Monday, February 8, 2016


Today is Monday the 8th of February  
On Sunday Aramis Antoine and I went to see a Film.
Today Ines is angry because her file is torn.
On Sunday Yseult and Fleur  went to see Star Wars.
Ex 1 page 73 
a) She doesn't...
b) Do you get ...
c) Does he play football ...
d) That' s not true ! I do not...
e) He does not run...
nb 2 
I often go to the cinema
They sometimes watch science fiction films
she always gets up early
Do you play tennis every week?
Jake sometimes writes songs.
Clement never plays tennis

 He wakes up
she brushes her teeth
he gets dressed
he goes out
he goes to school
he works  
he comes back home , he does his homework, he has dinner , he goes to bed

Homework :  
EX. book p. 73 nb 3

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