Friday, February 12, 2016


Friday, February 12th

Homework :
1. Go to Pronotes do the exercises and record your speech

2. Write a review about Romeo and Juliet you saw

3. Revise for the test on for since ago and past and present tenses.


Friday, February 12th


For Friday 19 th go to pronotes and record your speech

For Monday March 7th

Write a review on a paper about Hamlet you saw at the theatre de la tempête.


Today is Friday February the 12th 
Next week some of the  teachers will be absent
On Saturday Charlotte and I will go to our friend' s birthday

nb 2 p 70 
I think Jake plays the guitar
I think Jake plays on  the DS
I think Jake reads comic strips
I think Jake rides a horse for the summer

There are children they are reading Romeo and Juliet story
Alison wants to be Juliet
Before Juliet was a boy
Jake wants to be Romeo
Jake' s friend plays video games everyday
Jake  reads  sentimental books and always watches sentimental films
Jake and Alison have a sentimental story they are in love and the children
are laughing at them

lesson ex : 1. what did you do during the holidays (10 sentences)
2. get 5 questions and their answers ready for an interview of the Louvre


Friday, homework  

Work for Friday 19 th on Pronotes

For after the holidays :
Learn the three sentences  
If it rains I will take my umbrella  
If it rained I would take my umbrella  
If it had rained I would have taken my umbrella

imagine what could have be different  about Daisy accident use "if" sentences


Homework : 
everything is on Pronotes and we have a test on past and present next time.

Click here for exercises on past and present.


Thursday, February 11th 
Lazare could not come he was sick in bed. Poor Lazare !
We did 5 exposés.
Our French teacher told us to be quiet because we were too loud.
We were too stressed

Ex. book p. 70 nb 2

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

9rd5, 3rd3, 3rd7

 Wednesday, February 10th
Workbook p39: 
We are going to go to Normandy for the weekend/ soon/ now---> to be going to + base verbale
They are building a new school here next year---> be + ing = futur mis en projet
I will buy the bread, no problem ! ---> will + base verbale
will power = la volonté
When I am old er I will be President---> après when locution temporelle
A group of American singers is going to give a concert for the victims of hurricane Sandy
After yesterday's earthquake the population will need international help

 If I was/were invisible
would break into a bank
What would you do if you
were invisible ?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Thursday February 9th 

exercice p39: 

Phrase intention= Phrase 2
Phrase prédiction= Phrase 1

A group of American singers are going to give a concert for the victims of hurricane Sandy.

The UN are going to send more troops to Haiti next week.

After yesterday's earthquake the population is going to need international help.

A lot of celebrities are involved in charities or charity concert to raise funds.

page 56: 

NB1 a) b)
Jacob and another teenager think that people will eat capsules  
Helen thinks new technologies will be used for everything 
Josh says that every day life will be so easy 
Karen says that we will be like robots and we will destroy the environment 

Homework : 

book p 56 n 1)b) + traduire dernier paragraphe 


Tuesday,february, 9th 
News: Today is "mardi-gras"
Exercices: page 56: 1) This is a news-paper, "the New-York time", Katherine Schulten, May 3rd
2012. It's about the future, a better future.
2)The teenagers think that in the future we will use our phones for everythings.
    The fourth paragraph is about the smart home in 100 years.
The fifth paragraph say that we will be like robots.
    Vocabulary box :
I agree with ...
I do not agree with...adj possessifs bving
 I am for
I am against
I think .....
I agree with Karen because I think if we go on developing technology, industries, factories  /like
that we will destroy the planet. It lived/ was there/ was created/ long before.
 Many species lived  that have disappeared now.
I think this future is too idyllic because in the not so far future some countries will desappear
from the face of the Earth.
The three of them think only about their life, home etc they do not think about other parts of the

Homework : 
EX. p. 57 nb4 nb 1), 2), 3)


Tuesday February 9th 

ex p48:
1°)Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated 1 million to Doctors Without.
2°)The RSPCA has taken...
3°) We have never organised...
4°) OXFAM emergency and development work has reached...
Ex n°3
a)we raised ... by Organising
b)My parent's help people by giving money.
c) I make my friend's by showing
d)I protect the environment by joining...

HOMEWORK: Faire toute la page 35 (Workbook).