Friday, November 13, 2015


Today is Friday the 13 of November  
 Some of us are late because our History teacher wrote a note in our tag book.
to write ---> wrote
ex page 29 on the workbook
The tools are in a box on the shelf.
The tools are next to the box/next to the wall
The tools are in the garage.
The ball is in front of the table.
The car is behind the box.
The car is between the bike and the box.
In our teacher's bag  there is 
there are keys there is a bird there is an Iphone there is a purse there is a letter there
is an umbrella there are cartridges there is a highlighter,there is a glue sticks.
Homework : 
EX. W. p. 33 nb 1&2 &3

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