Friday, November 13, 2015


Today is Friday the 13 of November  
 Some of us are late because our History teacher wrote a note in our tag book.
to write ---> wrote
ex page 29 on the workbook
The tools are in a box on the shelf.
The tools are next to the box/next to the wall
The tools are in the garage.
The ball is in front of the table.
The car is behind the box.
The car is between the bike and the box.
In our teacher's bag  there is 
there are keys there is a bird there is an Iphone there is a purse there is a letter there
is an umbrella there are cartridges there is a highlighter,there is a glue sticks.
Homework : 
EX. W. p. 33 nb 1&2 &3


Friday, November 13th 
News: Elisa says we had a big physics test and Russian 
            Anna says yesterday we went to the Picasso exhibition 
   Picture description use the present continuous and 
in the background foreground. 
In the background we can see a girl with white skin 
she has a red eye and she is crying blood. 
It could be the poster of a movie. 
The girl must be a vampire. 
It must be a scary book  
the book is aimed at teenagers problably for girls. 
The books is for the girls because the main character is 
a girl and boys don't like vampire stories.  
Nicola thinks that is a sexist cliche. 
book p.32 WB p.21: ex b) c) d)


Friday 13th November 

p36 nb1 and 3 
"When the boy comes into the cave" :
He discovers a big monster and a wizard. He points at a witch who is probably reading a book of
magic formulas.
I can see two vampires.
Obviously, the young boy is terrified that he has just seen.
"When the boy came into the cave" :
He saw a lot of dangerous creatures.
He tried to understand what everybody was doing, the wizard was reading a book of magic
formulas, the man was drinking a magic potion, a green and huge spider was eating a huge
caterpillar too, Vampires are immortal but they need blood, they are playing at being bats. They
are two agressive ravens wich are flying around a wizard, maybe they are defending him.
Homework : 
Learn the vocabulary W. p. 31
Test on Thursday or Friday write an adventure story.


Friday, November 13th 

We have 2 tests today.
A Dark tale
Alison is 17 years old, she  is a young lady. Zeke is 17 too. There are some boys and some
girls and all of them are more or less 17 they are about / almost /nearly 17.
On the road to Eden at midnight. It is pouring.
Alison steps out and when she is out, she fights.
From 8, vampires are all around. Climax is when Alison saves them.
The Knight in Shining armor.
She is alone and they are many, what can happen?
I think anything can happen.
Book p. 33 nb 3 a.
Homework : 
Ex. book p.33 nb 3 b. à partir du texte faire GRAMMAR MEMO W. p. 23 + p. 23 nb 1


Friday, November 13th  
Sauvanne has broken her finger.  
   préterit ---> action finie  
We are finishing school at 3 PM.  
   présent simple ---> habitude  
We will finish school at 3 PM.  
   will ---> futur inévitable / volonté
   Exercice 25 p. 133:
1. I love / chocolate. Have you got any ?
2. There's some chocolate in the cupboard.
3. / tea and / coffee are stimulants.
4. I never drink any coffee. Can I have some tea please ?
5. There isn't any milk. Do you want some lemon ?
   Exercice 26 p. 134:
1. Are there any potatoes ? No but there are some carrots.
2. Is there any sugar ? No There isn't any but there is some honey.
3. Are there any nuts ? Yes there are some, and there are some grapes too.

My favorite pizza : what there is what there isn't on top.


Thursday, November 12, 2015


Today is Thursday, November 12th 

News : 
-Yesterday was a day off because it was the Armistice, the end of WWI ( world war one)
ninety years ago.
- Yesterday was Jade's birthday.
-Yesterday the new James Bond was out.
-Yesterday there was a military parade at the "Arc de Triomphe".
The holiday / the event / it took place in 1978, 37 years ago.
W. p. 43 GRAMMAR  
We started our English lesson at 10:20, forty minutes ago
we worked for three hours with the teachers and the students
We will work for seven hours tomorrow
we worked for two hours yesterday 

Homework : 
Finir W. p. 43 and 44 and 45 EX. W.p. 45 nb 1 & 2
 Help for the Exercises opérateur = auxiliaire


Thursday, 12th of November 

W?. p.33  nb3 § 3, 4, 5 
We were quietly working in class when suddenly there was this big noise outside and
everybody was  disturbed.

Workbook p23 grammar memo 
Prétérit simple. C'est le temps du récit qui sert à donner une suite d'évènements en ordre

Description d'image: 
Tous les verbes sont en be+ing au présent.
1er plan: in the foreground
Arrière plan: in the background.

She's bleeding through her eyes.
Her eyes are bleeding, she is crying blood.
She doesn't look sad, she doesn't seem sad.( NB : On the
telephone she did not sound sad).
Her hair is dark. Her skin is very white.She must be a
vampire.Can--> to be able to ( être capable de).
It must be the cover of a book because it is a best seller.

p.21 n°1  b) c) d)


Thursday,November 12th 

News: Yesterday it was a memory day which was almost /nearly/about a century ago.

They must be about 17 to and they are boys and girls.
They are on a road to Eden.
It's not midnight yet.
Rain and darkness.
She is brave because she became a vampire and she has more power.
Get in ready to fight.
Book page 33 number 3
and Wb page 23 grammar memo
wb page 22number 3

Book page 36 number 1 and 3

Monday, November 9, 2015


Today is Monday November the 9th 

This year Christmas is on a Friday.
Today is a beautiful day because it isn't cold.
Tomorrow we have history and biology tests.
a.Has Jake got a lot of DVDs in his room.
b.Have you got new CDs ?
c.They have got a big house with a garage.
d.Have they got a dog ?
Not,they haven't got a cat.
e.Dad says that we have got great books

Jake has got a torch And he's got a mobile phone and a bottle of water.But he hasn't got a
map, the biscuits and money in his bag.

book page forty   
The bike is in front of the car / The bike is next to the car
The ball is on the chair.
The rollerblades are under the table.

Homework :lesson
Ex. W. P. 29 anwer the questions :
Where are the tools ? Where is the ball ?
Where is the Box ? Where is the car  ?


Today is Monday November 9th 

Jade has had an accident. Yesterday Jade she was playing but she fell and she broke her
Next wednesday the new James Bond is out.

Exercice for today p.36-37:

Ice skating
Going to music festival and dancing
Taking photos

Polar bears
b) Adjectives:
Impressive, incredible, fantastic, unique, delicious, unforgettable, exciting, amazing,
spectacular, breathtaking.

slack-jawed, the best of my life, head over heels in love with Canada, for a life time, first
love, there's nothing not to love about it.

Bad: ugly, sad, not funny, unhappy Happy: magical, super, enjoyable, great

e) Opinion:
In my opinion, as for me, I believe /I agree with /I disagree with / I think.
review a) is the most interesting because it is more informative

Homework :   
Lesson vocabulary
Ex.Book p.36 OUTSIDE the classroom :
 Ask an adult about their memories of past holidays.  
It can be a good memory, a bad memory, an embarassing memory. You WILL report to the class.  
You can get some help from W.p. 37 Outside the classroom.