Thursday, December 18, 2014

Charles Dickens and Victorian England

Homework :
Test on Dickens when we come back.

Charles Dickens and Victorian England

Homework :
lesson on Dickens
Vocabulary Workbook p.31
25 irregular vebs
You will learn 25 new verbs for every Friday until the end of the list.
Thursday,December 18th 

News:This afternoon we are going to play handball.The playground is wet so we can slide and maybe
we can't play handball.In seven days' time it will be Christmas.Tomorrow is going to be the beginning of  the Christmas holiday.

Homework : 
EX. Book p. 55 Nb2


Test sur les questions à la rentrée.
+ more exercises here 
Pour trouver des exercices sur le present simple and present simple / négation.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday, December 17th

Homework : 
EX: plus de questions et de réponses Louvre
Book p. 55 Nb 2

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Louvre project at last
Step 1
 Tuesday, December 16th

On ajoute do ou does seulement lorsque il n'y a aucun auxiliaire dans la phrase

Sans do l'ordre des mots est celui de la phrase affirmative.
Ce n'est qu'en ajoutant do ou does que la phrase devient interrogative

Homework :

Tuesday, December 16th

What we corrected :
1. we are going to the cinema
2. I will organize a charity week .
3. a very busy/ full/  week
I want the pupils to get involved
4. the pupils will dress up
5. I organize and play with candies
6. They organize a party, she put her ideas on a paper
7. they will make up  for a party
8. they want to help hospitals
9. everybody is dressing like their favorite actor
10. There are different famous people in the school
11.During the  spirit week the students will dress up...
12.there are different themes for each day.

to want to do something
I want to go to the cinema 
to want someone to do something
I want you to go to school 
Futur will+ base verbale
They will be happy 
everybody everyone everything, everywhere --->singulier

What you should write :
I would like to organize a charity week because i think it is a good and generous idea.
the teachers and the students come together to raise funds for the people in need.
It is also a week to have fun and decorate the school with our posters, our drawings
and the teachers will help us which will be fun.
On fun day you can do whatever you want....

Homework :
Revize Dickens

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, December 15th

I like water
 I like Italian food
I like oysters.
I like hamburgers.
I like chocolate.
I like pasta.
I don't like chips
I don't like pizzas
I don't like chocolate mousse.
I don't like brownies

W.p42 think for yourself.

+ more exercises here 
Pour trouver des exercices sur le present simple and present simple / négation.

Monday, December 15 th 

News : In 10 days' time it will be Christmas (futur= will + base verbale)
Soon, it is going to be Christmas ( futur proche = to be going to + base verbale)

Am, is, are = to be à l'infinitif    to be = base verbale

In 5 days' time it will be the Christmas holiday.
W. p.44 NB.1 in
b.doesn't work,works
d.does Jake like...?
e.don't like

Homework : 
Ex W.  p.42 Think for yourself
+ more exercises here 
Pour trouver des exercices sur le present simple and present simple / négation.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The address to post your beautiful sentences in french and English is in Pronotes
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