Friday, October 16, 2015


Friday 16th October 

ringo = bouée
They don't enjoy because they can't play
nor swim so they are leaving.
The buildings are hidden by the fog.
We can imagine the chinese people can't
swim because they all have a ringo.
They want to leave this place because they can't swim.

 Homework : 
Tere is a test when we comeback on learn all expression of the photocopies 1/2 and 2/2 
the 2 expressions are "that is why" = so = donc, par consequent et "what's more" = de plus  
"although" = malgré 
A second test on what's happening of the picture What's going on in this picture ? (it won't be the same picture)


Today is Friday October 16th 
Tonight is  the holiday
Tomorrow Lucas is going on a six hours' drive to Britany.
My parents and I will leave Paris
Tomorrow is Fleur is going to London by train
Gabriel is going to his piano lesson
Book p.31 nb1
Hurry up!
close sit down
let 's read
don't forget
don't give
imperatif = base verbale Be quiet
imperatif negatif = don't + base verbale don't chat

Do the exercises again on this website click here 
I can ski extremely well.
I cannot ski at all.
Can you ski ?
Homework :
Lesson Can cannot  
Ex. book p. 31 nb 2 & 3
Can you be quiet ?
Can you sit down ?
Can + sujet + verbe en base verbale


Friday, October 16th 

News : 
It is the last day before holidays.

What's more I would like to take the London buses.
We can go to parks.
In London there are a lot of parks.

What's going on in this picture ?

It is by the sea side but there is no sand
there are sea weeds instead.
It's in China.
Vivid / Flashy or Yellowish.
They are going to play with their
They struggle to walk in the sea weeds.
Six persons swam ten minutes ago and
they probabily have found that
This people are wearing swim suits.
We can see buildings and mountains.
premier plan : in the foreground
in the middleground
in the background
I went with my friends to the beach and
we played with our ringos

Homework: Interrogation à la rentrée le mardi sur les mots des pages 1/2   2/2.
Test redaction sur description d'image.


riday , 16th October 

News :  

This afternoon holidays are starting .

What's going on in this picture ?
There are sea weeds, ankle deep.
People seems sad, because it's disgusting.

Homework: Interrogation à la rentrée sur les mots des pages 1/2   2/2.
Test redaction sur description d'image + expressions ensuite

Thursday, October 15, 2015


What's going on in this picture ? 
bouée : rubber ring 
algues : sea weeds 
First of all, I would say there is a family 
and, at the back of the picture, we can see 
a city (buildings). 
It makes me think of The Beatles when 
they cross Abbey Road. 
The picture raises the question when the 
picture was taken; it was obviously 
It is awful(=disgusting)  
Although (malgré)- one the hand... one 
the other hand- on the contrary 
Although the colours look beautiful, it 
doesn't seem like the seaside. 
Chinese people don't seem to care about 
the sea weeds. 
On the one hand, they are lucky they can 
swuim and that-ther's a beach 


Today is Thursday, October 15th 

Tomorrow night we are on holiday. All of us will be happy, some of us will go by train some of us
will go by car to see their grand-parents.

Book p.29 
W p. 20 
let's talk --> let's + base verbale        suggestion
 base verbale
don't + base verbale        ordre
Don't talk
be quiet

Homework : 
Ex. book p. 31 nb 1


Today is Thursday October the 15th 

raise fund
to be committed to a cause
to dress up
a lot  of money/ lots of money
a  volunteer
is reading
are having
is speaking
is singing

ball games / team sports
car keys
bus pass
subway tickets
bus tickets
Spirit Week  is a long week

Faire signer le papier pour
Wb p 26 nb 4
Test lundi 2 nov :noms composés, l'expression du voc de Spirit Week


Thursday, the 15th of October  
News :  
We have a French test about the subjonctif present
If it were English it would be simple
Tommorow, we have another French test about the short story we read :
Evelyn, Pauvre Petit garçon, Comment Wang-Fô fut sauvé?, La Continuité des parcs.
Enigmatic house
First of all, let me introduce my friend , she's talkative and fun-loving.
In the past, people were a little scared of this house, since they heard a baby crying.

 Homework write two lines use eight expressions from the list

3rd 7

Thursday, October 15th 

In two day time it's holidays.

Eiffel Tower Mona lisa
Firstly I went with my friend to London to begin with I visited Big Ben in my opinion it's true to
say in one hand London is very cool but on the other hand it's often cloudy obviously London is
the capital of England that is why there is a great deal of things to do.

