Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday,November 20th the twentieth< ----twenty  
News:Yesterday was Alix's birthday.This afternoon we are going to have hand ball.The history
geography teacher is alive .It's good news.

W.p33 Nb2 
It is a door
It is a box
They are  tools
They are  rollerblades
It is a ball

There is a car
There are  rollerblades
There is a bike
There are a lot of funny things in the box

There are books
There are coloured pencils
There is a pencil case
There are dirty shoes.
Homework :
lesson test on there is there are and ex book  p 42 Nb1

Thursday, November 20th 

I remember my birth, it was horrible ! I was cold and my lungs were burning.

Homework :
Lesson + revise irregular verbs there iwll be a test next time
Thursday November 20th twentieth 

We have a maths test,we have a Spanish test,a Latin test
Book p 31 nb2
1)I can't go to school I am (playing videogames) feeling sick.
2)I can't go to a family dinner because I am studying
3)I can't do my homework because I am having a bath.
4)I can't lay the table because I am( having a bath)playing videogames.
Yes I can/No I can't.

Book p26:
Spirit week in U.S.A.
It is about a tradition, it is a week long celebration in American high schools ,the students are dressing
up,there is a theme for each day.It is in America, they want the students to be happy,they want to get
students involved and united in promoting the school.          

 Homework :  
Ex .  
Imagine what the school is like during Spirit Week.  
Write 4 sentences about it.
Don't forget to write about the :
see book p.26 nb 4 REACT                                                              

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday,November 19th 

Some of us are going to have a table tennis  competition from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Today we are at school from 10:20 AM to 1:05 PM

Workbook pages 31,32  
There's = there is
There is the teacher, a clock.
There are a lot of students, books, copybooks...

There is a pencil, a ruler, a game, a text book...

There are pockets, papers / some papers
 in the school bag, sentimental books, and there are shoes.

Homework : 
Ex. W; p. 33 Nb 1
Wednesday 19th November 

P21 N°1 

He was born in 1928/on June 13th 1928.
He studies mathematics and economics.
He went to Princeton.
He discovered algebraic and geometry.
In 1994 he received the Nobel prize.

Page 2 
Have brought
have a bad mark
have you ever been
has never told me the story
we have never drank

Homework :
Test on preterit and present perfect next time.
Wednesday 19th November 

News : 
Too many students did not have breakfast today.
We need/must to eat breakfast every day.

W. nb 1 p 21 : 
John Nash was born on june the 13th of 1928 in West Virginia, in USA.
He studied matematics and economics and he went to Princeton.
He received a Nobel Prize in 1994 because he discovered algebraic geometry.
Exercises :
Preterit : Base verbale + ed
Present perfect : Have + participe passé
d.I cannot go to the cinema with you because I have spent my money.
e.have bought
h.have brought
i.have had
k.have you ever been
l.never told
n.have never drunk
book p 19 nb 3 
In 1661, Newton went to Cambrige University.

Homework : 
Lesson --> preterit present perfect
Test sur ces deux temps.

Voici les critères selon lesquels l’oral de votre stage sera évalué de même que quelques conseils pour le plan de votre exposé.
Bonne semaine à tous.
See you later !

DATE :  L'oral se déroulera à partir du 12 janvier 2015

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, November 18th 

News : 
There is a match France against Sweden Today.
What is the English for "decharger"? Flat, depleted, empty, down.
Philae's battery is empty
It's horrible, It's too bad, It's sad for the scientists, there was a mistake

Exercice Book 29 n°2 
1) raise funds
2) donate
3) go to
4) help with
5) collect
What we said what we heard
charity ,awesome, money, dress up, show, funny and crazy
make a sentence to recap what you heard

They do an awesome work for charity they dress up and organise show which are funny and
crazy and they raise a lot of money.

Homework :
Ex. Book p.31 Nb 2

Tuesday,November 18th 

News:Our geography history teacher is absent.Some of us went to the swimming pool this morning.
There is a tiger in the suburbs but it is a very  very very very big cat=a huge cat

ex Nb1 p 33 
A. There are
B. Are there
C. Is there
D. There is

What we heard :

There is an old map  in the box
There are five books in the box
There is a key next to the books
It's dark I 'm scared
A secret passage a door  
Look Jake a box next to the car
Look inside
Let's go to the tower
The two princes in the tower
Don't worry
Cool a key
An old key
They are in the garage
Just Molly is scared

Homework : 
W. p. 33nB 1