Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Wednesday, October 14th 

We don't have Greek and French today.

- hoover  (aspirer)
- make my bed  (faire mon lit)
- wash up  (faire la vaisselle)
- iron (repasser)
-mop the floor (passer la serpillère)
- do the laundry (faire la lessive)
- sweep (passer le balai)
- clean the windows (laver les fenêtres)
- dust (faire la poussière)
- cut the grass (tondre)
- tidy my bedroom (ranger ma chambre)
- set the table (mettre la table)
- clear the table  (débarasser la table)
-water the plants (arroser les plantes)
- cook (cuisiner)
-take the rubbish out (sortir les poubelles)

Quelque soit le document, classer les informations selon les WH questions (Who,
Where, What, When, Why, and How)
Book p.12 Read and speak about the text.

The text is about the rules in the school.  (WHAT)
The students from that school must respect rules and regulations.   (WHO)
It's a religious school.    (WHERE)
That's to protect students, and to be respectful.    (WHY)

That's too strict, because everybody has to be the same.

The dreams school.....
- We could go on a field trip every year.
- We can choose our classes.
- Students cannot come in.
- like in Germany, students can go out during the break.
- He said that in Germany students are responsible for themselves, and

Homework :

Exercice : BOOK: page 132 number 9 and 10

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