Monday, March 30, 2015


Monday,March 30 th 

News: We changed the hour. Today our biology teacher is absent.

I had a shower...
I went to the train station...
I went to Stratford...
When we arrived...
We visited the city.
We saw...
It was...
We were...
We had...

B.p.102 imagine 
Who I think they are sleepy, hungry, tired and cold.
Where They are in a train station, they are not at school.
When At ten past nine am it is early.
Why They are on a field trip.
How they came by train.
I think Jake is sleepy because he didn't sleep
I imagine Ben is hungry because he didn't eat breakfast
I believe Alison is cold because her jacket is not warm enough
Maybe Deepa is tired because she didn't sleep/ she slept badly
They are a train station because they are on a field trip/ they are not at school because they are on a

field trip

Homewrok : 
EX. Book p. 105 nb 2, 3
W. p. 92 nb 1


Friday, March 27th 

News: This afternoon we are going to have two hours.On Tuesday there was a plane crash.
Tomorrow is the weekend.
to win --> won
to lose --> lost
I didn't do my homework because I was at the swimming pool/I lost my school bag/I am a lazy
boy /My dog ate my book/There was a power cut and we were in the dark/
I forgot my notebook
I am late because I met the headmaster.
I missed school because I was sick.

Homework : 
Lesson+ W. p.87 Vocabulary
Ex. Book p.105 nb 1



Monday,March 30th 

Today is sunny
Next week is Easter
Tomorrow the English teacher is absent so we are starting school at 10:00 o'clock
Pauline is glad because Aurore is sitting next to her

Book p105 Nb 1 
a) Had

Book p 102 Nb 2 

field trip, train station, about, to shiver, to be ill at ease, to be early/ to be late,alone
Jabe is sleepy because he doesn't have his eyes open

Homework : 
Ex. Book p. 105 nb 2,3
W. p. 90 Think for yourself

Friday, March 27, 2015


Friday,March 27th 
Yesterday was Aurore's friend's birthday.
Today we started at 9:00 A.M.
Today is sunny.
W.p86 nb 2
1) uniforms
4) spectator
what is the simple past for ?
to have ---> had
to drink --->drank
to see--->saw

to enjoy--> enjoyed
to start-->started
to act-->acted
to play -->played
to make-->made
to stop-->stopped
to walk--> walked
to be --->was singulier/were pluriel
to cook -->cooked
to laugh --> laughed

see your diary

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Thursday,March 26 th 

News:This afternoon we have sports.We are going to dance.

W.p86 Nb2 

Book p102 Nb1 b. 
I am late because my alarm didn't ring.
The dog ate my book.
I was sick.
I missed the bus.
I went to the swimming pool.
I didn't study for the test because(I went to the swimming pool)
I missed school because I was sick.
Finir les phrases
Book p105 Nb1

I didn't do my homework because ...
I am late because ....
I missed school because...
I didn't study for the test because...


Thursday, March 26th 

Tonight France plays against Brazil
Yesterday there was a crash in the Alpes with a hundred and forty eight people dead
Tomorrow, Faustine's sister is twenty years old!
On Sunday was the departemental elections

exercice  p 59 nb 2 
I ride to go to/to school every monday
Walking is good for your health and  environment
I take the school bus every morning
It's funny because I can be with my friends, because it's faster than walking
Every sunday Satyam rides a bicycle to go to his grand-parents' house
It's nice because it's sunny and there are no traffic jams
It's more convenient than the car
Book page 50 
In Montana the age to drive is 15 years old and there are not other transports
There are few other transports  

page 58 WB 
crashes are higher at night because
maybe they have been partying are drinking
We don't see anything

EX. W. grammar page 61
and page 60 nb 5


Thursday 26th March 

News: a plane crashed in the Alps , there are no survivors
They have found a black box , so they could learn more about the crash
There are no French in the plane
There were eleven pupils who were coming back from a school / field trip
Page 47 on the workbook :
will not ---> won't
we will have to be careful ... / we should be careful
must--> have to
can --> be able to
few people will be able to use new technologies

Imagine you accepted your parents' idea of a no tech family weekend   
Say what will happen ?  
write down a few ideas   
Do not be all negative try to be positive too  

I will have to talk with my family.
I will do things that I have to do but I never do because of the technology like drawing, reading...
We will probably be bored at the beginning but we will learn to live without it.
We will be able to walk in the forest.
I will go on a walk to discover some places around the neighbourhood.
I will visit a lot of countries.
I will share moments with my family.
I will read. I will do my homework. I will play music. I will talk with real persons (not virtual).
I will spend more time outside. I will discover new activities.
It would/will be a different way to see the world. I will do gym with my friends.

Homework : 
EX. W. p. 47 quantificateurs + on the same page Nb 2

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015


Monday,March the 23rd 
Today is Alexandre's birthday
Today is our school report
Today public transports are free and you can drive if you have an odd or even id for your car.

Exercice p.59 WB 

Far fewer students go to school by school bus in France than in America 
Many more students go to school by car in America than in France 
Far fewer students go to school by bike / ride in France than in America 

Walking to school is the best for us because if we drive/driving to school there are many traffic
Driving to school is not good because there is a lot of pollution

Homework:test on p.54and 53 in your book + lesson


Monday,March 23rd twenty third 

News : 
On Sunday, Adrien went to the Vincennes zoo
To see-saw
Today is sunny
On Sunday, Jules went to the cinema
Last Saturday Nemo went to  Aqua boulevard
Next Saturday, Nemo will go...

Book p97 Nb 2 
a) Dercorated,was

What did Tom do yesterday
Yesterday,Tom played football at 10:00 AM
Yesterday,Tom walked to the park at 1:00 PM
Yesterday,Tom had a cup of tea at 4:00 PM
Yesterday,Tom danced at 6:00 PM
Yesterday,Tom went to the cinema/watched a film at 8:00 PM

EX W. p.84 Think for yourself