Friday, November 27, 2015


Today is Friday November 27th 
Today we finish school at 16h30
Today we are talking about terrorist attacks in history class we are interested because we can
Tomorrow we will go to the exhibition of Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun
Yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving because it is celebrated the last Thursday of
This week was very quiet because all the 3e were at their work experience.This Monday, all
the 3e are coming back to school.
Turkeys,pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, Ketchup come from America
Homework : 
What is your favorite American/ English food ?  Justify your choice.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Today is Wednesday November 25th  
Today we have a new teacher.
Today we finish school at 12:10 because we have vie de classe/class.
Today Lucas and Raphael go to the swimming pool.
Today Aramis and Lazare are going to football/soccer.
Today five of us are eating at Yseult's place.
In a scary room maybe there is a ghost/there are some ghosts.
Maybe there is a snake.
I believe the scary room is dark.
I imagine there is a scary ghost in my garage.
In a scary room there is blood on the window and a finger on the floor next to a knife.
I suppose there is a werewolf.
I can hear strange noises.
I imagine there is a spider under my bed.
Maybe there is a grave in the house.
I think there are some killers.
I think there are vampires.
There are not any children.
Clément is a boy.
Clément = a boy.

Homework ;
get ready for the test on
there is
there are


Today is Wednesday, November the 25th 

-Yesterday, there was a terrorist attack
-Today, we are going to the swiming pool

-the St-Lazare station is  very easy to use, to go in, because there are a lot of entries.It is a
special/spacious place on several floors.There are facilities to charge mobile phones.There are
several stores of all kinds.But the St-Lazare station is not a very clean place, I happend to meet
not very recommendable/shocking people.As a train station it is very efficient.
-The Galeries Lafayette is wonderfuly beautiful in festive period.
 a snowy landscape
greenery / green spaces / trees
luckily enough/ it is a good thing that helicopter watches out for them and films.
We can see the sun rise.
sledge dog
a large wood inside the town
too near
athletic move
on poles
gold digger
elevated houses
apart from
in danger / threatened
emotions, feelings

Homework :
Get ready for the test.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Monday, November 23rd
Book p. 41

Picture 3 :   
Is there any skeleton in the box ? In the box there is an old key.
Are there any books in the box ? There are books.
Are there any strange things ? no there are not any, yes there are some
Are there any Crown jewels ?No there are not any
There is an old map
Conclusion :
on utilise any dans les phrases interogatives et négatives
: vocabulary toolbox Book p.41 and W. p. 29  

Imagine what is in a scary room
IN a classroom there are teachers, there are tables, there are windows...
Say what there is in a cellar, a garage TRY to frighten the class.
the bin space

Homework :
Imagine what is in a scary room TRY to frighten the class.


Today is Monday, September23rd 

Aren't we in November ?

oday is Monday, November23rd

News : Today is very cold.

Review :
The Galeries Lafayette are wonderful, the Christmas tree is breathtaking, unforgettable.
 There are lot of decorations, the clothes are beautiful but they are expensive you must go with
a big wallet/purse, don't go there on the weekend because there are too many people/it is
crowded, it is super and it is my favorite shop but only in summer there are some discounts,
everything to dress, to decorate your house to eat from the top floor you have a beautiful view
of Paris.
help :
word reference 

 Homework :
rewrite the paragraph : vary the sentences' length
                                      try to be funny
                                      compare wiht another similar place

Friday, November 20, 2015


Today is Friday November 20 th 

Today we are going to finish school at half past four.
Today we have maths test.

In the box, maybe there are books.
In the box ,I suppose there is a hat.
In the box ,I think  there are  skeletons.
In the box , I imagine there is a ghost.
In the box ,I believe there is  a key.

The box is next to the car, in the box there are  books.There is an
old key,
There is a secret passage in the Tower of London
It is on the old map.
The garage is dark and so Molly is scared.
I think the secret passage is for the prisonners.

Ex. W. p. 31 &32 Think for yourself.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Today is Thursday  November 19th     
Today we are having  maths test this  afternoon/ we are going  to have a math test this afternoon.    
 Next Wednesday  exceptionnaly we are  finishing school at ten  past twelve./ we are  going to    
finish school at ten past  twelve./ we will finish  school at ten past  twelve.  
We should write s for  Thursday.
To be going to + base
verbale = futur proche

ex n° 1 p.33  
There are a lot of lions  in this circus!
Are there nice statues in this park?
Is there a computer in  his bedroom?
There is a mouse in the cupboard.
there are shelves there is a box  there are tools  there is a ball  there are roller blades
cupboard --> wardrobe
my bed is under my brother's bed
I have got a desk behind the door
the map is on the wall

Homework : 
Book p. 40 nb 3 imagine what there is in the box ?



Thursday, November 19th

There are different steps before writing your story
1. Choose your story: the one your teacher is asking you to write if possible and write a
script (following page)
2. Choose your character :
the most interesting characters in stories are those based on real life people. So choose
someone you like or do not like and make it live in your story. It is easier and funnier :
Note  :
what they look like
the sound of his /her voice
the way they move
what they like
what they don't like
what they do when they are stressed, nervous / happy/ angry/ sad
what they wear ....

By using someone you know you will have a character that is not too ideal. Not all good
not all bad not a goodie or a baddie which will make your character more interesting.

Then write a script for your story, read it again and revise it !!

Revise your story

1. Do I have a clear beginning, middle and end?
2. Are my arguments / is my story clear?
3. Do I give enough support to make my character / story /ideas convincing?
4. Do I have transitions between the different parts of the story /paragraphs and
5.  Do I need to change any words to make myself clearer or make my points
6. Do my ideas / my paragraphs (my story) flow easily ? What organization am I
using? Is it effective/ nice ? Do I like it ? What story do I like that I could imitate?

7. Did I make any mistake ?
Do all the verbs have an s in the third person singular in the dialogues?
Are all my verbs in the simple past in the story telling part ?
Are my pronouns, possessive adjectives coherent ?
Are my adjectives all in the singular because they are invariable...)


Today is Thursday, November 19th 

News: Yesterday there was an assault by the special forces and police forces on (the
presumed) terrorists.
Tomorrow is Jade's birthday.
This afternoon we will have a French test.

Book Page 39 n°1 & 2 
She went to Canada, in Toronto in February, she camped with her family. She said, it was
amazing and they had so much fun. They stayed a whole day in Toronto. But it was freezing.

Homework rewrite the review about the path p.38


Thursday,November 19th 

One night, a boy was walking in the forest with a big bag.When suddently a frightening red
dragon appeared. Finally he found a cave and before the dragon saw him,  he hid in it. There
were a smelly sandwich in his bag and the dragon was very hungry so he wanted to eat it.
The boy decided to use his bow and arrow to shoot the monster. He decided after to hide
behind  a small rock, he was a very little boy. So the monster ran away since he couldn't see
the boy.
Sling: lance pierre

Pour s'entrainer: book p 23; 24 wb p22; 23 and voc p 31