Monday, November 9, 2015


Today is Monday November the 9th 

This year Christmas is on a Friday.
Today is a beautiful day because it isn't cold.
Tomorrow we have history and biology tests.
a.Has Jake got a lot of DVDs in his room.
b.Have you got new CDs ?
c.They have got a big house with a garage.
d.Have they got a dog ?
Not,they haven't got a cat.
e.Dad says that we have got great books

Jake has got a torch And he's got a mobile phone and a bottle of water.But he hasn't got a
map, the biscuits and money in his bag.

book page forty   
The bike is in front of the car / The bike is next to the car
The ball is on the chair.
The rollerblades are under the table.

Homework :lesson
Ex. W. P. 29 anwer the questions :
Where are the tools ? Where is the ball ?
Where is the Box ? Where is the car  ?

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