Friday, February 12, 2016


Today is Friday February the 12th 
Next week some of the  teachers will be absent
On Saturday Charlotte and I will go to our friend' s birthday

nb 2 p 70 
I think Jake plays the guitar
I think Jake plays on  the DS
I think Jake reads comic strips
I think Jake rides a horse for the summer

There are children they are reading Romeo and Juliet story
Alison wants to be Juliet
Before Juliet was a boy
Jake wants to be Romeo
Jake' s friend plays video games everyday
Jake  reads  sentimental books and always watches sentimental films
Jake and Alison have a sentimental story they are in love and the children
are laughing at them

lesson ex : 1. what did you do during the holidays (10 sentences)
2. get 5 questions and their answers ready for an interview of the Louvre

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