Sunday, October 11, 2015


Friday, october 9th 

Yesterday we went to the Louvre museum by bus from school.
We looked at the map  of the louvre museum.
We looked at the renaissance department.
We looked at the paintings. We looked at the cour carre.
We saw a lot of sculptures and a lot of different styles.
Four teams had a competition to find the king's crown.We could not find the crown because
the Apollo gallery was closed.
some of us were angry, some of us were disappointed.
The visit was great and the sculptures were beautiful. All of us liked it and all of us will go
The bus was full of people and it was hot.
 ---> for some of us cheating is unfair (To cheat)
Homework : 
Ajouter des événements
supplémentaires, des descriptions aux
phrases déjà données en classe

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