Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Thursday February 9th 

exercice p39: 

Phrase intention= Phrase 2
Phrase prédiction= Phrase 1

A group of American singers are going to give a concert for the victims of hurricane Sandy.

The UN are going to send more troops to Haiti next week.

After yesterday's earthquake the population is going to need international help.

A lot of celebrities are involved in charities or charity concert to raise funds.

page 56: 

NB1 a) b)
Jacob and another teenager think that people will eat capsules  
Helen thinks new technologies will be used for everything 
Josh says that every day life will be so easy 
Karen says that we will be like robots and we will destroy the environment 

Homework : 

book p 56 n 1)b) + traduire dernier paragraphe 


Tuesday,february, 9th 
News: Today is "mardi-gras"
Exercices: page 56: 1) This is a news-paper, "the New-York time", Katherine Schulten, May 3rd
2012. It's about the future, a better future.
2)The teenagers think that in the future we will use our phones for everythings.
    The fourth paragraph is about the smart home in 100 years.
The fifth paragraph say that we will be like robots.
    Vocabulary box :
I agree with ...
I do not agree with...adj possessifs bving
 I am for
I am against
I think .....
I agree with Karen because I think if we go on developing technology, industries, factories  /like
that we will destroy the planet. It lived/ was there/ was created/ long before.
 Many species lived  that have disappeared now.
I think this future is too idyllic because in the not so far future some countries will desappear
from the face of the Earth.
The three of them think only about their life, home etc they do not think about other parts of the

Homework : 
EX. p. 57 nb4 nb 1), 2), 3)


Tuesday February 9th 

ex p48:
1°)Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated 1 million to Doctors Without.
2°)The RSPCA has taken...
3°) We have never organised...
4°) OXFAM emergency and development work has reached...
Ex n°3
a)we raised ... by Organising
b)My parent's help people by giving money.
c) I make my friend's by showing
d)I protect the environment by joining...

HOMEWORK: Faire toute la page 35 (Workbook).

Monday, February 8, 2016


Today is Monday the 8th of February  
On Sunday Aramis Antoine and I went to see a Film.
Today Ines is angry because her file is torn.
On Sunday Yseult and Fleur  went to see Star Wars.
Ex 1 page 73 
a) She doesn't...
b) Do you get ...
c) Does he play football ...
d) That' s not true ! I do not...
e) He does not run...
nb 2 
I often go to the cinema
They sometimes watch science fiction films
she always gets up early
Do you play tennis every week?
Jake sometimes writes songs.
Clement never plays tennis

 He wakes up
she brushes her teeth
he gets dressed
he goes out
he goes to school
he works  
he comes back home , he does his homework, he has dinner , he goes to bed

Homework :  
EX. book p. 73 nb 3


Today is Monday February 8 th  
Today our history teacher is not here. On Saturday Jade Aglae Emilie went to party.
Friday is the Nina brother 's birthday. Yesterday Nina played golf.
Simple past and present perfect : 

Homework : 

EX W. p. 74-75 Grammar puis ex. p.75-76 nb1-2

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Excellent day Friday ! Thank you everybody !

A video of the Globe Shakespeare company who played in the "jungle" the camp for migrants waiting to go to the UK in Calais. Shakespeare said "All the world is satge" it is true . An excellent celebration of his death !


Friday, February 5th 

Homework : Grammar memmo EX. Book p. 48 nb 2, 3

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Friday, February 5th the fifth 
News : 
We have a history test and a biologie test today

It will rain tomorrow.
I will not come with you
i will help you if you want. But  it will not

n°41 p135
Lucky you! Where are you going?
I may go to New-York but i will not stay for a long time.
Exemple d'emploi du futur:
I will go to Disneyland
I will be in highschool.
We will be in "Forum des métiers" tomorow.
I'm going to dance this afternoon.
I'm swimming this afternoon
I'm not going to play football.

The mother must be angry because they are all on their
And no one is listening to her.
At home we are not allowed to use our devices at dinner

get one sentence in the future ready
A better future : Text p. 56 nb 1 a. and b.


Today is Friday,February 5th 
Today the weather is not bad it's a quite cold. 

how sorry we are! what a sad story!
will+base verbale
to be going to+ base verbale
be+verbe en ING+locution temporaire
futur be+ing
when + présent simple
it is the morning all of the family are on their devices but for the mother .
Family life cannot exist if they do not listen and do not talk.


Today is Friday February 5th 
Today we have a History TP .
Today some of us are going to have  Concours Castor .
Tomorrow Catarina is going to Maude's house.
Tomorrow Betoul will go to her friend's birthday.
Tomorrow Yseult is going to do horse riding .
Tomorrow Clement will go  to a  rugby match.
Tomorrow Lutèce will go to the a "Lazer Game".
On Wednesday all the class will go to the Louvre.
p.73 nb3:
a)I sometimes go to the museum.
b)I usually go to the cinema on Tuesdays.
c)I never read sentimal stories.
d)I often watch horror film.
e)I never sing love song.  
I always make my bed in the morning
I often get up at eight o'clock
I never have a shower in the morning
I sometimes go to work/ school at eight o'clock
I usually come back home at four thirty
I always watch TV at ten past eight
I always read a book at eight o'clock / at dinner time / at night / in bed !

Homework : 
Ex Book p. 73 nb 1, 2