Friday, November 13, 2015


Friday, November 13th  
Sauvanne has broken her finger.  
   préterit ---> action finie  
We are finishing school at 3 PM.  
   présent simple ---> habitude  
We will finish school at 3 PM.  
   will ---> futur inévitable / volonté
   Exercice 25 p. 133:
1. I love / chocolate. Have you got any ?
2. There's some chocolate in the cupboard.
3. / tea and / coffee are stimulants.
4. I never drink any coffee. Can I have some tea please ?
5. There isn't any milk. Do you want some lemon ?
   Exercice 26 p. 134:
1. Are there any potatoes ? No but there are some carrots.
2. Is there any sugar ? No There isn't any but there is some honey.
3. Are there any nuts ? Yes there are some, and there are some grapes too.

My favorite pizza : what there is what there isn't on top.


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