Homework write two lines use eight expressions from the list


Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Wednesday, October 14th 

We don't have Greek and French today.

- hoover  (aspirer)
- make my bed  (faire mon lit)
- wash up  (faire la vaisselle)
- iron (repasser)
-mop the floor (passer la serpillère)
- do the laundry (faire la lessive)
- sweep (passer le balai)
- clean the windows (laver les fenêtres)
- dust (faire la poussière)
- cut the grass (tondre)
- tidy my bedroom (ranger ma chambre)
- set the table (mettre la table)
- clear the table  (débarasser la table)
-water the plants (arroser les plantes)
- cook (cuisiner)
-take the rubbish out (sortir les poubelles)

Quelque soit le document, classer les informations selon les WH questions (Who,
Where, What, When, Why, and How)
Book p.12 Read and speak about the text.

The text is about the rules in the school.  (WHAT)
The students from that school must respect rules and regulations.   (WHO)
It's a religious school.    (WHERE)
That's to protect students, and to be respectful.    (WHY)

That's too strict, because everybody has to be the same.

The dreams school.....
- We could go on a field trip every year.
- We can choose our classes.
- Students cannot come in.
- like in Germany, students can go out during the break.
- He said that in Germany students are responsible for themselves, and

Homework :

Exercice : BOOK: page 132 number 9 and 10


Today is Wednesday October 14th   
Today is sunny but cold.  
 I can see a map of the UK so I think it is an English class.
 I can see a King so I think it is a history class.
I can see Big ben so I think it is an English class.
I can see a door so I think it is a classroom.
Book page 29 what is happening in this picture ?
There are wearing uniforms so I think they are in a class in England
So =donc par conséquent
Wh questions :
Alison is late so she is sorry. The classroom gives the name of the
Queen to the teacher it was easy.Alison gives the name of the King so
the teacher is happy.Jake likes Alison

Homework : 
W. p.20 Think for Yourself


Wednesday, October the 14th.  
art +adj+noun

a big beautiful black German car
homework: write a few lines about what you wish using at least 8 expressions from page
1/2 to 2/2.
that is why


Today is  Wednesday, October 14th 
Today is really cold.
Homework p 25:
American high  school.
Spirit week is a week long celebration.
Each day of the week has a theme.
The purpose is to get students excited , enthusiastic and supportive of the school.

W. p. 30 le but  
w; EX. P.30nb 3 
What AUX SVCOD CC for?
Tom get up early
What does Tom get up early for?
He gets up early to go to school.
You say "mum you are the best"
What are you saying "mum you are the best" for?
I'm saying mum you are the best to get a present
You need a laptop
What do you need a laptop for?
I need a laptop to work
you make all these cakes
What do you make all these cakes for?
To raise money for charity

Lesson  W. p. 31-32 Les noms composés
Ex. W. p. 33 nb 5a. 6.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Tuesday,October 13th 
News: French rugby team lost against the Irish rugby team 

I liked my trip to England. 
Who liked my trip to England last summer ? 

Where did you go to last summer ? 

How well did you like your trip to England ? 

When did you go to England ? 

Which summer did you go to Colorado ? 

Where did you go last summer ? 

Homework :

Use one part of this story and write the follow up (la suite) use adjectives, adverbs and 8 expressions taken in the first two paragraphs of the photocopy 1/2 I gave you today.


Tuesday, October 13th
News :
We had a difficult French test.
Ex3 p13
They must wear shoes when they go to school ( in Thailand )
They mustn't wear short when they go to the swimming pool
They must wear a helmet when they visit a construction site
They mustn't wear sleeveless shirts at school.
They mustn't wear shoes when they visit a temple .
We mustn't use a cellphone when we are in a temple
We mustn't eat sandwiches in class
They mustn't wear a hat when they go to visit a temple

At home I must do my homework
I mustn't use my cellphone after 21:30
I must clean my bedroom
We must lay the table
I mustn't make a lot of noise
I mustn't have a shower after 10 PM

Homework :
revise the vocabulary about chores click here to see the website we worked on today.
Ex. do thez first two pages of this intercative book. Click here.


