Thursday, November 12, 2015


Today is Thursday, November 12th 

News : 
-Yesterday was a day off because it was the Armistice, the end of WWI ( world war one)
ninety years ago.
- Yesterday was Jade's birthday.
-Yesterday the new James Bond was out.
-Yesterday there was a military parade at the "Arc de Triomphe".
The holiday / the event / it took place in 1978, 37 years ago.
W. p. 43 GRAMMAR  
We started our English lesson at 10:20, forty minutes ago
we worked for three hours with the teachers and the students
We will work for seven hours tomorrow
we worked for two hours yesterday 

Homework : 
Finir W. p. 43 and 44 and 45 EX. W.p. 45 nb 1 & 2
 Help for the Exercises opérateur = auxiliaire

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