Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rappel des consignes pour l'expression écrite et extraits de devoirs en classe

Rappel des consignes :

Conseils pour l'expression écrite : écrire un récit fantastique ou d'imagination

There are different steps before writing your story
1. Choose your story: the one your teacher is asking you to write if possible and write a script (following page)
2. Choose your character :
the most interesting characters in stories are those based on real life people. So choose someone you like or do notr like and make it live in your story. It is easier and funnier :
Note  :
what they look like
the sound of his /her voice
the way they move
what they like
what they don't like
what they do when they are stressed, nervous / happy/ angry/ sad
what they wear ....

By using someone you know you will have a character that is not too ideal. Not all good not all bad not a goodie or a baddie which will make your cahracter more interesting.

Then write a script for your story, it must have a beginning, a rising action, a climax and an end / a conclusion. Get help from the exercises we did in class and the texts, stories we wrote, read it again and revise it !!

Revise your story

1. Do I have a clear beginning, middle and end?
2. Are my arguments / is my story clear?
3. Do I give enough support to make my character / story /ideas convincing?
4. Do I have transitions between the different parts of the story /paragraphs and ideas?
5.  Do I need to change any words to make myself clearer or make my points stronger?
6. Do my ideas / my paragraphs (my story) flow easily ? What organization am I using? Is it effective/ nice ? Do I like it ? What story do I like that I could imitate?
7. Did I make any mistake ?
Do all the verbs have an s in the third person singular in the dialogues?
Are all my verbs in the simple past in the story telling part ?
Are my pronouns, possessive adjectives coherent ?
Are my adjectives all in the singular because they are invariable...)

Extraits de devoirs faits en classe : 

Henry was a writer. He did not have a lot of friends because he was always writing. He had just one friend, his only friend, his best friend. ...

Sir Dagobert, the vicious king of the Kingdom fo the North, Frongorn, wanted to reign over all the kingdoms. In order to do so, he needed a great source of power; an amulet. The magical object was held by a powerful warlord who lived in a hostile land in the West...
At last, they returned to Frongorn and gave the amulet to their king who rewarded them.

Once upon a time,  a little boy wanted to become a famous basket ball player. He played whenever he could after school with his friends but he was not as good as them...
One day the little boy played with his friends again. Although they played just one game he realised he had got better and that he was now better than them. What a happy day it was for him !

The sun went down three hours ago and we were there waiting for monsters and death. I was scared whereas the woman next to me was not. She was just brave and strong. There was no more noise just silence and a dark, strange even beautiful light. I supposed it was a signal. I wanted to cry but I knew I had to be strong too and powerful...

It was a very cold an dark night. You could hear the trees swinging and feel the wind in your back. Of course, Zoey was alone. Her parents were not in town which made the scene even more scary. Still Zoey walked on and opened the door of her home...