Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Tuesday,february, 9th 
News: Today is "mardi-gras"
Exercices: page 56: 1) This is a news-paper, "the New-York time", Katherine Schulten, May 3rd
2012. It's about the future, a better future.
2)The teenagers think that in the future we will use our phones for everythings.
    The fourth paragraph is about the smart home in 100 years.
The fifth paragraph say that we will be like robots.
    Vocabulary box :
I agree with ...
I do not agree with...adj possessifs bving
 I am for
I am against
I think .....
I agree with Karen because I think if we go on developing technology, industries, factories  /like
that we will destroy the planet. It lived/ was there/ was created/ long before.
 Many species lived  that have disappeared now.
I think this future is too idyllic because in the not so far future some countries will desappear
from the face of the Earth.
The three of them think only about their life, home etc they do not think about other parts of the

Homework : 
EX. p. 57 nb4 nb 1), 2), 3)

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