Thursday, November 12, 2015


Thursday, 12th of November 

W?. p.33  nb3 § 3, 4, 5 
We were quietly working in class when suddenly there was this big noise outside and
everybody was  disturbed.

Workbook p23 grammar memo 
Prétérit simple. C'est le temps du récit qui sert à donner une suite d'évènements en ordre

Description d'image: 
Tous les verbes sont en be+ing au présent.
1er plan: in the foreground
Arrière plan: in the background.

She's bleeding through her eyes.
Her eyes are bleeding, she is crying blood.
She doesn't look sad, she doesn't seem sad.( NB : On the
telephone she did not sound sad).
Her hair is dark. Her skin is very white.She must be a
vampire.Can--> to be able to ( être capable de).
It must be the cover of a book because it is a best seller.

p.21 n°1  b) c) d)

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