Friday, November 13, 2015


Friday 13th November 

p36 nb1 and 3 
"When the boy comes into the cave" :
He discovers a big monster and a wizard. He points at a witch who is probably reading a book of
magic formulas.
I can see two vampires.
Obviously, the young boy is terrified that he has just seen.
"When the boy came into the cave" :
He saw a lot of dangerous creatures.
He tried to understand what everybody was doing, the wizard was reading a book of magic
formulas, the man was drinking a magic potion, a green and huge spider was eating a huge
caterpillar too, Vampires are immortal but they need blood, they are playing at being bats. They
are two agressive ravens wich are flying around a wizard, maybe they are defending him.
Homework : 
Learn the vocabulary W. p. 31
Test on Thursday or Friday write an adventure story.

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