Tuesday, October the 13th  

Today we have an essay.
Homework :

Use one part of this story and write the follow up (la suite) use adjectives, adverbs and expressions taken in the first two paragraphs of the photocopy 1/2 I gave you today.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Today is Monday,October the 12th 
twelve --> twelfth 
five---> fifth 
On Friday afternoon we will be on holiday.
I saw a beautiful sculpture of Artemis the goddess of hunting she is the twin sister of Apollo, the
Apollo galery was closed that is why we could not go there, it is too bad !
We looked at the cour carrée the fashion week pavillon was under construction.
The Louvre was very pretty but very big I saw a pyramid made of glass.
The day was good but the bus was crowded.
Kevin has a twin brother and Charlotte has a twin sister.
crowd = foule
Book p.28 nb 1 introduce those people :
Her name is Elizabeth the second,
Where does she live ? She lives in London in Buckingham Palace.
She comes from the United Kingdom.
She likes her dogs. She is eighty nine years old.
His name is Prince William, He lives in London his nationality is British, he is thirty three years
nb 3
Homework : 
EX. describe the picture book p.28 nb 3 Imagine :  try to guess what the subject of the class is and
justify your answer. En fonction de ce que vous voyez sur l'image imaginez de quel curs il s'agit histoire, géographie, angalis et faites des phrases comme dans l'exemple.
Example : I can see a map of the UK so I think it is an English class


Monday, October 12th 

-This weekend it will be the holidays
-Today, our Russian teacher was absent
-We have a dictation in French and 2 tests!
Can you close the curtains ?

Exercises P 27 n2 
1.School Bag         Title:Fancy dress
2.Pretty evening dress day       Title: ugly/old stuff days
3.Bedroom       title: In the school
4.Donate money       title: Charity

Ex 3
-help you/take part

    WB p24-25
     nb 2 a-b-c

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Friday, october 9th 

Yesterday we went to the Louvre museum by bus from school.
We looked at the map  of the louvre museum.
We looked at the renaissance department.
We looked at the paintings. We looked at the cour carre.
We saw a lot of sculptures and a lot of different styles.
Four teams had a competition to find the king's crown.We could not find the crown because
the Apollo gallery was closed.
some of us were angry, some of us were disappointed.
The visit was great and the sculptures were beautiful. All of us liked it and all of us will go
The bus was full of people and it was hot.
 ---> for some of us cheating is unfair (To cheat)
Homework : 
Ajouter des événements
supplémentaires, des descriptions aux
phrases déjà données en classe


Friday, October 9th
News :
I lost your file but here is what we wrote on tescopic text :

Two months ago, on a beautiful sunny day of Autumn, I was fishing on my boat when I suddenly fell naked into the green cold water of the river. Then I felt somehing slimy...

Homework :
Make this better add 3 adjective, three adverbs and three propositions. Enjoy !


Friday October 9th 

NEWS: TheFrench football team beat Armenia. (4-0)
The German football team lost against Ireland

ex :
h. Look ! I have bought a new coat.
i. You must work because you have had a bad mark again.
j. Have you ever been to Scotland ?
k. He has never told me the story.
l. He started school when he was three years old.
m. We have never drunk red tea.
n. They celebrated Mary's birthday last Saturday.
We wrote this in class :
This morning, the weather was beautiful so, I had a brunch in my garden, few hours later, I decided to take a atxi although it was very expensive and go to London, to the biggest airport of the UK. But I lost my luggage.

Homework :
Make this better add 3 adjective, three adverbs and three propositions.


Friday,October the 9th 

Today is Anas's and Mia's birthday.

Exercise 2 p 140:
a) Daniel was a shy child.
b) He didn't speak at all.
c) Some teachers thought he was stupid.
d) He didn't have any friends.
e) In 2004, he broke a European record.
f) His parents weren't surprised.

Homework : 
Make this sentence better
I went to ...
EX W. p. 17 nb1 & 2
Chéques pour la photo à l'ordre de
FSE collège Condorcet.


Friday, October 9th
News Anne-Hélène is late today, strange she never is.
Some of us are tired although they slept all yesterday

Rules at school:
We must not be late.
We must not make loud noise.
In our school, we must not play on our phones. We can but we mustn't
We must not run in the corridor.
We can jump out of the window but we mustn't.
We have to be quiet in class or we have a detention.
I have to go the dentist before flying, because my teeth are hurting me.
"have to" n'est pas auxiliaire alors que "must" l'est.

1) she              2)Her         3)He         4)Him         5)Them
Important sentences :
In the morning I go to school. Then I am at school. In the afternoon I go back home.

What rules must you observe at home?
Vocabulary tool box
To tidy up
To lay the table <---> to clear the table
To watch TV
I don't have to / I don't need to + BV

Lesson must must not have to
don't have to don't need to
preposition of place
EX . p. 13 nb 3