Thursday, March 5, 2015


Thursday, March 5th 
News: This afternoon we are dancing in PE.

book p.87 and workbook p.72 and 73 nb 3 a;b;c 
a: Mrs Mason is angry because Alison's phone is ringing.
b: Picture three because Alison is phoning her dad.
c: Picture 1;2 and 3 because Alison's dad lives in NY he is coming /can come to the show in London.
W.p. 74 Think for yourself

Homework : 
Ex W. p. 76 nb 1

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Learning to make a speech. We saw and listened to two speeches. Here they are :

W.p. 34 Nb 1 a) b) c)


Wednesday , March 4 th 
In two weeks' time the 20th March we have a solar eclipse  

Listen to the dialogues 
Book page 86-87 
Jake is speaking
Jake is eating some cake
Jake is speaking with his mother on the telephone
Jake is drinking an apple juice
His mother is angry because Jake is not at home to do his homework

The teacher is not happy/angry and Alison is embarassed because her telephone is ringing
Jake,Alison and Ben rehearse Romeo and Juliet
Alison's telephone is ringing so she is embarassed.

At the beginning Mrs Mason is angry and then she is embarassed
because it is Alison's dad on the phone. Alison is happy but she is crying.

Homework :

EX . Book p. 89 Nb 1

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Tuesday, March 3rd

Lemons are more acid / better / worse / nicer / (less sweet) than  chocolate.
Chips are bigger than French fries.
Peanut butter is worse / more fattening / greasier / more delicious / harder than mapple sirup
Cookies are harder / (smoothers) / bigger than brownies
Football is easier / harder / funnier /  than golf
My street has more shops than / is closer / narrower / more dangerous / larger /more crowded
than your street
Nutella is more delicious / more disgusting better / fatter less healthy than spinach
The weather today is brighter / worse / freezier / sunnier / snowier / cloudier / rainier than the
weather yesterday.
Last week was funnier / more annoying snowier / sunnier than this week !!!

Homework :

Monday, March 2, 2015


Monday,March 2nd 
Last week Adrien went skiing and Tristan went to the zoo.
Next week Pauline will go to the Museum Grevin.
Today is the first day after the holiday.

W.p 70 NB 1 
a. I like Peter and I want to see him
b. Tom loves chips and I love them too
c. First he meets Julia and then they fall in love
d. He is stronger and faster than me
e. He always wants to see her

W.p 70 NB 2 
Romeo's and Juliet's parents are enemies
Romeo and Juliet is a story of love and death / love and tragedy
Romeo and Juliet have got a lot of problems with their parents
In Romeo and Juliet , Romeo loves Juliet.

Homework :
Exercise :
Complétez avec l'adjectif qui convient le mieux et des comparatifs de supériorité :
Lemons are ...chocolate
Chips...French fries
Peanut butter is ...mapple sirup
Cookies are...brownies
My street is...your street
Nutella is ... spinach
The weather today is...the weather yesterday
Last week was.....this week


Monday, 2nd of March 

News :  
-Today is sunny but not so funny.
-The leader of the opposition in Russia was murdered/shot on Saturday.

Exercice "For/Since/Ago" 
  My family has lived here since last March.
  She has worked there since she finished college.
  I worked here three years ago.
  Lisa and Jill have been at the library for a long time, they are late.
  My teacher gave a long time ago.

Exercice WORBOOK. 
a)Unicef has existed since 1946
b)Unicef has existed for a very long time.

a)The fundraiser/volunteer has collected funds for 8 hours.
b)The fundraiser/volunteer has collected funds since 8 a.m.

Homework : 
lesson + test on Wednesday vocabulary
Test on for since on Friday
Ex . W. p.35  Nb 1 finish "help "
W. p. 36 Nb 1


Monday, March 2nd 

News :
We are in March, it will soon be sunnier, warmer, nicer more beautiful than now.
The holidays are over :)

Exercise Wb p.69 Nb 1 

Book p. 86  
Nb 1Pictures
What are they doing ?
he is hungry and she is angry
She is calling/ phoning her son
Her son maybe at the cafeteria, the baker's, the fast food restaurant, at friends'.
Perhaps she is angry because her son is eating a cake or because he is not doing his homework.
Nb 2 Imagine :
What is happening in this picture ?
I can see Mrs Mason Jake Alison and Ben and Alison's phone
It is Alison's phone because she is surprised, she is a little worried / stressed, she is
embarassed.Mrs Mason is cool.
I believe Mrs Mason likes the ringing /sound of the phone.
I think it is part of the scene / play they are not in class they are rehearsing the play that is why
Mrs Mason is cool.

Comparatives: more -er
Mrs Mason is taller/ older than Alison. Mrs Mason is more intelligent / clever than Alison.
Alison is more embarassed/prettier than Mrs Mason.
German is more beautiful than English.
English is easier than German.

Homework: lesson
Comparatives test on Tuesday
Exercise compare :
Shakespeare / Molière
MacDonald's / Burger King


Monday March 2nd  

workbook page 35:
Exist: Unicef was created in 1946
Unicef has existed since 1946 / for 69 years
Collect: one volonteer collected donations for 8 hours / since 8 am
Help: Since 2010 this lady has helped children to work / for five years
Since I was born I have lived in Paris
Since I was born I learnt how to walk
Since I was born I have been at school for eleven years
Since I was born I have slept every night
Since I was born I have grown up a lot

homework  :
Lesson+TEST vocabulary
Ex W. p.36 nb 1


Monday March 2nd 

Today our biology teacher is absent.
Salome went to ski it was freezing.

Fill in the blanks with two comparatives for each sentence  
Lemons are not better/more acid than chocolate
Lemons are not as good as chocolate.
chips are crisper than French fries
peanut butter is as sugary as mapple sirup.
cookies are much better than / as good as brownies.
Football is more played/more physical than golf.
My street is more beautiful /longer / sunnier than your street
Nutella is more delicious than spinach but is not as good as
spinach for your health.
The weather today is colder than but not as rainy as the weather
Last week was  better / lazier than this week.
eating is not as important as drinking
 Lions are not as light as/ not as beautiful as butterflies

lesson p47 48 WB le comparatif des adjectifs ex p49 n°4
test sur les trois comparatifs


Monday, March 2  

Grammar Memo p. 35:
for more than 30 years : durée
since 1980 : date qui sert de point d'origine
how long : durée
for/since : depuis

Ex 1 : 
1. Exist : Unicef has existed since 1946/for 69 years
2. Collect : Fundraisers collected funds from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m./for 8 hours
3. Help : She has helped him since 2010/for 5 years
Since I was born, I moved twice. Since I was born, I have learnt english. Since I
was born, I had good times. Since I was born, I learnt to walk and speak.

Homework : 
Mercredi interrogation vocabulaire + Exercise Workbook p. 36 nb 1
Lundi interrogation for/since