Friday, November 13, 2015


Friday, November 13th 

We have 2 tests today.
A Dark tale
Alison is 17 years old, she  is a young lady. Zeke is 17 too. There are some boys and some
girls and all of them are more or less 17 they are about / almost /nearly 17.
On the road to Eden at midnight. It is pouring.
Alison steps out and when she is out, she fights.
From 8, vampires are all around. Climax is when Alison saves them.
The Knight in Shining armor.
She is alone and they are many, what can happen?
I think anything can happen.
Book p. 33 nb 3 a.
Homework : 
Ex. book p.33 nb 3 b. à partir du texte faire GRAMMAR MEMO W. p. 23 + p. 23 nb 1

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