
How old are you  ?
Thursday, September 5th (the fifth)
What's the French for ...?

Questions and answers book p.20
What is your name ?  
 My name is Antoine.
How old are you ?
I am eleven (years old).
When is your birthday ?
My birthday is in January.
Where are you from ?
I am from Paris
Where do you live ?
I live in London.
What's your nationality ?
I am French.
What's you address ?
My address 61 rue d'Amsterdam in Paris 8th district

Homework : 
Lesson questions and answers
Book p.20 words
Conjugaison de To be

Monday,September 15th 
(the fifteenth) 
Today we have our English books.
Most of us have the workbook too.
What's the English for...?
What's the French for...?

Book p.12 
Outside the classroom: 
I'm happy when I am back home because I can relax.
My dad want to go to his job but it is tiring.
My father is not happy to be back at work because he prefers the holidays.
My parents are happy to be back at work  because they have a little work.
My parents are not happy to be back at work because they have a lot of work.
My mother is happy to be back at work because she likes her work.
My dad is not happy to be back at work because he has to get up at 6am

Revise all the lessons test next time.

Monday, 15th September 

Recap The devant les noms de pays : 
France Italy Germany Greece...
The USA the UK the Netherlands
the Ukraine the Crimea the Saar the Ruhr---> imporatnt strategic positions

News :
The USA won the basketball world cup
Barack Obama wants to create a  coalition against ISIS and France is going to join the

Homework :
revoir les lecons et faire Book p10 W. p.4 Nb7
Monday, September 15th (fifteenth) 

News : 
Today is Anna's birthday.
We do not have a Monday morning feeling.

Futur proche : to be going to + verbal base = be

Checking on you revision :
What can you do when you do not know what to say and are not sure ...

You use :

Book p.10 Challenge 2 
Lucien is a morning person. Hadrien is a night person.
The strangest thing Tanguy has ever eaten is ants.
Lucien's favourite winter activity is skiing.
Our best memories are parties and travelling.

Lesson (revision) + book p.10 Challenge 2 Nb 7
 Exercise :
What do you have in your schoolbag ?
book p.10 Challenge 2 Nb 7

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday,September 12th (the twelfth)

News: This morning Adrien saw the moon in the sky.
Today the sky is blue and mild/ warm.
What's the English for "bonjour"
Aurélien likes skateboarding
Lili-Rose likes horseriding
Nil likes sports-cars.

revoir les chiffres et l' alphabet
ex W.p.4 Nb 3,4,5,